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Why Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your best friend? Or, maybe you have a difficult to buy for sister-in-law when it comes to buying a gift for someone that you care about, jewelry is a perfect choice.

Buying presents can be tough, and you may find yourself wandering around the mall aimlessly in search of the perfect gift, or trawling the internet for hours at a time. There's no doubt about it; some people are just plain tough to buy for, especially if they seem to have everything they need already! One of the best things about jewelry is that you can never have too much, so when it comes to gift-giving, it is the perfect choice even for the person that has everything.

From brooches to bracelets, anklets to earrings, there's no shortage of options out there when it comes to buying jewelry. You are more likely to struggle to decide what to get from the many options available, rather than be short of ideas.

Why does Jewelry Make the Perfect Gift?

Jewelry makes the perfect gift for many reasons, the main one being that it's a great way to show someone that you care about them. Jewelry is a very personal gift and demonstrates that you have taken the time to pick a present that your loved one can treasure.

You don't need to wait until Valentine's Day to buy your partner jewelry; it's sure to be a welcome surprise at any occasion, including of course Christmas and birthdays. If it’s that ultimate piece of jewelry that you are after - an engagement ring, then you will love the range of engagement rings from Tacori.

With so many different styles of jewelry out there, it makes the ideal gift for showing someone that you totally get them and their style.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

When it comes to shopping for the perfect jewelry gift, there's no doubt that you will want to take your time to get it right. Spend a little while thinking about what your gift recipient likes to wear and their style to make sure that you are getting something that they will love to wear.

Next time you see them pay attention to their existing jewelry, make a mental note of things such as is it silver, or is it yellow gold? Do they wear a particular color of gemstone? Noticing these details will help to make your shopping trip much more straightforward.

You may also want to think about their style, are they more of a hippy chick that loves to wear anklets and bangles? Do they like to be coordinated, and wear matching pieces, such as necklaces with coordinating bracelets?

Name Your Price

It is a good idea to think carefully about how much you want to spend on your gift. Setting yourself a price limit will help you focus your shopping on a specific price range without being tempted to go over it. Narrowing your search down by limiting your money will also give you far fewer items to search through, so should save you time too.

When it comes to jewelry it is often more about style than price, choosing something with a special meaning doesn't need to be expensive, it simply needs to have that personal touch, which says I get you, and I care.

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While your budget for the gift may feel like your main practical consideration, there are also a few others that you should bear in mind when buying jewelry as a gift.

When purchasing your jewelry item, you may want to check if it is refundable in case your loved one doesn't like their present. Explain to the cashier at the time that you plan to buy it as a present. Don't forget that many jewelry items are not refundable, and this is mainly due to health and hygiene reasons, so you will be unable to return earrings for pierced ears, for example.

Don't forget to keep in mind your loved one's size when buying their gift, as this may impact your choice. If you are purchasing a bracelet for a slender friend, you may need to keep in mind that if it isn't adjustable, it could slide off, if your friend is larger the bracelet may cause offense if it is unable to fit around their wrist.

Remember, if you are buying a ring you will need to know their ring size.

If you plan on buying earrings for pierced ears, you will need to check that your loved one has pierced ears before making a purchase.

It is also essential to know whether they have any allergies that could be aggravated by your gift. An example of this would be if they had a nickel allergy, as you would then need to ensure your gift was nickel-free to prevent them from coming up in hives or a rash.

Make it Personal

Necklaces and bracelets that feature your loved one's birthstone make brilliant birthday gifts. To add an even more personal touch, you may want to get the piece of jewelry you purchase engraved with a message or simply their name, with a name necklace or ring acting as a constant reminder of who gave the recipient the gift in the first place.

For a genuinely sentimental gift, you may want to opt for something like a locket, which can have photos of loved ones placed inside. Charm bracelets are also excellent so that you can buy them charms for many years to come to represent special times in your loved one's life, or even a necklace set you can both wear featuring two chains and a heart split in two.

Jewelry often represents more than merely aesthetic beauty, it could be a good luck charm, a reminder of a particular time in your life, or have a pendant with a meaning that is important to you, for example. The right piece of jewelry, whether inexpensive, or pricey, can hold a sentimental value far higher than its material one, and become something that is passed on for generations to come.

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