Friday, May 31, 2019

Kids Will Have Fun Collecting the Different Fingerlings Mini Pencil Toppers All Summer Long for Back to School Fun in the Fall (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

While I don't want to put a damper on summer vacation, I did want to put on the radar for "Back to School" shopping a cute pencil topper perfect for kids returning back to school in the fall.  I know, I know...don't talk about "Back to School" just yet.  I wouldn't have thought about it, unless I didn't see ads already online, as well as in-store displays for "Back to School".  Then, I was sent samples of the cute Fingerling Minis blind bags, and thought, 'These are definitely a must have for "Back to School" shopping. :-)

So, what are Fingerlings Minis, and why I am loving these oh so adorable pencil toppers?    Here is more information about these collectible mini Fingerlings from WowWee, that you can find in stores like Walmart, as well as through online retailers including Amazon...

"Get ready for some miniature fun, the ultimate hangable collectible is swinging your way! Fingerlings Minis are the cutest little additions to their bigger Fingerlings Friends. Each package comes with 3 surprise miniature Fingerlings (Monkey, Unicorn or Sloth, Giraffe, Panda, and Dragon), plus 1 bonus mix & match bracelet and 1 mini tail charm. The series includes popular, rare, legendary, and ultra-rare figures! Collect them, trade them, and wear them on your wrist or even top your pencils!"

Like I mentioned above, the kind folks at WowWee sent along samples for my girls, and they were all smiles when they saw me take them out of the box.  

They had seen these in stores and had asked about them, but I was in a rush and just wanted to get out of the store, and go home to start dinner.  So,I told them we would go back another day and pick up a Fingerlings Minis blind bag for them. But, before we could head back to the store, the Fingerlings Mini Pencil Toppers samples arrived in the mail.  

Here is a quick video I took of my girls doing an "unboxing" to show which cute Fingerlings Mini Pencil Topper they each got.

As you can tell in the video above, the girls were super excited to open the Fingerling Minis blind bag, and once they saw the cute figurine, charm and bracelet inside, they couldn't stop talking about them, and wanted to pose for photos and show how the Fingerlings grip to a pencil. :-)

At only $3.99/package, you can't go wrong with the Fingerlings Mini blind bag.  There are 48 Fingerlings to collect in the new Series 2, so kids will have fun all summer long grabbing one or two Fingerling Minis blind bags when you head to the store, and seeing which ones they get.  Then, come back to school time, they will have a nice little collection of cute Fingerlings minis to add to their new pencils to start the new school year off with. :-)

To learn more about the new Series 2 Fingerlings Minis, head on over to  I can't wait to see which of the 48 figurines your kids get, so be sure to them online and comment below. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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