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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Kids Will Love Adding this Decorative Color Changing Cinema Light Box to Their Rooms (Review)

Disclosure:  I was provided with a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you finding it hard to shop for your tweens and teens.  I know many friends with older kids are complaining about how it is difficult this year to shop for their kids.  All they want is anything Fortnight, cell phones, or video games and/or electronics.  But, as you can imagine, these gift requests can add up.  And, if you are like me, you probably have a couple (or more) kids to shop for, in addition to family and friends who make up your holiday shopping list.  So, you have found yourself scouring the Internet trying to find a gift that is not only fun, but would be considered "cool" for your tween or teen.  Well, do I have the perfect gift that they will love and that doesn't break the bank.  How about getting them their very own Color Cinema Light box?

My girls love decorating their rooms and picking out their own decorative pieces, curtains, bedding,etc.  Oh, how I miss when they were little and I could decorate their rooms with fun animal themes.  But, this is just another reminder that they are growing up and developing their own sense of style, while also learning to be independent.  So, I have to accept and embrace this, even though it is hard a parent to see your kids grow up and not need you as much.

Growing up, I wished for a Light Box after seeing them at the movies.  But, Santa never brought me one.  I guess they were hard to make at the North Pole or he ran out when I requested them. This year, though, my wish will come true as the folks at ThanKiu2 Giftshop will be sending along their Color Cinema Light box, available now at Amazon for only $37.99, to try out. (Stay tuned for my personal review coming soon).

As you wait to read my review and see photos of my very own Color Cinema Light box, I wanted to make sure you had this neat light box on your radar, so you don't have to stress  any more about what to get your tween/teen.

Here is more about the Color Cinema Light box:

"The Color Cinema Light box is a unique decorative piece with vintage vibes. The light box is designed to look like those retro cinema and theater signs that would advertise a movie and share a fun message. You can write sweet valentines messages, inspirational or motivational message on the mini lightbox and create a black-and-white film feel to the room!

Our lightbox is different because we provide more letters, numbers and emoji starter set than others (240 total) at price of $34.99. We can fit 10 characters per line while other fit 8. 

We offer 16 color options. This is powered by battery or the extra long USB cable included.  We also offer a white only option for $24.99."


This is definitely a unique gift that your kids will love, and that will add a cool and oh so stylish look to their room.  They will have fun switching up the letters, symbols and emojis to make their own messages.  And, the 240 letter set will provide them with endless possibilities on what to spell out and display on this color changing cinema light box.  

If you kids are into movies, they could make a sign showing the movie that they will be showing  in their room -- that is if you are allowed into their room. Or, if you aren't this would be a fun "Keep Out" sign for little brothers and sisters, to get the hint they aren't wanted. :-)  Whatever your child chooses to display on the light box, they will have fun with this unique way to display messages.  Hey, maybe they will just want to see their names in light -- that is why I wanted a light box as a kid -- just like you saw your favorite actor or actress or movie in theaters.  

While this would make for a great gift for tweens/teens, the Color Changing Cinema Box could also be used for your personal home-office, in the kitchen to share special announcements and the dinner menu for family to view.  I am planning to use our Light Box to display the Friday Night Family Movie each week. My girls will love to see what we will be watching come Friday nights, and this is a fun way to announce the feature flick.

Like I said, I will be sharing a review of the Color Changing Cinema Light Box once I receive it and have time to review. But, I wanted to make sure you had time to order yours now from Amazon, and receive in time for the holidays. 

Head on over to to learn more about this unique gift idea, and to order yours today!


My Review:

My youngest daughter has been waiting for this sample to arrive, so that they could make a personalized sign and add to her bedroom.  So, when it arrived today, she was all smiles.   As soon as she opened the box to her new color Cinematic Light Box, she couldn't believe all the letters, numbers and emojis that were included -- 240 in total.  The light box takes 6 AA batteries, but can use the USB power cord, also included.  You also get a remote, which can be used to 30 ft. away from the light box.

The light box was the perfect size and fits nicely on my daughter's dresser.  She is trying to decide if she wants to add it to the front of her bedroom door, or keep on her dresser and turn on and off at night room, and use as a cool night light.

Bella had so much fun customizing her sign, and choosing the emojis to add to her light box, before showing it off to her sister and I.  

As you can tell from her big smile, she really likes her cinematic light box from ThanKiu2.  And, now my oldest daughter wants one so she can create her own fun messages to display.  After seeing it up on her sister's dresser, she thinks it is a cool decorative piece that is the first thing people will see when they enter the room, and she can't wait for us to get her one. :-)

Kids of all ages will love this light box which has 16 different color options you can choose from and control with the remote control included.  It makes a great gift for under the tree, as a birthday gift, or as a surprise gift for your child if they are updating their bedroom to a more "big kid" style.  This light box will go perfectly in a bedroom, in a family room to announce the movie for family movie night, or in a man cave.  Wherever you choose to display and use this super cool light box, just know you will have fun switching out the messages to display, and choosing the color background.  We received this today, and my girls can't wait for night time to get here so that they can see "Bella's Room" all lit up in the dark. :-)  And, I expect many more night and days of excitement using and personalizing this light box.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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