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We are Going Bananas for the New Season 2 Bananas Collectibles from Cepia - Just in Time to Grab (If You Can Find Them) and Add to Your Child's Easter Basket (Review) #BananasToys #BananasCollectibles

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Leave it to the folks behind the ever popular and oh so hard to find Zhu Zhu Pets, Cepia, to come out with a new toy line that is also taking the world the by storm...literally as these toys are so hard to find.  If you have young children who are all about blind bags and surprise toys, then they have probably been asking you for Bananas, or looking for these unique and oh so fun toys, whenever you bring them to the store.  My two girls, ever since learning about Bananas, the scented peelable, and collectible toy, have been on the lookout for these toys in Walmart and Target stores.  

We saw them at Christmas time, and then Santa filled their stockings with them, and now this is all they talk about and look for when we go shopping.  

And, just last week, they saw online that Cepia released season 2 of Bananas, which includes more than 50 new unique Crushies characters to collect!   We haven't even collected all the cute Crushies characters from Season 1, and now the girls want to start looking for the new season to collect and trade with friends.

So, what is it about Bananas from Cepia that is making kids and their parents (who are searching like bananas to find these collectible toys in stores) going crazy?  Here is a short video showing what these scented, peelable bananas are all about...

Thanks to the kind folks at Cepia, they made my girls' day last week, when they sent along a 3-pack of their Season 1 Bananas for the girls to enjoy.  

By the loud shriek the girls let out, before grabbing the bananas from the box, and then jumping all around the house, you would have thought it was Christmas or I won the lottery.  But, no, they were just so excited to get more Bananas to peel and see what cute collectible Crushies were inside. 

What is so fun from the get go with these Bananas toys is that they are scented.  Take a whiff of the outside peel of the banana and it smells like a banana.  And, then when you start to peel away the two layers of the banana peel (which fold back up to store your Crushies inside), you continue to smell the banana scent.  But, the real fun comes when you peel away the layers of banana to reveal the surprise toys inside, which come in small bags that kids have to tear into to see what is inside.  That is why I said, fans of blind bags and surprise will go crazy for Bananas as they have a few bags to open to find hidden toys inside.  

Each Bananas toy comes with one collectible Crushie, along with two cute mini friends, as well as collector's guide so that you can keep track of the Crushies you collect.  You will also find gemstone stickers inside, which you can use to add a little bling to your Crushie, or the outside of the Banana. My oldest thinks the Crushies are cute as they are and opts to put the sparkling gemstones on the outside banana peel, while my youngest likes to add her gemstones to her Crushie.  Both ways look cute, and just add to the fun of the Bananas.  

In addition to the Crushie, two mini friends, gemstone stickers and collector's guide, you will also get a hanging vine, that you can use to show off your new Crushie.  If you continue to collect the Crushies like my girls are doing, you can attach the vines you get, kind of like hanging monkeys, and dangle them like a long vine, to show all the cute Crushies.  This is how my girls are displaying their Bananas Crushies in their rooms.  They have a little flower hook on the wall and have the hanging vines connected to one another, with all their Crushies attached to them.  The Crushies securely attach to the hanging vine, as they have a hole at the bottom of the toy, that fits snugly into the hanging vine.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are currently two seasons available -- Bananas Bunch 1 and Bananas Bunch 2.  We have yet to find the new season in stores, but found a few of the Bunch 1 bananas at Target today, which I grabbed for the girls.  I like how the bananas have a little nub at the top of the banana which lets you interconnect the bananas to make them look like a bunch of bananas.  Really a cute idea!  You could give a bunch of these cute Bananas toys as gifts, or even add to your child's Easter basket.

I am hoping that with an upcoming trip to the store that I stumble upon the Bananas Bunch 2 to pick up, for the girls Easter baskets. If you are having trouble finding them in stores like many parents are, be sure to check Target online.  I ended up placing an order tonight for a few bunches of the Bananas Bunch 2 to stash for Easter, in case I couldn't find them in stores. A 3-pack is only $9.99, and they are available to ship to your home, or pick up in stores. :-) 

Thanks to the Bananas website, my girls have already seen all the Crushies available in this new Bunch 2 series, and have a little wish list going on Crushies they hope to get and collect.  You can see all the new Crushies available in the Bananas Bunch 2 series by visiting .  

My girls are hoping to get the following Crushies characters from the Bananas Bunch series...

I have to say, they are both really cute, and if I was a kid collecting Bananas from Cepia, I would love to have these two Crushies in my collection. :-)

With Easter fast approaching, why not consider picking up a 3-pack of the new Bananas Bunch 2 series, now available.  Like I said, I found and ordered them for only $9.99/3-pack online through the Target website, and are having them delivered to the door, just in time to hide them so the girls don't see.  I know they will be super excited come Easter morning, when they find their Easter basket filled with Bananas, for them to unpeel and reveal all the cute Crushies inside.  I hope the girls get the Crushies they have been asking for.  If not, I know whichever ones they get they will love, and have fun displacing on their hanging vines, or trading with friends, who they recently got hooked on the Bananas collectible craze. :-)

I could go on and on about these oh so cute collectible Bananas from Cepia, but, instead, why don't you pick up a bunch of Bananas and share with your kids, or put in their Easter baskets.  Then you will see why my girls and so many other kids are going bananas for this new must have collectible toy from Cepia.  

Be sure to follow Bananas on their social channels to stay up to date on new series launches, special offers, news and more...

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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