Monday, April 1, 2019

5 Toddler Activities for a Rainy Day

Keeping toddlers busy on any given day is difficult but a rainy day is even harder. You haven’t got the option of going for a walk or taking them to the park, so you have to be creative in your thinking. If you’re searching for ideas to keep your toddlers occupied when you can’t get out of the house for any reason, here are a few you can keep handy.

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A Color Hunt

A color hunt can occupy your toddler mentally and physically. If your toddler is one for a challenge and doesn’t mind thinking about the game he’s playing, the color hunt could be ideal. Hand your toddler a piece of colored paper and ask him to find objects of the same color. For example, if you hand your toddler a piece of yellow paper, your toddler may find a banana to match. Ask him to find as many objects as he can. Once he’s finished, hand him a different piece of colored paper.


Swimming is the perfect rainy-day activity for toddlers. Not does it take little planning for parents, but toddlers always have fun in the water. It’s a great way to tire little bodies out and you can teach your little ones plenty of valuable skills. If your toddler enjoys being in the water, you may want to consider toddlers swimming lessons. Along with essential swimming skills, toddlers will also learn how to enter and leave the pool safely. This is the best rainy-day activity for when you don’t want to stay at home all day.

Bath Art

Toddlers love to get messy, but parents don’t like to continually clean it up. Getting messy in the bath is the best of both worlds. You can put your toddler in the bath in a diaper or clothing you don’t mind getting messy. Then just add some washable paints and a brush and let your toddler have at it. You can even add sponges and mesh for them to create different patterns and feel different textures. Throw in some bubble wrap too and your toddler should be mesmerized for some time.

Build a Den

Have you ever noticed how much time toddlers can spend playing in dens? Having their own space is like creating their own little world where they can totally relax. Whether they’re sat inside watching movies, role playing or even taking a nap, a den is always a winner. All you need are some sheets, cushions and furniture to prop it all up.

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Coloring and Stickers

A good coloring book will keep a toddler occupied for a while, but throw in some stickers too and that’s the whole afternoon sorted. Keeping some coloring books and stickers spare will mean you always have a stash lying around for a rainy day. If there’s a family birthday or occasion coming up, ask your toddler to create a picture for it.

When it comes to entertaining your toddler on a rainy day, it’s essential to think outside the box.

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