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Celebrate Cabbage Patch Kids' 35th Anniversary This Holiday Season with Limited Edition Vintage Kids, Lots-of-Licks Adoptimals and One-of-a-Kind Kids from Wicked Cool Toys (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Extra, Extra - Read All About It! The iconic and beloved Cabbage Patch Kids, created by Xavier Roberts, are celebrating their 35th Anniversary in 2018, and everyone is invited to join the party! 

Want to feel old?  Did you know that Cabbage Patch Kids are 35 years old this year?  I know, when I heard this, it made me feel old, too.  I still remember waking up when I was little on Christmas morning and finding my very first Cabbage Patch Kids doll under the tree.  It wasn't until I got older that I heard the stories about how my parents waited in line all night with hundreds of other parents just to get their hands on one of these dolls.  It was the only thing on my wish list to Santa that year, so my parents had to do everything they could to get a doll for me.  My dad even said they had lotteries at his work where they would raffle off the dolls, and money raised went to local shelters in the Boston area.  Getting your hands on a Cabbage Patch Doll back in the 80's was no joke.  You had to be ready to brave the cold waiting in line at the toy store, and then make a mad dash into the store to be one of the lucky ones to grab a doll before they sold out.

While many other toys still require you to put your life on the lines to get  your hands on a "hot toy of the year," getting a Cabbage Patch Kids doll is not as crazy as it was back then.  Over the years, there have new additions to the patch, as well as blind bags and other fun accessories to go along with your doll.  And, you can find Cabbage Patch Kids dolls online and in most major retail stores.  

A celebratory crop of new 35th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids from Wicked Cool Toys are now available, featuring lollipops, ice cream, hugs, kisses and love.  And, they would all make for a great gift ideas this holiday season.

Here is more about the new Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, released this year, to celebrate 35 years, including a cute Lots-of-Licks Adoptimals – Party Theme! for dog lovers...

Cabbage Patch Kids – “Our Individuality Makes Us Special”

"The newest Cabbage Patch Kids collection is as special as ever. The tradition continues with more fabulous one-of-a-kind Kids available in a diverse variety of skin tones, hair colors and themes to mirror a wide cross section of the world’s population! 

Each 14” Cabbage Patch Kid features new fashions and accessories with fun themes such as slumber party, luau, picnic, tea party and more, plus a sweet lollipop accessory to interact with Lots-of-Licks Adoptimal pets! Watch as the adorable Adoptimal really licks the lollipop! 

Each Kid is special and unique - coming with their very own name, birth date, official birth certificate and adoption papers from BabyLand General® Hospital. Make the promise to love and care for your Kid and take the Oath of Adoption to join the Cabbage Patch Kids family today! Ages 3+, SRP - $29.99 - $34.99"

Lots-of-Licks Adoptimals – Party Theme!

"Adoptimals: A Pet Collectors’ Dream Come True – Adorable, cute and looking for their forever home, the Adoptimals are Cabbage Patch Kids’ best friends! Loaded with cuteness, these precious pets come with a delicious ice cream cone that your Adoptimal really licks! 

Pair the Lots -of-Licks Adoptimals with any brand new 14” Cabbage Patch Kid’s lollipop for even more sweet interaction. Adopt an adorable new furry friend today! Ages 3+, SRP– $19.99."

Cabbage Patch Kids 35th Anniversary Edition Vintage Kids - Where It All Began!

"As we celebrate 35 years of one of the most iconic brands of today, the adorable 16” Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids feature the style and lovability that started it all! The Vintage CPK Collection features adorable retro dress fashions and the original Cabbage Patch Kids yarn hairstyles made famous over 3 decades ago! 

Open your heart and take the Oath of Adoption with a ‘Kid of your own!  Ages 3+, SRP $39.99"


Last year I gave me girls my old Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, and they were all smiles, as they were getting into dolls and saw this popular doll at the toy store and wanted to get one.  I did one better, by giving them all the dolls I collected during my childhood, as well as a tub of clothing and shoes for them to play dress up with their dolls.  My girls continue to play with my old CPK dolls, and I love when they invite me to play along, as I get to relive a little bit of my childhood playing with these adorable, and oh so cuddly dolls, with my girls.  

When I asked my girls what they wanted this year for Christmas I was happy to hear they wanted the new Cabbage Patch Kids doll (but with their Latin skin color) and Lots-of-Licks Adoptimals dog from Wicked Cool Toys.  My contact over at Wicked Cool Toys sent me samples of these two Cabbage Patch Kids toys, for my girls to help me review, and I couldn't wait to surprise them with them, and see what they thought of them.

Take a look at these pictures and tell me if you think they LOVED them. :-)

My youngest daughter really wanted a Cabbage Patch Kids doll that had her skin color as all the ones I gave her from my childhood were the peach skin tone.  She really wanted a doll that looked like her with her Latina skin color and brown hair.  

As soon as she saw the box she knew what was inside and couldn't wait to see the doll inside and give it a great big hug. :-)

As far as the Lots-of-Licks Adoptimals puppy, my oldest daughter LOVED it.  She is all about dogs, and said it was so cute.  

She loved how the dog was able to lick the ice cream cone (it has a magnet in the dog's tongue and cherry of ice cream).  

And, when paired with her sister's lollilop from the 14" Cabbage Patch Kid's doll we were sent, the Adoptimals dog can steal a lick of the lollipop, too. :-)  This feature is perfect as it pairs these cute Adoptimals to the dolls, and adds even more creative play for kids.

My girls were so excited that Wicked Cool Toys sent them these two Cabbage Patch Kid's toys to review, in celebration of CPK's 35th anniversary, and now they know what they want for Christmas...more dolls form the Patch. :-)  I guess I better get to ordering, as I don't want to have a repeat of CPK craziness like in the 80's.  :-)  Just kidding -- I went online last night and ordered a couple dolls for the girs including the Cabbage Patch Kids 35th Anniversary Edition Vintage Kids, and now just have to wait for them to arrive at my door, and wrap.  

If you were a fan of Cabbage Patch Kids growing up and now have kids or grandkids of your own, why not celebrate the 35 year milestone by gifting that special child in your life with their very own Cabbage Patch Kids doll? My girls loved how they got actual birth certificates for their doll and Adoptimals, and even took the CBK's promise, like I did many moons ago.  

There are so many wonderful dolls to choose from, including the new additions mentioned about to the Cabbage Patch Kids line from Wicked Cool Toys.  

The hard part will be deciding which one(s) to get, as they are all so cute and would make for a great gift this holiday season.  Good luck!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. How cute! I remember playing with the old cabbage patch dolls when I was young.