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Check Out These New February Releases from NCircle Entertainment + Enter to #Win this 3-DVD Bundle #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent screeners from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared goodare mine and mine alone.

Entertainment that Educates!

I love being an NCircle Brand Ambassador, as I not only get to review new and popular DVD releases from NCircle Entertainment, but I also get to run giveaways, so my readers have a chance at winning some of these great educational titles for the special kids in their life.  Usually I share a few new DVD releases from NCircle Entertainment each month, which include a giveaway of that particular title.  Well, I am doing something a little different this month.  Instead of hosting three individual giveaways for the three DVDs I was recently sent to review, I am going to do a Bundle DVD giveaway, where one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader will win all three DVDs.  I have seen that many of my readers try to win the giveaways, especially the DVD ones for their nieces, nephews, grandchildren or their kids.  So, I thought it would be fun to host a bundle giveaway, so that a winner can split up the DVDs and give to all the special kids in their lives. :-)  So, be sure to read on until the end, so you can enter my NCircle Entertainment February DVD Bundle Giveaway, for a chance to win the three DVDs shown above, and which I will be reviewing below. :-)  Good luck!


About the Octonauts: Reef Rescue release:

"The Octonauts are a team of adventurers who explore the world's oceans, rescue aquatic creatures and protect their habitats - from the bustling eco-system along the Amazon River to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench. Deploying a set of aquatic vehicles, Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate, Kwazii, medic Peso and the rest of the crew embark on missions around the globe before returning safely to their home base, the Octopod.  

On this exciting DVD, join the Octonauts as they journey to a colorful coral reef to rescue the creatures that live there! Come along with Dashi as she saves a pair of surfing snails. And when poisonous sea snakes get stranded on a beach, Peso must figure out a way to get them back into the ocean. Enjoy these adventures and more with the Octonauts! "

My Thoughts:

Even though this series is geared towards preschoolers, my girls still love watching it, as they love learning about marine animals/creatures, which the Octonauts introduce viewers to, in each and every fun-filled episode.  This particular DVD, which released back on 2/19, includes the following 8 full-length episodes:
  • Convict Fish
  • Baby Seas Turtles
  • Surfing Snails
  • Yellow Belly Sea Snakes
  • Tiger Shark
  • Coconut Crisis
  • Sunfish
  • Octopod Mystery

Fans of the Octonauts series will love the underwater adventures they go on, while also learning about different sea creatures that need rescuing, or having their habitats protected.  Both of my girls give this recent DVD two thumbs up.  They say it is a must for Octonauts fans, young and old!

About the Yo-Kai Watch Limited Edition Gift Set release:

"Nate is a just a regular boy struggling to be above average at school. One day when he receives the Yo-kai Watch, he gets the chance to see and communicate with these mischievous Yo-kai. With the Yo-kai Watch on his wrist, Nate starts to form friendships with them and learn of the things that make life so complicated."

My Thoughts:

It has been awhile since my girls sat and watched Yo-Kai Watch. They were first turned onto the series by my husband who stumbled upon this animated series back in 2014, after seeing one of the handful of Yo-Kai Watch movies.  He had fallen in love with the video game by the same name, and when he heard about the animated had to check it out, and then showed it to my girls, who found themselves getting hooked on it.  But, then they watch all the episodes that were available, and then forgot about it.  That was until I was sent this Limited Edition Gift Set the other day from NCircle Entertainment to review.  This gift set includes the complete Season 1, Vol. 1 DVD, as well as an exclusive Yo-Kai Watch Comic.

My girls and husband were so excited when they saw this DVD, and couldn't wait to start watching each and every episode that make up this 13-episode Vol. 1 DVD.

This DVD Includes the Following 13 Action-Packed Episodes:
  • Yo-kai Are Real!/The Spooky Intersection
  • The One in the Water/Why Did You Say That?/Katie’s Secret
  • he Rare One/Yo-kai Manjimutt/Here Comes Roughraff/Manjimutt: Part 2
  • Yo-kai Medallium/Yo-kai Hungramps/Yo-kai Wazzat/ Manjimutt: Part 3
  • Manjimutt: Part 4/ Yo-kai Illoo/ Let’s Exorcise!
  • Manjimutt: Part 5/ Yo-kai Blazion/ Yo-kai Negatibuzz/ The Sleepover
  • Manjimutt: Part 6/ Here’s Komasan!/ Yo-kai Nosirs
  • Manjimutt: Part 7/ Yo-kai Fidgephant/ Yo-kai Hidabat
  • Komasan in the City: Here’s Komajiro!/ Yo-kai Cadin/ Robonyan Activate
  • Komasan in the City: Urban Living/ Yo-kai Buhu/ The Legend of Shogunyan
  • Komasan in the City: The Turnstile/ Yo-kai Spenp/ Yo-kai Noway/ Manjimutt: Catch & Release
  • Komasan in the City: Ear Warmers/ Yo-kai Cheeksqueek/ Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape Episode 1
  • omasan in the City: Low Budget Vittles/ Yo-kai Chatalie/ The Yo-kai Dancers/ Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape Episode 2
My husband and girls have gotten through 6 of the 13 episodes over the course of this past week, and they are looking for next weekend to get here so that they can watch more.  If you have a Yo-Kai Watch fan -- either of the game, movies or the television series, then you will want to check out this limited gift set.  The comic book alone would make any Yo-Kai Watch fan smile, but when you pair it with the above 13 full-length episodes, it is a must have for fans.

About the The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot about That: Hurray! It's Valentine's Day! release:

"It's Valentine's Day with the Cat in the Hat a great time for you to make friends with the Cat. Spend the whole day with your wonderful friends in a place where adventure and fun never ends. Yes friendship's the key on this special day And the Cat is the one who will lead the way. Join the Cat in the Hat as he celebrates friendship with his closest friends Nick Sally Fish the Things and... YOU!"

My Thoughts:

Even though I received this DVD after Valentine's Day, my girls still sat and watched it last week, as they both love Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat.  Don't forget this upcoming weekend is Dr. Seuss's birthday and many places are celebrating his birthday with special events.  We will be going to Target for their free Dr. Seuss Event, as well as a nearby library offering crafts and story time.

DVDs like this, even though holiday themed, can be enjoyed by kids (and adults) year round.  This particular DVD includes the following full-length, already aired episodes from the popular The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That television series:

  • Pick Your Friends
  • Wool
  • Leaves
The theme of the three episodes is friendship, and is perfect to share with your kids, as they watch Nick, Sally, Fish and the Things, oh yeah, and the Cat, celebrate their friendships on Valentine's Day.  My girls really enjoyed the three episodes that make up this DVD, and have since watched it a handful of times since receiving last week.  They even let their friend borrow it this weekend, as they knew it would be rainy and cold, and their friend is a fan of this animated PBS Kids series.  :-)   This DVD is a must for fans of the shows, and would be great to pick up to watch now, and when Valentine's Day rolls around next year, and for years to come.


We have been having so much fun watching these three new NCircle Entertainment DVD releases, and as promised above, now is your chance to enter my giveaway for a chance to win all three. :-)

To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  One winner will receive all three DVDs to enjoy with family, or pass along to that special child or children in their lives.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent screeners from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.