Monday, June 10, 2019

Is Dad a Coffee Lover? If So, Surprise Him This Father's Day with This Funny Mug from BigMouth Inc. -- It's Gigantic!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest  review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Offering High-Quality Lifestyle Products -- For Fun-Loving People of All Ages!

Have you heard of BigMouth Inc. before?  I first stumbled upon them a few years ago, when looking for unique, one of kind gifts for those hard to shop for people on my holiday shopping lists.  And, from then on, BigMouth Inc. has been my go-to online store for all lifestyle products ever since -- and my gift recipients have never been disappointed -- usually they all respond with a smile as they think their gift is cool, and have never seen it before.  

BigMouth Inc. has a wide range of unique lifestyle products including "funny mugs, hilarious (and giant) pool floats, snow tubes, drinkware, gifts, fun-in-the-sun essentials—and so much more!   When I was putting together my Father's Day Gift Guide for this year, I knew I wanted to include BigMouth Inc., not just because I love their product offering, but also in case some of my readers were not familiar with them.  After reaching out to BigMouth Inc., they sent along a super funny coffee mug, that I knew my husband would love and get a kick out of.  

This is not your average joke mug...oh no...just look at what I was sent...

Definitely not little in the middle
"When ordinary sized mugs just won’t cut it, you need this ginormous java mug to get you percolating. “Oh my gosh Becky look. at. her. mug!” 👀 "

  • giant sized mug for your morning brew, office supplies, small animals, etc
  • holds 64 oz. of your favorite beverage
  • perfect for the home or office
  • high quality ceramic construction
  • easy to clean

While the mug may look big in the picture above, it doesn't do this product justice until you see it up close.  Then, you will see just how outrageously big it is.  Don't believe me?  Here take a look at my husband holding his new favorite coffee mug.

And, for comparison, here is my 8 year old daughter holding it...

Notice as her whole face almost fits inside the mug. :-)  I couldn't help but laugh taking her photo with the mug, as the mug was so huge in comparison to her face.  

The mug's size is funny to see, but once you read what is on the mug, it makes perfect sense who this particular mug is for..."I Like Big Mugs and Can Not Lie."  Reminds you on a song with a similar "big" suggestion, right?!  I found myself singing that songs, too, as I read this mug. :-)

My husband had no idea what was in store for him, when I told him I was getting  him a coffee mug.  He said, "Oh, not another coffee mug" which I replied, "Don't worry, this is not like anything you have seen or owned before."  Hearing this, it made him curious, and he couldn't wait for it to arrive.  And, once it did, he was all smiles and laughing, as he held his new coffee mug which holds a half gallon of liquid.  Now I don't expect him to drink a half gallon of coffee a day (let's hope not), but I know carrying around this mug at work, or having it on his desk, will surely draw attention from his co-workers and those passing by.  My husband is all for having weird and unique products on his desk, so this mug will fit right in, and garner laughs and double takes, for all those who walk by and see it.  And, I bet many people will stop and ask about the mug, and want one for themselves.  All my husband will have to do is tell them to check out the BigMouth Inc. website for mugs like this, as well as other hilarious mugs, for them to keep for themselves, or gift to friends and family.

After seeing just how much my husband is enjoying his new mug, and the funny picture of it on his desk at work next to a regular sized coffee mug, I can't help but want to buy one of these mugs for all the coffee lovers in my life.  What better way to start their day than with a good laugh, when they reach for and drink from this gigantic coffee mug. :-)

You can find this big mug, and other fun coffee mugs, as well as other great last minute gift ideas for dads by heading over to today.  Their products are found in many retail stores nationwide including Kohl's, Macy's, Spencer's, Target, and Walmart, to name a few. You can check out the complete authorized dealer listiing by visiting  And, be sure to check out the BigMouth Inc. Amazon Store, where many products ship free and within 2-days with Amazon Prime --


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About BigMouth Inc.:

We are a designer and manufacturer of outrageous lifestyle products based in Glastonbury, CT. Every item we offer is exclusively designed and manufactured by us. We specialize in making big moments even bigger—pool parties, vacations, gift swaps, birthdays...hell, even Mondays.

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest  review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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