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Fingerlings Offer Friendship at Your Fingertips and Keep Kids Entertained at Home and On the Go, All Summer Long! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

The other day I shared a post about the cute new Fingerlings Minis, which are a pencil topper collectible figurine, along with a bracelet and charm.  If you missed my post, you can read it here:

While kids may not be thinking about returning back to school in the fall, these cute Fingerlings Mini would be fun to collect during the summer months, and then add to their school supplies for Back to School fun. :-)

If pencil toppers are not your child's thing, but they still love all things Fingerlings, then you will want to know some of their new products, which would make for fun summer play for your kids.  Recently, the folks at WowWee sent along their Fingerlings Nelly the Narwhal and Fingerlings Gemma the Baby Unicorn, for my girls to help me review and enjoy.  

We received these two cute Fingerlings the other day, along with the Fingerlings Minis, and the girls can't get enough of them.  They already have a nice collection of Fingerlings Monkeys from the past two Christmas' that Santa brought them, as well as other Fingerlings toys, including plush toys, but they have been asking for these two particular Fingerlings ever since seeing them in stores recently.

Here is more about these cute new additions to the ever popular Fingerlings line from WowWee...

Nelly the Narwhal Fingerlings...

  • My name is Nelly and the ocean is My home!
  • I respond to motion and touch with blinking eyes, flapping tail and fun noises
  • I have a special mood horn that will light up different colors to show how I feel
  • These Narwhals come with kiss Tech which detects your cheek to give you a kiss! The longer you hold, the longer it lasts!
  • Batteries included

In addition to Nelly, your kids call also collect these other cute narwhals in the Fingerlings series....

Nicki (Tourqueoise), Nori (Blue) and Rachel (Pink)

My oldest daughter took the narwhal, while my youngest was quick to grab the baby unicorn, which she thought was so cute.  

Just like with all the other Fingerlings, these two new Fingerlings from WowWee have a magic motion sensor letting them interact with your child, as it sits on their finger.  

Nelly the Narwhal gives cute kisses, which my girls couldn't get enough of, and even has a light up mood horn that changes colors.  It also has a flapping tail to make it look like a realistic narwhal swimming in the water.

Gemma the baby unicorn has blinking eyes and cute unicorn sounds.  Just like the other Fingerlings my girls have, this cute magical unicorn can swing around, loves to be petted, can be rocked to sleep, complete with their eyes shutting.  

  • Gemma is a magical pink Fingerlings Baby Unicorn that loves to hold onto your fingers!
  • Magical interactive pet responds to noise, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and a variety of cute noises.
  • Pet your Fingerlings Unicorn to sleep, or make a loud noise and watch her get excited!
  • Blow Gemma a kiss and she will kiss you back!
  • Hold your Fingerlings Unicorn right-side up or upside-down for different reactions! Batteries included

This Fingerling also loves hugs and kisses, just like the narwhal, and can be worn on your finger for play anywhere, anytime.

In addition to Gemma, you can also collect these two other cute baby unicorns Fingerlings...

Alika (Purple)  and Gigi (White)

My girls really enjoyed these two new Fingerlings, and are happy to add them to their growing collection from WowWee.  

They love bringing these and their other Fingerlings on car rides, or just sit on the couch and interact with these cute, lovable, wearable pets.  And, every time they bring their Fingerlings out to play, you can't help but smile when they start making fun sounds, giving kisses, and just being sweet.  I could go on and on about just how much fun these recent Fingerlings additions are, but if your kids already own a Fingerlings pet, then you already know just how much fun these interactive toys are, and how kids of all ages love playing with them.

So, as summer draws near, why not consider picking up these or other new Fingerlings from WowWee to surprise your kids with.  They will come in handy keeping your kids entertained on upcoming long car rides for summer travel, or giving them something to do when they start getting bored at home, once school lets out for the summer.

You can learn more about these and the popular Fingerlings line from WowWee by visiting:

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Stay up-to-date on new Fingerlings additions, special offers and giveaways, and more by following their social media channels below:

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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