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Give the Gift of the World's Most Comfortable Floor Mat This Holiday Season by Gifting Family and Friends with GelPro Comfort Mats (Review) #kitchenmat #mygelpro #gelpromats

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Have you sent off your wish list to Santa yet?  What?  You don't think to ask for anything for yourself for the holidays?  Or, are you like many people I know, including myself, that does holiday shopping and wrapping for yourself?  When November rolls around, I start my shopping for my family and friends, and usually forget to think of myself and what I could use or want for the holidays.  But, this year, I had one gift in mind that I have been eyeing...a GelPro mat for the kitchen.  

I suffer from flat feet and for the past year have been dealing with nerve damage in my foot after breaking my toe and not having it heal right.  So, one wrong move and I get a nerve pinch that goes from toe to my back...not fun.  I saw a handful of doctors but they all said there wasn't much that could be done.  They suggested limiting my standing, but come on, I am a mom to two young girls, and we are always on the go.  Plus, when the holidays roll around, I love being the kitchen by myself, or with my girls, baking up an assortment of Italian cookies and treats for my family and friends to enjoy.  But, with all that standing, I find my feet are throbbing at the end of the night.

Over the years I have picked up so called "memory foam" mats for the kitchen, but they never hold up.  After a couple months, if that, they start breaking down or getting lumpy, and are uncomfortable to stand on.  They never soothed my flat feet while standing in the kitchen cooking or baking.  But, after reaching memory foam mats, I realized I wasn't buying the right mat.   Have you heard of GelPro mats?  I hadn't until a couple months ago, and once I checked out their website, I knew what I wanted Santa to bring me for very own GelPro Elite Mat -- the Lattice Java one from their Decorator Collection, to be exact. :-)  I have a post and beam house and have exposed wood everywhere so I thought this color would look great in the kitchen against the wood and my black appliances.

Well, thanks to the kind folks at GelPro, Christmas came early to me a month and a half ago, when they fulfilled my wish from Santa.  I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning and finding what I wished long and hard for, when my GelPro Elite mat arrived.  And, I couldn't wait to unroll it and have it expand to normal size (usually takes 24-48 hrs. to expand and flatten after being rolled up).  
It arrives like this...

 Then, rolls out to this -- which you let sit for 24-48 hrs.

And, let you have this...a comfort mat that makes you feel like you are standing on a cloud. :-)

I loved the Lattice Java color, and it did look amazing in my my kitchen was made for the 20x36 GelPro mat. :-)  And, once I took my shoes off and stepped on the mat, I felt like I was standing on a cloud...well, I really don't know how it feels to stand on a cloud, but it really was the most plush and comfortable mat I have ever stood on.  Usually I keep my shoes on until I crawl into bed, as it is supposed to help with foot support, but I wish I could go bare foot and not have to wear shoes all day.  I didn't want to stand on my new GelPro mat with shoes, so I took my shoes off, and it felt amazing.  My feet usually ache after I peel my shoes off, but as soon as I stepped around on the GelPro mat, my feet sunk into this comfortable floor mat, and I forgot all about the foot pain and issues I have been dealing with this year.  For the first time in a long time, I was able to stand in one spot and not have shooting nerve pain go up my leg.  It was the best gift I could have wished for myself.

I have been enjoying my GelPro Elite mat for over a month and a half now, and each and every time I stand on it, it feels like the first time -- so soft and comfortable.  I love being able to walk into the house and head to the kitchen to cook or bake, and take my shoes off, without worrying about not having support under my feet.  Even my husband and girls have commented on how I am all smiles when in the kitchen, and they have reaped the benefits of my being able to be in the kitchen longer, as I have been baking and cooking up a storm. :-)

As the holidays fast approach, I am excited for all the additional baking I have planned with my girls.  We will be doing a full month of spice studies for homeschool, where I plan to learn about a different spice each week, the history behind it, and cook and bake up recipes using the spice of the week. My girls are excited, and I am, too!  And, I have the folks at GelPro to thank for it, as I am able to go to my happy place (the kitchen) and do what I love -- make delicious food and treats for my family and friends to enjoy.  My flat feet are not going to stand in my way, like they have in the past.

If you suffer from flat feet, or find yourself hating to be in the kitchen to cook up meals for your family as your feet are tired and aching, why not consider picking up a GelPro mat.  While they may seem pricey, once you step on a GelPro mat for the first time, you will see why they are considered the "world's most comfortable floor mat."  I was kicking myself after trying out the GelPro mat as I spent $50-60 on different memory foam or comfort mats for the kitchen, which I ended up tossing.  I could have used all that money and bought a GelPro mat, and been enjoying time in the kitchen last year.  Well, my poor purchases hopefully will save you when it comes to buying a comfort mat for yourself or someone you love this holiday season.  Don't buy anything other than a GelPro Mat.  I am in love with my comfort mat, and am planning to buy one for my mom for her kitchen.  And, my husband told me the other night he plans to buy me another for the bathroom, so I can stand on a comfort mat while getting ready in the AM, and at night time doing my hygiene, without needing to have my shoes on.  Ahh, that would be nice. :-)

I could go on and on about how great the GelPro Elite comfort mat is...but, instead, why don't you head on over to their website and browse their different collections.  They have mats that would go great in the kitchen, laundry room or other room in the house you do a lot standing in place.  And,with so many colors, styles and designs including their holiday decor collection, you could buy a comfort mat for every season. :-)

So, this year, while also shopping for friends and family, why not think of yourself too, and buy yourself a gift like the GelPro Mat, which I am happy to say is manufactured in the USA (most in Waco, TX).  Foodies will love this mat, as well busy moms and dads who would benefit from an anti-fatigue, ergonomic floor mat for the kitchen.  

You can learn more about GelPro and their floor mats by visiting I can't wait to hear your thoughts on their comfort mats once you have a chance to try them out firsthand.  You will probably think you are walking on a cloud, too! :-)


The GelPro Elite mat is the only gel-filled, anti-fatigue, ergonomic floor mat for the kitchen. 

It retail price starts at $119.95 for a 20”x36” mat, and they are sold direct at and at national retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond,, and, as well as many kitchen specialty stores.

The Designer Comfort Mat features a ¾" thick cushion of Ergo-Foam for relieving discomfort, fatigue and pressure – and prices start at $34.95 for an 18”x30” mat. (The 20x48 Designer Comfort mat is an outstanding value for a mat of this size, starting at just $59.95).These mats are available at as well as Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart,, and

Best of all, the entire line of GelPro mats are manufactured in America (most in Waco, TX).

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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