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Summer Break Activities To Do At Home For Children Who Get Bored Easily

With the technological age in full swing, growing up in the 21st century means including a lot of television, games consoles and other electrical devices. If you have children aged between 4 and 13, keeping them active and entertained without devices and internet this summer break could be quite difficult. Although summer is usually hot and sunny, sometimes getting outside in can be problematic due to heat waves or rainstorms, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep the kids active indoors.

Indoor Activities And Ideas.


Although chores can sometimes be just for the adults, as your children grow up, they may get curious as to what mom and dad are doing around the house. So doing chores together, such as the Laundry, Sweeping up, Dusting and wiping toys can be a great way not only to teach the little ones about teamwork but also, if you stick the tunes on, it will keep the children moving and help your child feel a sense of self within the family.

Board Games

There are plenty of board games available in high street ranging from old fashioned chess and checkers to jigsaws and snakes and ladders. If you have a little spare cash, these little boxes can bring hours of fun along with sibling bonding and friendly competition. If you can't get out to purchase any games, don’t be in despair, there are hundreds of ideas to create your own home board games with all types of activities.

Keeping Education Going

Educational progress is important and learning shouldn’t stop when school does. Using the summer break to explore new hobbies, learn about responsibility and build on team building skills, is something that many people consider for their children to experience. Summer Schools and Camps can be a great idea for those who want to keep active themselves, doing a google search for your area can give you an idea with what types of family adventures out there.

Home-based learning activities can also be a great way to keep your children mentally stimulated with ideas such as (but not limited to):

  • Build an animal and insect refuge and as a team report on your findings with pictures and write-ups.
  • Grow a little allotment garden.
  • Build items such as a bird feeder.
  • Museums and Local Parks.
  • Treasure hunts with riddles or orientation and navigational tasks.

Outdoor Activities At Home

Having fun at home can become less possible for children as they grow up. There are many ways to turn the frowns upside down with simple yet elegant activities that won't break the bank.

Water play and Balloon Battles

Without having to dry your bathroom floor and walls, allow the kids to use the jugs and bowls to chase each other, or you, and splash each other in the warm sun. Enjoy it knowing there will not be a big clean up afterward. With balloons, you could also turn the skirmish into capture the flag for older children. Tie a pillowcase to a broomstick, this can be left in open space. If the balloon hits and makes you wet you sit out till the next round. Hoses can also be fun but caution should be taken with children running and adults running around on wet surfaces. Depending on your location, you may be subject to a hosepipe ban or restriction. Check your local state council office for more information.

Create An Obstacle Course With Toys And Furniture

With the use of toys such as hoops, blocks, beanbags, skipping ropes and anything else you want to use (with a little imagination), obstacle courses can be a great way to challenge your little one's agility and build on their orientation skills. You could use garden furniture such as chairs to climb over or as boundary runarounds. Bear in mind that you will always need to keep an eye as sometimes these activities will involve a lot of excitement and challenges for the children.

Photo by Germán TR from Pexels

Exciting Garden Equipment To Stimulate The Mind

Creating an outside space that your children can get inspired and excited by can do wonders for stimulating their minds and encouraging mental growth. Allowing them to get messy, creative, dirty and earn a sense of adventure and freedom can be exhilarating for them, not to mention it’s sure to tire them out ready for bedtime.
There really is an abundance of options when it comes to equipment that you can add to your garden to make it the playground of dreams and wonder. Some of the ideas to consider are:

  • Activity tables where children can take their first steps into creative and sensory steps, brilliant for the younger kids outside.
  • Parachute Games that allow children to develop teamwork skills, coordination and helps them to learn essential controls like up, down, left and right.
  • Trampolines, definitely one for the growing bunch however under close supervision there no reason the younger kids can't get to bouncing, check out this Review of the 2019 Upgraded Zupapa Trampoline for inspiration.

  • Tricycles are a brilliant way to encourage motor skills and encourage independence.  
  • Swingball is one that is ideal for areas with limited space and is great for building concentration between two children.
  • Adding a has several benefits, they promote balance and coordination as well as helping to develop social skills as they learn to take turns.

Whatever equipment you are adding to your garden, they are sure to enjoy the fact that they feel like they have their own private playground in the back yard. It will create a fantastic space for them the grow, learn and bond with not only you but other children too.

Responsibility With A Pet

If you’re feeling brave and are looking for a fantastic way to help the children learn about responsibility getting them involved with looking after a pet is a brilliant way to achieve this.
Small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbit and a good choice as they are able to live outside in the garden and are fairly simple to look after. Not only is it a good activity for at home it also creates a day trip to choose the pets.

Here we have only just touched on the abundance of activities that can help stop the boredom, Is there anything you do with your children that should be on the list? Please share them in the comments.

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