Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Get Rid of the Middle Man with Your Roses/Flower Order This Valentine's Day -- Shop Flower Republic and Save $$, While Also Getting Top-Quality Grown and Handpicked Flowers from Ecuador and Shipped Right to Your Door in 4 Days #frbouquets

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Have you started to think about a gift to give your sweetie?  Or, if you are like me, does your husband look for you to give him hints on what to get.  Our anniversary is the week before Valentine's Day, so to save ourselves of buying gifts for each, we will usually do one gift (or a few small gifts) for both, along with dinner out.  Since welcoming our girls it is hard to get a babysitter as family lives far away, so we usually do a fun Family Valentine's Day dinner out.  And, my husband and I also give a special gift to the girls to remind them just how much they are loved.  This year, in addition to the gift we (well actually I pick up), my husband is also going to be taking the girls for a surprise Daddy/Daughter dinner to the girls' favorite restaurant.  This is part of my gift, and part gift for the girls.  They get a fun night out just with Daddy, and I get a little "me time" to do whatever I want (ahh, the possibilities). :-)

Thanks to products recently sent for me to review and include in my Valentine's Day gift guide, my girls are all about Valentine's Day.  They are throwing out suggestions on fun Valentine's Day activities and crafts to do, and what they hope "cupid," a.k.a. Mom and Dad will surprise them with.  My youngest is hoping a American Girl doll, my oldest wants a cat, even though she knows her little sister is allergic.  While they will not be getting these things, they did, however, get a surprise last week, when a shipment of flowers from Flower Republic were sent to the house.

If it hadn't been for the folks at Flower Republic for reaching, I don't think I would have ever found out about them. Usually when I think about ordering flowers, I usually go with the big flower delivery services/companies.  But, I have stopped ordering flowers after the last few orders sent to family and friends, either showed up late, or the flower quality was poor, for the amount of money I paid for them.  So, as a result, when special occasions that flowers would be a nice gift for, roll around, usually I would visit a local florist.  But, with my busy schedule and all the girls' stuff I am driving them around to, it is hard to find time to visit a florist.   

Now, though, that Flower Republic is on my radar, I will not think twice on who to order with when I want to ship flowers, as the flowers they recently sent me were, no, STUNNING!  I couldn't believe how they looked in the box, and how they were bloomed from the get go.  Oh, and don't get me started on how amazing they smelled.  Usually when I order flowers online and have them shipped, the flowers come not bloomed, and usually take days to really open up.  Not what I want when I want to celebrate a special occasion with someone and they are looking at closed up flowers.  But, this wasn't the case at all with Flower Republic. Just look at these beauties...

Remember how I said my girls got an early Valentine's Day surprise the other day...well, I had hoped to give the summer bouquet flowers from Flower Republic to myself, but as soon as my girls saw the flower box arrive at the door, they were all smiles.  They thought Daddy had sent them a gift, and their eyes grew even bigger when I opened the box and they saw the 25 roses laying inside.  

With their quick math, my girls figured that they each would get 12 flowers each, and there was one left over for me.  

Nice that they included me and were willing to share. :-)  And, before I could say otherwise, the girls had run to the cabinet under the sink area to get their flower vases.  Seeing how excited they were to get their very own roses, I couldn't say no.  Plus, I have gotten my fair share of roses over the years from my husband, and it is nice to now be able to make my girls smile, with a simple gesture of roses -- even if Daddy didn't know he was sending, thanks to Flower Republic. :-)

About Flower Republic:

"Our bouquets are cultivated, nurtured and grown and then handpicked to be shipped directly to your door, from our beautiful farm, located in rich volcanic soils high in the Andean Mountains of Ecuador."


It was so cute to watch my girls clear off a space on their dressers in their rooms so that they could put their freshly cut roses from Flower Republic to admire.  They also loved how the flowers made their rooms smell nice.  I have caught them the past few mornings waking and heading directly to their vases to smell the roses.  As they leave their rooms, they both have smiles on their faces...what a great way to start the day.  I used to love being surprised with roses and would wake to admire roses my husband gave me, and now I get to share this with my girls, who both LOVE roses, especially this beautiful summer bouquet from Flower Republic.

I could go on and on about how great these flowers are, but what I really wanted to get across in this post is the amazing price.  How much would you think 25 long stem roses delivered would cost?  In the past I have paid $80-$120 for roses -- none which have ever arrived looking amazing like the ones we got from Flower Republic.  Now, you ready for the WOW! factor?  This particular summer bouquet, which includes 25 roses is only $39.99.  A steal right!?  Not only is the price amazing, but your roses are grown and shipped from Ecuador and arrive in the US in only 4 days (thanks to UPS and FedEx delivery).  It is going to be hard to find pricing and delivery like this with other flower competitors who usually use other flower sources and florists to fulfill orders (so that increases the price).  Flower Republic doesn't work with a middle man....when you order through their website, you are working directly with them, and they will ship your handpicked bouquets, which are cultivated, nurtured and grown in Ecuador (for over 20 years) directly to you.  So, you know that each and every time you place an order with them, you will receive the same top quality flowers each and every time.  

Just look at some of their other beautiful flower bouquets currently available, that would make a nice Valentine's Day gift for yourself, your sweetie, or that special someone in your life (including your kids)....

Aren't they stunning?  You really have to see these roses up close to see just how great they are.  The smell alone with have you sold on shopping with Flower Republic for all your flower/rose needs from now on.  Like I said, Valentine's Day is fast approaching, so you don't want to delay in placing an order for flowers.  This year, why not buy from Flower Republic and gift an experience like no other.  To learn more about Flower Republic, or to place an order head on over to  And, if you are big on subscriptions, Flower Republic also offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions -- also at an amazing price.

They will make sure you get a different bouquet delivered each time, so your room has a fresh feel and you enjoy multitudes of their flower species.

I can't wait to see which arrangement you go with, and hear just how satisfied you are with your roses. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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