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It’s Time Appliances Had a Personality...Yours! - Introducing the Café Matte Collection #distinctbydesign @cafeappliances @BestBuy #ad

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated by Best Buy for my time.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

Did you play the lottery recently?  With the two big jackpots, it was hard to find someone who wasn't spending a few bucks in hopes of winning over a billion dollars.  When the jackpot gets that high, you can't help but start daydreaming about what you buy if you won....maybe buy a new house, a new car, take a much needed vacation, or even retire?  

While buying a new house would be nice, I would be content with paying off my current mortgage and staying right where I am.  My husband and I were lucky enough to find our dream home after spending what seemed liked forever looking for the "right" house.  We were about to give up looking and then I drove by this house and saw the for sale sign in the driveway.  It was like a sign, as my husband and I had talked earlier in the day about giving up our search and signing a year lease on an apartment, as we waited for more houses to come on the market.  I checked out the listing and it had everything we wanted.  Even though there were some updates needed eventually, as everything inside was from the 80's, it was the post and beam style I was searching for.

Flash forward seven years later, and two kids later, and the house is the still the same, minus a few major upgrades/updates that we needed to do.  So, thinking about winning the lottery the other day, had me thinking of upgrades we could make to the house that would better accommodate a family of four.  The two major renovations would have been redoing the two full baths, along with the kitchen.  They are the most trafficked rooms in the house, and could use some updating.

But, unfortunately we didn't win the lottery so my dreams of paying off all the bills and renovating the house will have to stay a dream...until the next big lottery jackpot win. :-)  Or does it?  Recently I found out about the new Café Matte Collection, which is a collection of modern kitchen appliances you can customize.  

Are you a Modern Matte Black or elevated Matte White person?....

Take a look at these kitchen examples below and see which one would be your ideal kitchen if you were to redo your current kitchen.

"The Matte Collection's premium finishes in Matte White and Matte Black seamlessly complement premium cabinetry and flooring, setting the stage for mindful layers of warmth, depth and personality."

"The soft luster and warmth of the Matte White finish offers a fresh approach to a staple kitchen color"

"With a luxe look and a smudge-resistant, soft-touch feel, Matte White allows owners to create pops of brightness against dark cabinetry or a seamless blend in an all-white kitchen."

If you were step into my kitchen now you would see that I am a fan of matte black.  All of our appliances are black, and if updates were made, I would stick with black as it looks clean and stylish...and with little ones, hides finger prints and marks better than white appliances do. :-)

What is so great about the new Café Matte Collection is that you first choose between Matte Black or Matte White, and then the real fun begins, as you then get to choose customizable hardware options that fit your personal style, making your dream kitchen yours!

"The Matte Collection, which is offered  in suites of Matte White with brushed bronze hardware and in a separate offering of Matte Black with brushed stainless hardware, allows consumers to order additional hardware in the store if they choose to re-design the look."

Last year we changed up the knobs on the cabinets and that made the kitchen look fresher and more modern.  But, just looking at the kitchen style examples above showcasing the new Café brand, I can see I can further update my kitchen in an affordable way by upgrading my kitchen appliances with the Café Matte Collection, and then choosing the handles and knobs (which come in a variety of finishes), to bring my vision of my dream kitchen to life...all without breaking the bank. :-) 

You can select brushed bronze, brushed stainless or brushed black hardware choices to customize either of the matte finishes, and complement your overall kitchen design

Even though we didn't win big, I am still excited about the possibility of upgrading our kitchen to a more modern day look and feel that will work with our family, and be one room in the house that I will be excited to be in and show off to family and friends, as I rave all about the Café Matte Collection to them, and show them how easy it is to get the kitchen of your dreams, without having to win the lottery.

So, if you are in the market to made updates or do a total renovation to your kitchen, why not consider the new ---- collection, which is bringing ultra-premium to the masses, and it all starts by choosing the customizable appliances right for you and your family's needs, and then using your style sense and creativity to add hardware that will add the finishes touches to your vision of an oh so stylish, high-performing kitchen worthy of being included in home magazines you find yourself pining over looking at the kitchens of your dream. Now you don't have to can actually make it a reality with the Café Matte Collection.

What are you waiting for?  Head on over to  and start personalizing your new kitchen today. :-)


Product Specs: 
Matte White:
Cooktop: SKU 4208400
Double Wall Oven: SKU 6283638
French Door Refrigerator: SKU 6286372
Dishwasher: SKU 6284425
Matte Black:
Range: SKU 6284213
French Door Refrigerator: SKU 6286370
Dishwasher: SKU 6284428

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated by Best Buy for my time.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I like the different hardware finishes! These look very classy!