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Create New Christmas Traditions with Santa's Enchanted Mailbox by Magically Sending Letters to the North Pole (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Mr. Christmas

There is still time to create a fun new holiday tradition that will not only delight kids, but also make on the fence kids believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas.  

Have you visited Santa at the mall or at a photography studio to have your kids' annual Christmas photo taken?  My girls are not fans of the mall Santa, or the Santa fill ins as they like to call them that pop up at holiday events and venues we visit during the holiday season.  I think they are still a little scarred from a few years back when they were sitting on Santa's lap and he sneezed and hit beard fell off.  It took some serious convincing back them with the girls that Santa was real, and that he is so busy during the holidays checking his lists over and over and overseeing the elves' toy production, that he enlists Santa helpers to gather up last minute requests from kids all over the world.  My girls bought this, but still never warmed up to sitting on a Santa imposter.  They want the real deal.  But, like I told them, he is too busy to visit all the malls and holiday events, so a letter mailed to the North Pole will have to do.

Usually one wish list to Santa is enough for the girls. But, this year, they sent their letter early (the end of October) and then started to see all the cool new toys in commercials on television.  Because they couldn't go to tell the mall Santa their add on wish list requests, they wondered what they could do.  I tried doing a search online to see if there were products or things I could get or recommend to the girls, who were upset not being able to communicate with Santa.  Then, my search led me to Santa's Enchanted Mailbox.  This is just what I was looking, and that would put a smile on my girls' faces.

So, what is Santa's Enchanted Mailbox, and why would it make for a great new holiday tradition for families?

"Santa and his elves are eagerly waiting to magically receive your letters, lists, and drawings with Santa's Enchanted Mailbox from Mr. Christmas. Write your letter, place it in one of the included envelopes and insert it into the mailbox.  After closing the door, raise the flag and you will hear a magical song and chime.   When the door is re-opened, the letter has magically disappeared - whisked away to the North Pole.  No postage required!  Mailbox plus 4 envelopes are included.  Battery operated (4 x "AA" - not included).   Send Santa updates during the holidays on how nice (or naughty) you are!  Make Santa's Enchanted Mailbox a part of your family's Holiday tradition.

1) Magically send letters to the North Pole
2) Red mailbox with decorative accents 
3) Insert letter, close mailbox door, raise arm (flag) , when mailbox is re-open, letter is magically sent to the North Pole 
4) Holiday sounds play 
5) Mailbox remains locked as letter is being “sent” 
6) Includes 4 envelopes 
7) Battery operated ( 4 x ""AA"" not included)

How cool is having the ability to magically send letters to the North Pole, and see right before your eyes that they were delivered?  Well, this is what you get with Santa's Enchanted Mailbox from Mr. Christmas, and it made my girls' day the other day, when we received a mailbox in the mail.  I had played off to the girls that I had sent a letter to Santa asking him if it would be OK if the girls sent another letter with their few additional toy requests. They were worried that if they sent a new letter it would not arrive in time, or that Santa would get it confused with their previous wish list and it would be like a null and void of it.  Ahh, the stresses of a child at the holidays. :-)  

I assured the girls that Santa was happy to hear from them, and that he sent this magical mailbox just for them, to send him letters direct to the North Pole, bypassing the mall Santa's, or long lines at the post office to drop off.

I explained the process of how to use Santa's Enchanted Mailbox to them, before handing them a special envelope that you have to use with this magical mailbox.  I told the girls to think long and hard about what additional toys they were hoping for, and then to write it on a sheet of paper.  

When they were done, they would then place in these specially marked envelopes and close up.  The real fun and magic happens when they place the envelope in the mailbox.  Once the letter is in the mailbox, they have to raise the flag and then push it down.  As it goes down, a magical tune plays and the letter magically disappears, on its way to Santa at the North Pole.

"Where did my letter go?"...It is off to the North Pole :-)

Note, be sure to follow the instructions and only place one letter at a time in the mailbox.  You can send them off consecutively, but only one in the enchanted mailbox at a time, for it to work properly.  If you attempt to do two or more, the drop flap doesn't work properly and kids will notice how the mailbox works, and the magic is lost in this cute enchanted mailbox.  

My girls loved putting their letters into the enchanted mailbox and hearing the magical music letting them know their letter was whisked off to the North Pole. The girls' eyes twinkled, as they heard the music and then opened the mailbox flap to peak inside and find their letters were gone.

I was so happy to have stumbled upon Santa's Enchanted Mailbox from Mr. Christmas, and will be using this with my girls for many Christmas' to come. They continue to talk about this special mailbox to family and friends, and when they explain and show the mailbox to their friends who have come over to play, their friends are quick to ask their parents to write and ask Santa for a magical mailbox, too. :-)

You can find out more about Mr. Christmas' Santa's Enchanted Mailbox, or purchase your own for your kids, grandchildren, or special children in your life, by visiting https://santasenchantedmailbox.com/.  

Every order comes with an e-copy of "Santa's Enchanted Mailbox" so make sure you print your copy and share this cute story with your kids.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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