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"Cool Art" by Simon Armstrong is a Great Art Primer or Summer Refresher for Kids of All Ages (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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With summer fast approaching, many parents are looking for books to pick up for their kids to prevent the summer slump.  Not only should keep up on math and English skills they learned in school this year, but don't forget elective classes like art.  Thanks to "Cool Art" by Simon Armstrong, kids will have fun learning about 50 fun art facts, as they are introduced to the world of art.  

I know a handful of friends' children who attend public school have had art and music classes pulled from the school programs offered due to budget cuts.  This is terrible, as many kids really do flourish with these educational classes, and it is a great outlet for kids of all ages to spark their creativity and get their imaginations working as they create one of a kind pieces - both musically and artistically.  I know with my girls, they are both hands on learners, and art is a must in our homeschooling.  Even though I am not artistic -- I can only draw a stick figure person -- I am always looking for fun and educational books to pick up and share with my girls, to teach them about art through history and from the eyes of different impressionists and famous artists through the years.  So, when I stumbled upon "Cool Art" by Simon Armstrong recently, I had to get my hands on this small hardcover book.  This book is a great primer on all things art, by introducing kids to key characters, moments and movements in the history of art.  

This art book is jam packed with playful images and tons of fun facts that kids and even adults) will love reading and then sharing with others.  And, I have found after sharing this book with my girls that it sparks their creativity and had them reaching for blank doodle books and canvases, along with art supplies, so that they could recreate some of the art they found in this book, as well as their own unique spin on some of the world's most notable masterpieces through the years.  You don't have to be artsy to love this book.  And, it is a great primer or refresher for kids to enjoy over the summer, as they keep their minds sharp and ready to return to school in the fall.

More About this Book:

"A colorful, playful guide to the world of art—from major movements to how the artistic mind works and how to behave in an art gallery. Cool Art, a neat primer on all things art, introduces all the key characters, moments, and movements in the history of art to the present day. From Caravaggio to Banksy, the Renaissance to Minimalism, young readers can explore the ideas, meaning, and techniques behind the world's masterpieces, with a hefty dose of fun along the way. Much more than a basic history of art, this fascinating book explains how color works, how to have a profound experience in an art gallery (and what not to say while you're there), and how to tap into one's own innate creativity and become an artist. Packed with intriguing and playful images, this is an ideal gift for all ages—not only will it engage young people in creative ideas, it will also provide a feast of useful facts for adults to impress their friends with at dinner parties."

112 PAGES, 7.75 X 6
CLOTH, $14.99 (CA $19.99) (US $14.99)
ISBN 9781909396425

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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