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Elevate Dad's Grooming Experience with the 18.21 Man Made Premium Grooming Line -- Perfect for a Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea!

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

18.21 Man Made

Want to bum your husband out?  Leave a bottle of 18.21 Man Made shampoo conditioner and body bottle out on the counter for him to see.  That is what happened the other day, when my husband arrived home from work. He thought I had a chilled bottle of wine or hard liquor ready for him to open and enjoy, and then he read the label and saw it was Man Made Wash instead.  Oh, the look of disappoint on his face when he realized it wasn't alcohol, to enjoy after a long work week -- don't worry I had a bottle of wine chilling in the wine fridge, so after the initial shock and let down, I poured him a glass of wine. :-)

18.21 Man Made Wash | Original Sweet Tobacco 

3-1 Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner

"18.21 Man Made is proud to offer products that both fulfill your needs and make life easier - like our all-over, 3-in-1 body wash.

This effective, multi-functional liquid soap will provide a delicious-smelling and easy solution for the man-on-the-go who wants to spend less time cleansing and more time going about his day.
The rich, sulfate-free formula binds weightless moisture to skin and hair, which won’t leave your skin greasy or your hair feeling heavy. Our fortified shower gel provides strength, gentle washing and is perfect for all hair & skin types. 
Inspired by the look and feel of fine whiskey and a nod to the roaring spirit of swanky Prohibition era speakeasy lounges - each bottle recreates the scent of sweet Virginia pipe tobacco.
Enjoy this sweet-smelling, manly oil blend while also enjoying a luxurious lather from head-to-toe."

What surprised my husband, as it did with my and even my girls, who took the samples out of the box, was that the 18.21 Man Made are packaged in such a unique way, when you look quick you think it is one thing. Then, you get a closer look to read the label and see it something totally different.  I even took a double take at the 18.21 Premium Hair Spray, which looks like a metal bottle of shaving cream, or an old beer can from the early 1900's.  

18.21 Man Made Premium Hair Spray | Sweet Tobacco

Flexible Hold, Low Shine Hairspray for Controlling Frizz and Fly Aways with All Day Hold. 

"If you’re looking for a natural, lasting finishing spray to style thick, thin, wavy or straight hair, look no further than this all-purpose hair spray from 18.21 Man Made.

Our hair spray allows you to create a variety of looks that outlast your daily activities and lifestyle. It’s lightweight yet resilient, and provides attractive texture while controlling and maintaining hair styles.

Frizz and flyaways will be a thing of the past, and the mist provides equal, weightless management that will protect against humidity without leaving a wet or super shiny appearance. Instead, it offers a matte sheen that is brushable and soft. 
It comes in a stylish canister inspired by the look and feel of a beer can from the early 1900’s."

"See the folks at 18.21 got me, too," I told my husband, when I started to show my husband the samples that were sent for him to try out.  My husband had never heard of 18.21, so he was excited to try out the products sent, especially the spiced tobacco shaving glide lotion which comes in a glass bottle with pump top.

18.21 Man Made Shaving Glide | Spiced Tobacco

Pre Shave, Precision Shave and Post Shave lotion. All in One.

18.21 Man Made Shaving Glide | Spiced Vanilla

"At 18.21 Man Made, we passionately believing in providing hardworking gentlemen with superior beauty and grooming products that fit their lifestyle, such as our premium shaving glide.
Featuring a full range of benefits to make your routine easier, this is a clear gel that will allow you to perfectly see where you need to shave, so you can better edge beards and mustaches, line sideburns, and clean up neck areas. Doesn’t need water - just smooth on and shave off.
After applying this lotion, your skin will be softened and prepared. While you are shaving, the clear cream will protect, condition, and strengthen your facial skin. Afterwards, it will soothe and fight irritation, and accelerate regeneration of skin cells."

In addition to the 18.21 Shaving Glide Lotion, I was also sent the 18.21 Man Made Wash Original Sweet Tobacco that my husband took for a bottle of wine, as well as the 18.21 Premium Hair Spray, I thought was shaving cream.  My husband couldn't wait for the next morning to try out the three products, and woke me before leaving for work, so that I could smell him, as well as rave about his experience with three 18.21 products.  His favorite was the spiced tobacco shaving glide lotion with aloe vera and jojoba.  He said it left his freshly shaven face feel smooth and soft, and didn't irritate or make red, like other shaving products he has tried in the past.  He also enjoyed the Man Made Wash, which he said produced a rich lather when used for shampoo, as well as body wash. He is not big on having a handful of bottles in the shower to use, so was happy that this was 3-in-1 product.  It cut down on time reaching for product, making sure a bunch of bottles from the girls' and I didn't fall into the tub, as well as his shower time, as he was able to tackle shampoo and conditioning his hair in one step.  Just like the shaving glide lotion, he said that the Man Made Wash, left his skin feeling smooth, with a subtle sweet scent. 

As far as the hair spray goes, he said it held his curly hair in place, and couldn't wait to see if it held up all day at work.  When he got home, he was happy to report it did, and loved how it didn't leave his hair feeling heavy or looking like it had a lot of hair product in it.  Overall, my husband enjoyed trying out the three 18.21 Man Made products that were sent.  He surprised me by telling me he was browsing their online website and made a list of other 18.21 Man Made products he wanted to try including their new Spiced Vanilla Man Made 3-in-1 Wash, as well as their 18.21 Man Made POMADE in Sweet Tobacco.  

18.21 Man Made POMADE | Sweet Tobacco
18.21 Man Made Wash | Spiced Vanilla

I guess I know what I will be getting him for his birthday...that is, if he doesn't go and order them for himself first. :-)   If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your husband/dad this Father's Day, look no further than the 18.21 Man Made product line.  Men, just like women, love to pamper themselves, and love having their own premium grooming products to use in the shower, and they will love this line, just like my does!  

To learn more about 18.21 Man Made and browse their product offering, which includes gift sets perfect for gifting, head on over to  In addition to ordering 18.21 Man Made through their website, you can also find these products at Ulta, Walmart, Macy's and even


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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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