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Kids Will Go Crazy for this DIY Slime Making Supplies Kit - Contains Everything You Need for Super Fun Slime Including All the Add-ins! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Slime is all the rave with kids nowadays.  From making their very own slime to attending Slime Events, kids are always on the look out for fun add-ins and slime recipes to try.  Last month, we took our girls to a nearby casino as they were having a Slime Expo.  Yes, you read that right, they now have slime expos. We didn't know about, until the girls shared an invite they got from a few friends who were going to be exhibiting there.  

When we arrived and walked into the casino's ballroom, we couldn't get over the rows of tables filled with homemade slime and supplies, made and being sold by kids of ages. It was so crazy to see. But, as we walked through the rows and checked out each and every table, we could see why slime is so much fun.  I wish they had some these great slime sets when I was a kid.  I loved the scented slimes, and the ones that had fun add-ins like sequins, googly eyes, fun confetti and more.  The girls had brought their saved up allowance money to shop and pick up a few containers of slime to buy and bring home to play with.  With over 200 vendors in attendance it was hard trying to decide which ones to buy.  My girls also were inspired to go home and make their own slime, like these talented kids did and were selling. They wondered if they could create some super cool slime like the ones they saw at the expo, that they could sell on their own Etsy store, or at the Slime Expo next year.  

I told the girls we had to try out different slime recipes and find super cool add-ins, and then maybe we could consider setting up our own shop.  I had to remind them that having a business is a lot of work, and you don't make slime and expect it to sell. Plus, it costs money to buy supplies and market.  After my girls heard this, they decided for now, they just want to play with slime and have fun.  I don't blame them, as slime is more fun to make, especially when it isn't messy putting together a batch to play with.  And, thanks to the folks at ThanKiu2 ToyShop, they will be sending me their DIY Slime Kit to try out with my girls -- so stay tuned for my review, and photos of the slime with add-ins my girls and I create. :-)

Here is more about this DIY Slime Kit, including kit features and its box content:

The Slime Kit is for kids Age 6+ and also good for anti stress, anxiety relief, and ASMR.

"This 54 piece Slime Making Kit comes 18 pre-made slime and a generous assortment of slime add-ins for your kids to mix their own unique slime. With pre-made slime, you do not have to worry about failed slime recipes. While other slime kits only come with foam balls and crystal beads. We provide the same and additional unique accessories such as unicorn confetti, googly eyes, heart and start confetti and mylar foil at an affordable price of $24.99.  This set is gift ready and parents can host a slime party out of the box. 

  • ✅ HUGE FUN, HUGE VARIETY - Our awesome 54-piece slime supplies set gives endless hours of sticky icky slimy squishy play to occupy your kids, so take your chance and have a quiet coffee while your kids squish, squeeze and twist - yay!

  • ✅ 3 LBS OF AWESOME EXTRA GOODIES - Generous amounts of Unicorn confetti (2x); slices of fruits, flower slices, animal & dessert (4x); includes star & heart confetti (2x); sugar paper (2x), pastel and colorful foam balls (6x), holographic glitter (6x), Crystal Beads (1x), googly eyes (1x), large 9mm animal molds (6x), straws for slime blowing (3x) and slime tools (3x) - this set rocks! Use your left over accessories for nail art or arts and craft!

  • ✅ NO GLUE OR ACTIVATORS NEEDED - It can be frustrating for your child to fail to make slime because of not mixing it right; our colorful pre-made slime kit means it’s good every time.

  • ✅ SKIN SAFE & NON-IRRITANT - Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fully certified; let your kids squeeze and twist away the hours without a moment of worry.
  • ✅ EARN SUPERHERO STATUS - This DIY slime kit has 18 colorful clear crystal slimes, making a fun gift for your child; buy to impress and show you know exactly what your kid adores; will make you a hero not a zero. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


While this set is perfect for parties -- could even be used as party favors the kids can customize themselves to bring home, I see this DIY Slime Kit as also being a great gift ideas for kids of all ages this holiday season. I know that my girls will love this kit.  And, I am loving that I don't need to worry about needing glue or special activators to add to the slime. Also, just look at all the add-ins included in this set.  My girls will definitely have hours of fun creating and customizing their own slime containers, before playing with them.

If you have a child who is all about slime, and continually asks you to help them make slime, why consider picking up this DIY Slime Kit today.  At only $25.99, you can't go wrong with the price, as it contains everything you need and over 3 lbs of awesome add-ins kids will love!  Head on over to to learn more and to order a slime kit for your kids today.  


My Review:

We received the 54-piece slime kit in the mail today, and the girls couldn't wait to tear into the box and start playing with the slime.  

What I loved about this DIY slime kit is that the different colored slimes were already made and came in containers, which the girls could keep them stored in, for continued play and use.  Also, I couldn't get over how many add-ins were included in the box.  From glitter to sequins and gems, to googling eyes and more, this kit is ready for kids to play from right out of the box.  

My girls had a blast creating their own unique slimes with the different add-ins, and when they were done, they traded with each other, before they spent the afternoon playing with their new custom slime.  I had my girls what they thought of this slime kit from ThanKiu2 and they both, in unison said, "I love it!"  They even wanted me to buy more of these kits so that they could do with their friends, and so they could make even more fun slimes with super cool add-ins.  

If you have a slime fan in your house, and are looking for a gift to give the this holiday season, look no further than this 54-piece slime kit.  Kids will spend hours adding all the fun add-ins, and then playing with their customized slime.  And, they can even trade or share them with friends, as they come in little storage containers, making them easy to transport and hand out.  

You can purchase this slime kit over at Amazon for only $25.99, and after trying it out firsthand with my girls today, can say it it worth every penny!

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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