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MAM Introduces New Oral Care Range with Brushy the Bear-New Brushes Aim to Raise Awareness for Importance of Early Oral Care, Make Brushing Fun for Babies and Easy for Parents!

New Brushes Aim to Raise Awareness for Importance of Early Oral
Care and Make Brushing Fun for Babies and Easy for Parents

MAM, the leading designer brand of award-winning, medically sound and innovative baby products debuts a new oral care range.  MAM’s new Brushy the Bear oral care character is featured on the new toothbrush range to raise awareness for the importance of early oral care and to make brushing fun for babies and easy for parents!

Developed with input from 26 opinion leaders in 5 countries with various professional backgrounds related to oral care, the new MAM oral care line includes five products: MAM Oral Care Rabbit, MAM Massaging Brush, MAM Training Brush, MAM Baby’s Brush and MAM Learn to Brush Set. 


MAM Oral Care Rabbit (0+ months) (New Design!)

Designed to maintain baby’s oral hygiene before teeth arrive, the MAM Oral Care Rabbit gently removes plaque and bacteria from baby’s mouth. Parents’ fingers tuck into the rabbit’s super soft “ears” like a glove, allowing him or her to gently massage and clean baby’s gums. Regular use of the MAM Oral Care Rabbit also helps prepare baby for a daily tooth brushing routine at an early age.   Available in pink or blue.
Suggested retail price: $6.49

MAM Massaging Brush (3+ months)

The new MAM Massaging Brush cleans and massages sensitive gums and first teeth. The brush features an ergonomic shape and an anti-slip handle that is easy for little hands to hold .  Soft bristles are featured on the front of the brush and different massaging structures on the sides and back of the brush head.  The massaging structures help to ease discomfort during teething.  The brush lies stable on its back when applying toothpaste or teething gel.  Available in blue, pink or green. Suggested retail price: $5.59

MAM Training Brush (5+ months)

Perfect for brushing together from the first tooth.  The new MAM Training Brush features an extra-long and ergonomic, anti-slip handle for holding the toothbrush together.  A very small rounded brush head reaches even the smallest teeth.  The brush features extra soft bristles for easy cleaning.  Red bristles indicate the recommended amount of toothpaste to be used.  The brush lies stable on its back when applying toothpaste.  Available in blue, pink or green.  Suggested retail price: $5.59

Baby’s Brush (6+ months)

Ideal for the first trials of brushing like a grown-up.  The new MAM Baby’s Brush features a compact, ergonomic anti-slip handle for baby’s small hands and rounded oval brush head with extra soft bristles to clean teeth efficiently and gently.  Red bristles indicate the correct amount of toothpaste to be used.  The brush lies stable on its back when applying toothpaste.  Available in blue, pink or green. Suggested retail price: $5.59, Baby’s Brush two-pack retail $7.99

Learn to Brush Set (5+ months)

The new MAM Learn to Brush Set includes two brushes: a MAM Training Brush ideal to practice brushing with parents and a MAM Baby’s Brush for babies to try brushing independently. Available in blue, pink or green. Suggested retail price: $7.99 (two-pack)

Each MAM brush comes complete with an easy to clip on safety shield.  The safety shield keeps babies safe by keeping the brush from reaching too far into baby’s mouth.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease. Tooth decay in children is five times more common than asthma, four times more common than early childhood obesity, and 20 times more common than diabetes (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, 2015).  Many parents do not know that oral care should already start before the first tooth and are also not aware of the negative impact of decayed first teeth on the second teeth.  Studies have shown that while the proportion of cavities-free older children is getting smaller, early childhood cavities is still a big problem.  Babies often refuse to have their teeth brushed, especially if an oral care routine is not established at an early age.

The new MAM oral care character Brushy the Bear will come to life in toothbrushing stories that are available in several formats including on a special free MAM toothbrushing app “MAM Brushy Time”.  The stories are designed to help raise awareness of the importance of early oral care using a playful approach. Brushy, a young bear that lives in a bear’s den with his mother already has some of his baby teeth and he loves to brush them.  His favorite item is his toothbrush which he carries around all day (and of course it is the new MAM toothbrush!).  Brushy is a role model for young children and shows that brushing your teeth is fun."


The MAM Baby’s Brush 2 pack and Learn to Brush Set is available now at Target stores.  The complete MAM oral care collection will also be available on Amazon.  For more information on MAM’s new oral care range visit

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