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PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS,” the Newest Release from AIR BUD ENTERTAINMENT is Now Streaming on NETFLIX + Gingerbread House Making Fun! @airbud @airbudofficial @airbudofficial #puppystarchristmas

Disclosure:  I was sent promotional product in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

 A new family friendly holiday film debuting on Netflix just in time for the holidays, “Puppy Star Christmas.”

If you are looking for a fun holiday movie to watch with the family and you have Netflix, you have to check out the new Puppy Star Christmas from Air Bud Entertainment.  My girls were counting down the days until this movie released on Netflix back on November 20th, and have watched it a dozen times since then.  They have been fans of the Pup Star movies from the start, and have looked forward to new movies each year.  

You may recall last year I shared a post reviewing the Pup Star World Tour movie.  In addition to my review, I also shared videos, a recipe and more about my girls creating a Mexican Street Corn in a homemade tortilla bowl, as part of a contest the folks at Air Bud Entertainment hosted and had select bloggers compete in. While we didn't win that contest, which had a grand prize of a weekend at an Extended Stay America location, we had so much fun getting in the kitchen and cooking together.

This year, in celebration of the new holiday movie, Puppy Star Christmas, the folks at Air Bud Entertainment sent us a fun box filled with goodies from their fabulous partners, and challenged our family to create a gingerbread house.  

Here is  a quick video I took of the girls showing what was inside the box we were sent...

When you watch this movie, you will see a few different gingerbread houses in the movie -- one that Lou and family creates, one big gingerbread house on the main stage where the pups perform together, and another in Santa's village.  The folks at Air Bud Entertainment wanted us to draw inspiration from these gingerbread houses in the movie, as well as with the candy and supplies they sent in the goodie box -- which was a huge cardboard gingerbread house, and then work together as a family to come up with the perfect gingerbread house.

Over the course of this week, we not only watched the Puppy Star Christmas movie a few more times, but the girls practiced their gingerbread house skills, until it was time to come together this evening to decorate a gingerbread house as a family.  

First go round with mini houses...

Next, was a bigger house and teamwork...

And, finally our family gingerbread house we made together...

We had so much fun using the candies sent to us, as well as others we picked up during the week.  We started with a game plan and the girls had drawn out ideas earlier in the day. But, we found that when we got going, it was all about enjoying quality time together and coming up with fun ways to decorate the blank gingerbread house canvas in front of us.

How do you think we did?  

The holidays are about coming together and enjoying quality time as a family, and catching up with friends and family we haven't seen throughout the year.  And, what better way to do this, than by watching a fun movie like the new Puppy Star Christmas movie, or making gingerbread houses together. This weekend, we will be meeting up with family and friends at a nearby inn and will be making more gingerbread houses.  It has become a tradition that we have done since the girls started walking.  They look forward to it every year, as do I.  

When we are done doing gingerbread house decorating on Saturday, we will have everyone back to our house for a family dinner, followed by a screening of this movie.  My girls have been talking their cousins and friends' ears off about the movie, and the ones who don't have Netflix can't wait to watch it.

Here is what my girls and I have to say about the new Puppy Star Christmas movie, which is now streaming on Netflix....

Savannah's Review:

Bella's Review:

My Thoughts:

I have watched all the Pup Star movies with my girls I don't know how many times.  They are really fun movies, and the songs are catchy and make you want to sing and dance along to them. If I had to choose a favorite, I would say that this new holiday movie is top on my list, followed by the Pup Star World Tour movie, which released last year.  This year's movie is sure to get family's in the holiday spirit and is so festive, you can't help but get excited for the holidays.  And, seeing Tiny and P.U.P's new pups, makes you look forward to many more years of Pup Star movies from Air Bud Entertainment.  I wonder what will happen with the pups next.  Only time will tell. :-)  But, in the meantime, we have this holiday movie, and the previous Pup Star movies to watch, over and over again.

Here is more about the movie, including the official movie trailer...

Film Synopsis:

"From the world of PUP STAR, and the creators of AIR BUD & AIR BUDDIES, comes a new holiday treat for the whole family, PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS

The family just got bigger, as newlyweds, Tiny and P.U.P, are spending their 1st Christmas with their new pups: CINDY, ROSIE, CHARLIE, and BRODY. Unfortunately, the pups are more interested in getting gifts than enjoying a holiday with their family. To show what Christmas means to them, Tiny & P.U.P plan a ‘Pup Star Christmas Special’, showcasing their new family, pup-tastic songs and a magical appearance of Santa & his reindeer!

But, little do they know, Bark and his mean team of Kano, Roland & Julio, have a new scheme to disrupt Pup Star and steal Christmas. They hijack Santa & the North Pole for their own personal gain. With Roland acting as the new Santa, and Bark forcing people to pay for Santa's good will, the holiday spirit is at an all-time low. When the pups find themselves in the North Pole, it's up to them to save not only the Pup Star special, but the Christmas spirit itself and discover the true meaning of the holiday. PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS is a fun, grand musical adventure, filled with singing pups, new songs, and a story filled with cheer and surprises!"


  About Air Bud Entertainment:

Air Bud Entertainment is the premium brand for live action family movies and TV series. The Company has created over 22 family movies and five movie franchises that are licensed around the globe including the five Air Bud movies; seven Air Buddies movies with two Santa Paws movies in partnership with Disney, along with the new four movie Pup Star franchise for Netflix. ABE also recently announced its new series with Disney Channel in the U.S. premiering 2019.
Air Bud Entertainment is a fully integrated studio that produces all aspects of the creative and production process, including writing, directing, producing, post-production and visual effects. The Company also markets and licenses its movie franchise/series directly. Air Bud Entertainment is based in Malibu, California and its studios are in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Visit and subscribe to and ABE YouTube.
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PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS has a running time of 91 minutes and is Rated ‘PG’ by the MPAA.

Disclosure:  I was sent promotional product in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. This looks like a cute movie! I'll have to watch it with my son!