Friday, November 30, 2018

BRAND NEW 'Who's Your Llama?' Collection by JAKKS Pacific! (Review) #whosyourllama #jakkstoys #jakkspacific

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I am going to do something a little different with this post.  Instead of sharing my thoughts in writing about the exciting new Who’s Your Llama™ collectibles line from JAKKS Pacific, I am going to let my two daughters help tell and show you these cute collectible llamas, each with their own personalities and ability to spit, wink, grin or stick their tongues out. :-)

But, first I will give you some information about the BRAND NEW 'Who's Your Llama?' Collection by JAKKS Pacific! which is available now at ASDA in the UK, and will be available in the USA beginning in January 2019, at Walgreens, Party City, Jo-Ann’s, Big Lots, Cracker Barrel, and more stores (so stay tuned).  

So, what is the Who’s Your Llama™ toy line, and why are these going to be the most sought after collectible toy for kids in the USA when the new year rolls around?...

"Who’s Your Llama™ is a line of collectible llamas bursting with personality! These are the silliest llamas you’ll ever meet. 

In a secret village in Peru, a group of llamas come together under one common goal -- to express their individuality. Living in cute, kitschy campers, these llamas are just oozing with personality.  They express themselves through their outfits and personalities.  

There is the aspiring ballerina, the beautiful fairy, the fancy one, the one who just can't seem to get out of his pajamas, and, of course, there's always that one llama in the Hawaiian shirt! These llamas also love to be silly.  Sure, they might spit at you or stick their tongue out at you, but they might also give you a wink or a toothy grin.  They are committed to being who they are and so should you!  Who's Your Llama?"

Stay up-to-date on release dates in the USA, new product additions, news and more by following JAKKS Pacific on their social media channels below...

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And, as mentioned above, here are my girls sharing their thoughts through some cute videos I took of them They did an unboxing, as well as an unveiling of the llamas they were sent, followed by them playing with these oh so cute and silly collectible toys.

Here is the unboxing video...

And, here are the girls playing with their new llama friends...

We have only had the "Who’s Your Llama™ toys for a few days, but they were a hit from the start, and my girls are still playing with them this AM as I am writing up this post.  

When they are not playing with them, they are toting them around wherever we go, and even cuddling up with them in bed at night time. 

My girls can't wait for 2019 to get here already, not because they are excited for a fresh start like most of us...but, because they want to collect more "Who’s Your Llama™ llama toys from JAKKS Pacific.  

There are 12 llamas to collect in the Series 1 release, and they are hoping to be able to collect them all!   

Ah, the goals kids have nowadays. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. How adorable! Looks like such a fun toy! :)

  2. The photos are so cute! These toys do look adorable, I know my daughter would have loved them when she was that age!