Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Even Homeschool Kids Get Sick and Need to Take a Sick Day -- Featuring CozyPhones Headband Headphones Review)

There are many misconceptions about homeschool children, with one main one being about lack of socialization due to them not being in a classroom setting.  But, that is so not true.  That is the beauty of homeschooling, in that our kids don't have to sit at a desk for 6-8 hours a day. Instead, they get to pursue their passions and take classes, as well as enjoy field trips to their favorite museums or attractions with less people (when school is in session).  If you were to look at my calendar, you would see that my girls are taking a class, have a sport, meeting up for a playdate, or are going on a field trip 4-5 times a week.  Usually our weeks are jam packed, and I am driving them from place to place between RI, MA and CT.  And, when they take these classes or programs, they are doing it with many of the homeschool friends they have made at these classes, co ops or local park meetups.  So, to say to homeschool children lack socialization skills is far from the truth.  

Another big misconception people have about homeschool children is that they don't get sick as much as they are not around a large group of kids or in a public school setting.  This again is wrong, and ties in with what I said previously, and how my girls are always out and out and with other kids.  We just started back at our outside classes, and as luck would have it, on our busiest week thus far, the girls both come down with a runny noses, sore throats and fevers.  So, while they don't have to get a doctor's note because they are home sick, they are missing some of their favorite classes.  Like today, we were supposed to be at the Mystic Seaport learning about "Voyage to America: Immigrant Stories," which would have had them participating in a naturalization class in an authentic, one-room school house from Connecticut, hear stories about the immigrants’ reception upon arrival and their experiences integrating into American society, and finish with a craft about the topic.  My girls were really excited about this class, partly because many of their friends were going to be in attendance, but also because their Daddy is from El Salvador and immigrated here as a child, and they many other families who have parents or even the entire family who immigrated here years ago, for a better life.  While we will not be able to attend today, I did pull material to share with the girls, and saved a few videos for them to watch on their phones, so that they could hear families share their immigration stories.  That way, when they return back to class they will have an understanding about the journey immigrants took before 1960 to come to America, just like if they had been in class today.

Here are a couple quick photos I took of the girls home sick on the couch.  Unlike many kids in public school who use a sick day for resting and no school, my girls really enjoy school and learning and were asking at 7AM this morning what we were doing for school today. :-)

I found a naturalization class online and they are both listening to it, and then will try to attempt to take the naturalization test that you would have to pass in order to become a citizen.  I remember back when my husband was studying for this test, he spent almost a year taking classes at a nearby immigration center as well as online ones to study and be able to pass, as you only get two chances to pass.  And, if you have ever seen the naturalization test, the you know it is very hard to pass -- many US citizens born in the USA say that they wouldn't be able to pass it, including myself, who tried back in the day when my husband was studying for the test, and I failed miserably.

CozyPhones Kids Character Headband Headphones

You may notice in the photo the girls are wearing what looks like headbands on their head.  Those are their CozyPhones headband headphones.  

Savannah is sporting her Skye from Paw Patrol (they even have Marshall and Chase available), while Bella can't live without her pink bunny CozyPhones.  

The girls love how super comfortable these headband headphones are.  They also stretch, so they will grow with your child, which I love.  

My girls have tried other headset headphones, but they never stay put on their tiny heads, even though they are made for kids.  And, the earbuds are a no as they don't like how they feel in their ears, that is if they, too, stay put.  When my girls first tried their CozyPhones headband headphones, they were all smiles, as they were so comfortable, and didn't irritate their ears.  Even though the speakers are built into the fabric of the headphones, the volume limited sound is still crystal clear.  You can also remove the the adjustable speakers to wash this stretchy headband.  

When my girls are not using their CozyPhones headphones in the house, they are bringing the in the car where they each have their own DVD players, that way they don't have to hear each other movies, as they never can agree on a movie to watch together, and hate it when the other person's volume is louder. If you have DVD players in the cars for kids, then you know how that goes.

I wanted to share about these CozyPhones headband headphones, as they really are a must for parents with children, as most families let their kids use electronic devices to watch movies, play games, etc. and the volume or sound of the stuff the kids are watching can become a disturbance for others around them.  We longer have to listen to songs and game sounds from the girls' phone while we are trying to watch a show or the news, and they don't bother each other when they are sitting together on the they are today,  stuck at home because of a sick day.

With the holidays fast approaching, these CozyPhones headband headphones would be a perfect gift to give.  They come in a variety of styles for both boys and girls, and have stretchable material, so no need to question sizing.  You can learn more about Cozyphones and check out their styles available by visiting  They even offer headband headphones for active adults, or those looking to relax at bedtime without disturbing their partner or children in the next room.

I ended up picking up an extra set of the headband headphones to leave in my parents' car, so that they have them when the girls are visiting and watching movies in their car.  They thanked me the first time the girls used them, as they didn't have to hear them fighting, and could even listen to the radio in the front, while the girls watched their movies in the backseat. :-)

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