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Kids Will Have Fun Learning to Code with the New Code & Learn Ladybug from The Learning Journey International (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are your children being introduced to coding in school, or as part of their homeschooling curriculum?  My husband is a computer programmer, so he has been teaching the girls coding with computer games, as well as hands on coding products...and, the girls love it!  Coding was never a thing back when we were young, so it is nice to see schools and families including programming and coding as part of their child's education.  

We do a lot of school work online, I am always looking for non-screen programs and games to use with the girls, that is more hands on, but still fun.  Thanks to the folks at The Learning Journey International, my girls have been having fun with their new Code and Learn! Ladybug.  

Here is a little more about this easy to use (you don't need to be a computer programmer or computer savvy to teach your kids how to code) coding program, which is perfect for kids ages 5+.

"The new Code & Learn Ladybug will introduce kids to basic programming and coding in a simple and fun way!  The Code & Learn Ladybug has two modes of play.  In the first mode, children use the coding cards to input directional ques into the remote control that will code the bug to land on the correct colored square within the grid map. Once the coding is completed, hit green to go. The coder will know if he or she has programmed correctly when the antennae of the ladybug light up with the color that corresponds to the coding card. The second mode allows children to “drive” the remote-control playmate around for free-wheeling fun."


I have been a fan of The Learning Journey International and their educational toys and games since I was given toys for my oldest daughter, almost eight years ago.  And, now whenever I plan a new school year, are looking for educational gifts to give the girls at the holidays, or for gifts for family and friends with little ones, The Learning Journey International is one of the first places I visit online, as I know their products are top notch and will not be played with a couple times by the kids and then put aside.  My girls are still playing with games and toys they received a few Christmas' ago from The Learning Journey International, as they are so much fun, and grow with your kids.

Code & Learn! Ladybug

As far as this new Code and Learn! Ladybug, my girls loved how quick and easy it was to set up the program, and loved being able to follow the coding cards to make the ladybug move around the mat    They also liked how the antenna on the ladybug's head would light up if they were right.  

There were a few times the girls got a little frustrated as the ladybug wasn't going in the right direction, but my girls worked together to enter the right directional ques into the remote control, and then were all smiles when the ladybug went where they wanted it to go.  

We were recently on vacation and I told the the girls that they could bring a couple games and toys with them, and they both asked to bring the Code and Learn! Ladybug.  They really wanted to show their grandparents it, and how they could program the ladybug to move around.  My parents were in awe that the girls were coding and programming with such ease, and loved seeing them with great big smiles as they correctly programmed each directional sequence.  

All you have to do is input the directional sequences into the remote -- then watch the ladybug move about the mat.

No reading required, making this a great intro to coding for young children

Who knew coding could be so much fun?  But, with products like this one, kids will find the fun in coding and programming and it will not feel like school or a learning program, but instead a fun game/program that they will easily grasp and be off and running with.

We have only had the Code and Learn! Ladybug for a few weeks, but it has become a staple in my girls' daily play.  Usually I find them pulling it out in the AM and playing with it.  

Or, when my husband gets home and asks if they want to do some coding, they opt for this over the computer programming/coding programs he usually does with them.  They both agree that they prefer this hands on coder over sitting and staring at a computer screen. And, you know what, I don't blame them.  I have been watching them and love seeing them so engaged, and helping each other out when they are struggling.  

With the holidays fast approaching, I would highly recommend the Code and Learn! Ladybug for families with young children who are showing an interest in coding, or have been doing a little coding online.  This would also be a great gift to surprise your child' classroom with, as it will provide hours of fun for kids, as they learn to code the cute ladybug and see it move all around the mat.  And, if ladybugs aren't your child's thing, the folks at The Learning Journey International also have a fun new Code & Learn Space Ship.  

"The new Code & Learn Space Ship operates in a similar fashion to the Ladybug. The coder will know if he or she has programmed correctly when the cockpit of the Space Ship light up with the color that corresponds to the coding. If it matches the card, they are correct!"

Code & Learn! LadybugCode & Learn! Space Ship

Code & Learn Ladybug and Space Ship retail for $39.99 at many major retailers and specialty stores nationwide and at The Learning Journey International


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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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