Friday, April 5, 2019

Your Guide To Hanging Baskets

Are you struggling to decide how to adorn your garden space? One thing a lot of people find difficult is deciding whether to go for potted planets or hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets make much better use of the outdoor space. They are especially beneficial if you only have a small garden. You will be adorning your garden area without taking up any floor space, and this can be very advantageous. You can add character to your outdoor area and make it look beautiful without cluttering the space.

In addition to this, hanging baskets tend to be a lot more convenient than potted plants. With hanging baskets, you can move them around your garden with relative ease, which is ideal for any time you fancy a little bit of a switch around. The same cannot always be said for pots, as they can often be heavy and a bit of a pain to move around.

You also have the aesthetic appeal of hanging baskets. They create more intrigue as they add adornment at a height, and there is no denying that they look beautiful too. Last but not least, hanging baskets are designed to let the flowers be the star of the show, whereas potted plants can be more about the pot itself than the actual flowers.

So, what color combination should you go for?

From red to burgundy and purple, plant colors cover the spectrum found in the wild. When grouped together some combinations outshine others, as well as the leaf greenery around them.
Burgundy is a particularly versatile color when it comes to hanging baskets. A rather deep and mystifyingly dark complexion, it works well in natural garden basket combinations with bright, light-colored flowers as the positive differences in both contrast to provide a diverse and interesting sight. To maximize this contrast then, white, as the lightest of all options, provides the starkest difference, although if you’re looking to maintain a vibrant sense of color then yellow is a suitable alternative.

Purple also works well with white for precisely the same reasons, only the decor contrast is not as vivid given the less dark nature of the color, which some think gives it a more relaxing image overall.

Red and pink are a good example of vibrant colors that work well together when getting a flower delivery for your hanging baskets, separated only by a lighter shade of white. This approach is best for people who want to maintain some degree of uniformity among their collection, yet not to the extent of having entirely the same color throughout. It’s a subtler touch, which in a varied flower selection can help tone down the more striking features of the previous examples.

Unusual places for hanging baskets

Warehouses and other large centers being kitted out for major events - whether they are exhibitions, festivals or otherwise - can often appear to be cold and empty places. Although covering them in hanging baskets to the extent of the Eden Project sounds very ambitious, simply adding a piece or two to each outdoor and indoor entrance and providing a bit of decor colour and greenery to all who pass through can spruce up their image.

The same could be said of streets and pathways which are devoid of bushes, trees and all other leafy plant life. Whereas covering an entire street in hanging baskets may be a treat reserved for nationwide one-off occasions - a royal wedding, perhaps - it would be a very costly and as such unjustifiable procedure the rest of the year round. Yet even the odd silk flower basket swinging from a lamppost, sign or otherwise could liven up the area, add a bit more character to it and impress visiting planters with its green plants designs.

Finally, ships are another of the less common places that could benefit from artificial flowers especially. Prone to a variety of climates due to the nature of their transport, these structures may often struggle to find and grow plant life that’s capable of surviving in all. The durability of artificial flowers accessories as opposed to natural products makes this a non-issue.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some inspiration and ideas for hanging baskets, whether artificial or fresh, whether in the home or elsewhere.

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