Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Give the Gift of Stronger, Thicker, and Healthier Hair with Nature Queen's Line of Premium Herbal Haircare Products (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Looking to breath life into your dull, flat hair?  Then, let Nature Queen and their line of premium herbal haircare products restore life into your tresses, for a more luscious shine, and volume you would never expect after the first use.

More about Nature Queen and their line of premium herbal haircare products:

"Inspired by the nature and beauty of Southeast Asia, and the hair-care recipes that have been passed down from mothers to daughters in that region for centuries, Nature Queen offers a Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner set that could improve the hair of modern women everywhere!
Working with local producers, Nature Queen's signature hair-care system borrows from tradition and updates it. Today’s women face host of stressors, and environmental and genetic factors—all of which can dramatically affect hair. But with Nature Queen products, help is on its way.
Based around nine types of sustainable herbs known for various healing properties, Nature Queen’s hair-care products are made to cleanse, protect, nourish, and revitalize the hair and scalp, while supporting existing hair growth. Your tresses will be more luscious and shiny than ever!
Are you battling brittle or thinning hair, or just want to improve the condition and feel of your strands? Look no further than Nature Queen.
Antioxidant-containing herbs and essential oils will detoxify your hair, while boosting strength and replenishing moisture.

Nature Queen products are safe for color-treated hair, gluten free, and are suitable for all hair types. And they are never tested on animals.  Much like the sustainable ingredients used in our products, all of the packaging holding our precious formulas is 100% recyclable."

The kind folks at Nature Queen sent along their Anti-Aging Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set, which retails on their website for only $45.00 for a one-time purchase, or $39.00 if you choose the subscribe and save option. 

You can also buy these haircare products individually, as well as in travel size, if you travel a lot
"Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set contains the time-tested ingredients your hair will love, including:

  • Gleditsia Australis Fruit
  • Lemongrass
  • Holy basil
  • Patchouli
  • Indian Goosegrass
Each 16 fl oz bottle of Nature Queen contains extracts from 10 lbs of these beneficial herbs, making them some of the most potent herbal hair care products on the market. Nature Queen products owe their pleasant scent to the essential oils of Lemongrass and Patchouli, are intended for use on all hair types, and are safe for color-treated hair."
Even though I rarely put styling products in my hair, and usually let my hair air dry instead of blow drying, I still find that my color treated hair especially during the cold winter months is dry and brittle.  I seem to get a lot of split ends during the winter, and when I go to get out of the shower I notice a lot more hair loss in the drain than usual.  So, I was looking for a way to help breath life into my hair and help with some of the issues I was seeing -- hair loss, lack of shine to my hair, and just dry flat hair.  Usually I would expect flat hair if I used a lot of product in my hair day in and day out, or washed it on a daily basis, but like I said, I rarely use product in my hair, and when it comes to washing my hair, I will do use shampoo and conditioner on it every few days.  I remember reading years ago in a magazine how it wasn't good to wash your hair every day and to skip a few days in between.  This would help with getting weighted down, flat hair due to shampoo build up and conditioning product in your hair.  And, I have found over the years, that this has seemed to work.  But, now that I am getting up in there age, my hair seems to have less volume and bounce, no matter what I do with it.  I also hate seeing all that hair go collect in the drain, knowing it isn't growing back at the speed I am losing it.

So, when the folks at Nature Queen reached out to see if I wanted to sample their shampoo and conditioner set, I jumped at the opportunity. I had watched a few videos from people who had tried this premium herbal haircare line and loved it, and read other reviews on their website.  I was hoping that I would see similar results after using.  Wouldn't that be nice! :-)

I received the shampoo and conditioner set from Nature Queen this past Friday and have used it twice so far.  I noticed with the first use that my hair felt fuller and had more bounce and life to it.  And, I could even feel a little tingling to my scalp as I massaged the shampoo in my hair.  This shampoo does have a stronger scent compared to other shampoos.  With all the different herbal extracts and essential oils infused into it, it reminded me of chai tea latte.  Not too overpowering, but not like your usual shampoo you may reach for in the shower. Also, this shower is thicker than most shampoos -- it has a honey/molasses type consistency -- and there wasn't any lather to it.  So, at first I wasn't sure if I was using enough product to wash my hair.  But, after reading more reviews, I found others noted the same thing...so I knew I was washing my hair with enough product -- it took a few pumps from the bottle for a good overall cleansing of my hair.  

I followed up by using the Nature Queen conditioner, which reminded of a body lotion, as I pumped a few squirts out into my hand.  It wasn't as strong a scent as the shampoo, but you could still pick up the subtle herbal extracts and essential oils used in it.  Pairing this conditioner with the Nature Queen shampoo made my hair look shinier and healthier.  It was also easy to brush and style after.

Even though I have only used this shampoo and conditioner set two times so far, I am amazed at the results I am already seeing. I never expected to have my hair feeling fuller and have a bounce to it right after the first wash. And, even during these cold days here in New England, with our heat on, my hair is shiny and looks healthy, which I usually not the case.  I plan to continue to use the haircare line, and can't wait to see how it continues to help replenish moisture, boost strength and detoxify my hair over time, with each application.  

If you are tired of your current haircare products, or are noticing your tresses to look dull, lacking shine or without fullness or bounce, why not switch things up and try Nature Queen.  This premium herbal haircare line has gotten so many rave reviews from repeat customers, and I can't wait to leave my review on their site after I am done with my blog post, and add another 5 star review, noting my personal experience thus far.

You can learn more about Nature Queen and their haircare products by visiting https://naturequeenbeauty.com . They also offer herbal body wash and anti-aging root nourishing serum.  **And, all products are available for purchase with 1-Day shipping anywhere in the US, making them an ideal gift as we count down the days -- only 14 days left, until Santa's arrival!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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