Friday, February 8, 2019

Gifting Joy - 6 Gift Ideas for Little Ones (That Aren’t Toys!)

We’re already well into 2019 which means that there are plenty of birthdays on the horizon! Whether it your own children’s birthdays you’ll be celebrating, or a little one in your extended family, it’s ever easy shopping for kids who seemingly have everything.

When children are gifted toys upon toys upon toys, it usually means that most of these gifts get forgotten about. So, how about gifting a little one something a bit different? Something that won’t get lost at the bottom of a toy box, never to be seen again? Stuck for a little inspiration? Read on for 6 gift ideas that aren’t toys!

Investing in Their Future

There’s nothing wrong with gifting a little bit of money in a birthday card. It allows the child to choose what they want to spend it on. But when there is money simply sitting at home burning a hole in their pockets, it all to easy to spend it on something small and plastic. So, how about investing a little money instead? From items that increase in value over time – click here to find out more – to ISAs, children’s savings accounts and more. Investing in a child’s future is something that a lot of us – now as adults – would have certainly loved, even if we didn’t show interest at the time.


Tickets to their first concert or gig. A family show that includes their favorite TV characters, an ice skating event, or front row seats to something like motocross or even a West End show. Giving the gift of an experience means that they’ll be making memories that they can cherish forever. They’ll be entertaining the tale of when you took them to a show to their own children one day.

A Magazine Subscription

A gift that keeps on giving! When you subscribe to a magazine for them, they’ll have something to look forward to every month. Whether it’s a magazine that’s devoted to their favorite TV show, or one of their hobbies – this is both a fun and an educational gift.

Their Own Towel and Bath Stuff

It might sound a little simple, but my little one loves having their very own towel to snuggle into after bath time. Get them a matching flannel and even a bath bomb or two and you certainly won’t be begging them to get in the bath!

Arts and Craft Supplies

Every child should have arts and crafts available to them. Whether it’s at home or at school. So, why not make them their very own arts and craft box and fill it with supplies? Pipe cleaners, colored card and paper, pom poms, string, glitter, stickers, lolly pop sticks, paints, sponges, googly eyes and pens, crayons and chalk. You’ll be amazed at how many hours they’ll sit and simply craft something using their imagination.

A Special Notebook

Gifting a journal or a diary is a special thing. It gives the child the opportunity to write down their feelings, emotions and practice their handwriting too!

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