Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Great Gift Idea: We All Know that Mom is Always Right...And, Now Moms Can Have a Coffee Mug to Remind Everyone! (Review)

It is always hard to shop for my mom for her birthday and the holidays, as she always tells us she doesn't need anything, and has everything she could want.  And, with her birthday in October fast approaching, I have been wracking my brain trying to think of what to get her.  I started off by giving her an early birthday gift at the start of summer, and had a week's worth of meals delivered to her door, so that she wouldn't have to go food shopping, and that my dad could whip up an easy, yet tasty dinner for her to enjoy when she returned home from work.  While that could have been enough, I still wanted to get her a few more things and give to her closer to her birthday.  Thanks to a recent search online, I stumbled upon a fun coffee mug that fit my mom to a "T."

Growing up, my brothers and I never questioned my mom as we knew she was always right.  we learned early on that what she said was right and not to question it as you would find yourself being wrong.  Try telling that to my dad, who tries to come out on top with things, on to be reminded that "Mom is always right!"  When I saw this mug, I knew it was the perfect gift to give her, and it was something that she didn't have. 

While her birthday is still a month away, I have this and her favorite flavored coffee ready in a bag to give her.  I know that she will get a good laugh out of this gift when she reads the cup.  And, it will be a fun mug to bring to work and have people ask her what it says. :-)

If your mom, or you are always right, and you want to make it known to the world, why not personalize your own coffee mug today --  The ordering process was a breeze, and within a few days my personalized coffee mug from 5amily arrived at my door.  I will definitely be shopping this store again, as the holidays approach for all those other hard to shop for people on my shopping list.

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