Friday, February 8, 2019

It's Not Valentine's Day Without R.M. Palmer Company Chocolate -- New Additions and Customer Favorites Now Available in Stores!

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Ever since I started blogging back in 2008, I have been sharing about R.M. Palmer Company and their candy during the holidays.  They have always been my go-to for chocolates and sweet treats to fill my girls' stockings, Easter baskets and eggs with, etc.  And, Valentine's Day is no exception.  While many people associate Valentine's Day with couples in love, I have always chosen to celebrate it by spending time with my family and friends who mean the world to me.  Maybe it is just how I was raised, or maybe after going through cancer treatment in 2008 and having a new appreciation on life, but Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays as I get to remind those near and dear to me just how much I love them and appreciate them, and how lucky I am to have them in my life.  And, now that I have kids of my own, which in and of itself is a blessing and miracle, I love celebrating these types of holidays with them.  

Even though my girls are homeschooled, they still have a few Valentine's Day parties they are going to, where they get to hand out and receive handmade Valentine's, as well as participate in fun games, do crafts and more.  I will be manning the craft table a couple of their upcoming parties and will be bringing some of the R.M Palmer Company chocolate that we were recently sent, to make a couple fun edible treats with the kids.  I love to craft, and love when I can incorporate some of my favorite things like chocolate from R.M. Palmer Company, into the mix.  And, shh, I also get to sneak a few know for taste testing purposes. :-)

Before I share a few of the crafts I have planned with the kids, I wanted to share some of the new chocolates that hit store shelves this year from R.M. Palmer Company, just in time for Valentine's Day next week, as well as customer favorites they brought back for all to stock up on and enjoy.  While I know many people (moms especially) love to wait until after Valentine's Day to stock up on candy as it is discounted, I have never had luck in finding my favorite R.M Palmer Company candy in stores after Feb. 14th, as it is popular brand and one that flies off of shelves first.  So, if I were you and see some chocolates from the new additions below, or favorites from last year, I would run out to the store and pick them up now, before they are gone, and you will have to wait until next year.

Check out these new additions for 2019!...

"The fashionista in your life will be “Head over Heels” in love this hollow, milk chocolate high heel shoe. 6 ounces."

"Popular Cuddly Cuties now in miniature, detailed, adorable molds! 3.4 ounces. Also available in bulk."

"Express your love loud and clear with these Giant Cards with chocolaty lips. The perfect gift combo available in two exciting designs. 4 ounces."

These cards are really big...look at the size in comparison to my girls, along with the chocolate lips...

"Choose from six cute and cuddly animal shapes: Puppy, Bear, Owl and Frog. And new for 2018 – Unicorn and Raccoon. Chocolaty milk or white. 3 ounces."

"Popular Cuddly Cuties now in miniature, detailed, adorable molds! Chocolaty milk and white chocolate pieces. 16 ounces.  Also available in Bulk."

Each year, the folks at R.M. Palmer send me a box of their chocolates, including some of their new additions, to sample with my girls.  It is like Christmas all over again when this box arrives, as I know we will be in for a treat, as we are always spoiled with the goodies that fill a large box.  And, this year, R.M. Palmer didn't disappoint with the selection they sent.  

My oldest daughter LOVES dogs, so she called all the chocolate boxes and bags with dogs on them, while my youngest who is all about fashion just had to have the new "Head over Heels" chocolate shoe. Even though she said it was almost too beautiful to eat, she also said she heard it saying, "Eat me" and she couldn't say, "No."  :-)  Being a chocoholic myself, I would have to agree with her, and sample away. 

Seeing that I homeschool my girls, my girls agreed that I would get to enjoy the #1 Teacher, hollow milk chocolate flavored apple.  

When I saw this, I thought this was really cute, and that it would make a great gift idea for kids to give their teachers if they attend public school.

In addition to the chocolate that we were sent, here are some other customer favorites that are available this year from R.M. Palmer Company, and would make for a great Valentine's Day surprise for those special people in your life...

Remember how I said I will be manning the craft table at a couple of the Valentine's Day parties my girls will be attending with their homeschool friends?  Well, here are a few crafts I had in mind to do with them.  If you need a last minute craft or fun activity to do with your kids or at a party, you should consider these, or other ideas found at ....

Don't worry, I will not be sharing a review of each and every chocolate we received, as that would just be mine.  Instead, I wanted to make sure you were aware of all the great new additions from R.M. Palmer Company available this Valentine's Day, to go with all their other great holiday selections.  

You can learn all about their Valentine's Day candy by visiting  Next up....Easter candy...I can't wait!

Happy early Valentine's Day!!!!

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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