Monday, April 1, 2019

This Easter Why Not Fill Oversized Plastic Easter Eggs with Cute Knee Socks and Thigh High Socks for the Whole Family from Chrissy's Socks

Easter is right around the corner, which means the Easter Bunny must be busy putting together goodies to leave in baskets set out by all the good boys and girls.  In addition to leaving a trail of plastic eggs filled with candy for kids to find on Easter morning, the Easter Bunny also has to come up with unique gift ideas to give each child.  Well, I am here to make this Easter easy for the bunny's helpers, as I will be sharing gift ideas for kids of all ages, including tweens and teens -- and they aren't all candy.  I may even throw in a toothbrush post here or there...just kidding, but our Easter Bunny always makes a point to leave a new toothbrush for all the candy he leaves behind, as dental health is important. :-)  Smart bunny! 

To kick off my Easter Gift Guide, I thought I would introduce my readers to Chrissy's Socks, an online store that offers premium quality knee socks and thigh high collections, all of which are "Made in the USA," and will not break the bank.  You will find socks for every member of the family -- kids, women and men.  And, like I said, they offer a wide variety of styles in both knee high and thigh high socks.  Here are just a few of my favorite sock styles that I know my girls will love, and that would make for a great Easter basket filler.

My oldest daughter saw the following two socks, and said she needed them, as she is a huge dog and cat lover...

Look at these cute Kitty Cat Knee Socks - Only $9.99

And, how about these Fluorescent Pink Paw Socks -- Only $9.99

Now imagine these cute knee socks in an oversized plastic Easter egg...ah the look on your kids' faces when they open the egg and find socks and not candy.  But, the best part of this gift, unlike candy (next to not giving your kids cavities) is that they will be enjoyed time and again.  Kids never get bored with socks, and need them on their feet, unless they are wearing sandals.  And, here in the Northeast, we are still a few months away from sandal season, so now is the perfect time to gift your kids some stylish new socks, while also picking up a few new pairs of knee high or thigh high socks for yourself.  Oh, and don't forget the hubby, as he probably has a few holey socks that could be thrown out and replaced. :-)

So, why not help the Easter Bunny out and do a little shopping before the crazy last minute rush starts to basket fillers, and place your sock order with Chrissy's Socks, and then get ready to fill your child's basket with fun socks, they will love showing off.  What are you waiting for?  Head on over to and browse their selection of knee high and thigh high socks for the whole family.  

We love animals, and stand behind our strict Fur Free Policy! We love to promote cruelty-free fashion and are proud to be affiliated with Born Free USA, The Humane Society of the U.S. and Animals Australia. Three outstanding organizations that speak on behalf of animals.

Most orders ship within 24 hours of shipping, just in case you like to procrastinate and wait until the pick up gifts for your kids' Easter baskets. You can read all the positive reviews from happy customers here: 

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  1. These socks are so cute. My daughter and I would love the Kitty Cat Knee Socks. They are fun and seem well made!