Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fill Your Freezer for Summer with Chloe's New Nickelodeon Kids Pops

Chloe's Fruit - Home

Our fruit pops are made with just fruit, water and cane sugar – that’s it!

No stabilizers, no additives, nothing artificial. Go ahead, let them eat pops!

The countdown is on for most kids (and teachers) for the last day of school.  And, you know what that means, you will be finding yourself stocking the fridge and freezer with food and snacks for your kids, as they will be home and in need of of food 24/7...well, not 24/7, but you know that the kids will be eating more than usually, due to summer boredom, or just needing something to do.  Even though my girls are homeschooled and are home every day with me, I also find that during the summer months that my girls visit the fridge and freezer more, for snacking.  Ice pops, ice creams, etc. are a must have in our freezer at all times during the hot, summer months.  The girls spend their summer vacation playing outside with friends, and then will run inside to grab something cold to cool off with.  This summer, the girls will be all smiles when they open the freezer door and see the new Nickelodeon Kids Pops from Chloe's.

"Still made with the same simple ingredients: fruit, water and cane sugar, the new line of 40 calorie pops includes a Blueberry-Banana combination featuring Thomas & Friends and a Strawberry-Mango blend with new favorite character, Sunny Day."

My family loves Chloe's Dipped Pops, so I know they will love these new Nickelodeon Kids Pops. 

Dip into decadence with our dairy free dark chocolate dipped pop!

Our simple, fruit pop dipped in creamy dark chocolate to create an irresistible combination.

Do you have a favorite Chloe's product?  If you haven't tried their good for you fruit pops, you really are missing out!  They are so tasty, full of flavor, and are good for you!  Their line of fruit pops are made with "just fruit, water and cane sugar – that’s it! There are no stabilizers, no additives, and nothing artificial!  Try saying that about other fruit pops and frozen treats on the market.  

And, with kids being home all summer long, you want them eating healthier and not just filling up on junk food, right!  Well, Chloe's has you covered in the frozen treat department, and will leave your kids with smiles on their faces, as they sit on the steps outside with friends, enjoying either the new Nickelodeon Kids Pops, or other pops from Chloe's.

You can find the new Nickelodeon Kids Pops in the ice cream section freezer section at your favorite local retailer.  If you are having trouble find them, or Chloe's products in general, please use this online store locator to find a store near you that offers Chloe's pops.

And, be sure to follow Chloe's on their social channels to stay up-to-date on new product additions, special offers, news and more...

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