Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Is Your Home Set Up To Meet Children's Needs?

Virtually everything about our life changes when we have children. Our social life seems to
become non-existent, or at least revolves around speaking with other parents as the babies
play. Our priorities change; what used to bother us now seems to be of no importance at all.
And this is how it’s supposed to be: our children drill their way into our hearts, and we change.
However, there are other areas of our lives that need to change but often don’t: our homes.
So if you have children, or are planning to, then it’s worthwhile looking around your property
to see if it’s a suitable space for children. Below, we take a look at a few ideas for making it

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Outdoor Spaces

People rightly spend a lot of time focusing on the insides of their house, but when it comes to
children, the outdoors is just as important. Kids begin their lives as wild creatures, and, to them,
your yard is one big adventure land.

You can make it a fun space for your children by having grass (nothing more fun than just rolling
around on grass when you’re young), some toys, and, if you have space, a swing set or other
fun adventure activities for them to enjoy.

Play Only Rooms

Your kids are all about play! And as anyone who’s serious about play will tell you, to get the most
out of it, then it needs to be unstructured and unregulated. This, generally, can’t happen in the
whole of the home, when you’re understandably eager to maintain a semblance of order.
That’s why it’s a good idea to set up a “play only” room, in which your child can make as much
mess as they please. They’ll be able to stretch their imaginations and you’ll be able to rest knowing
there’s only so much mess they can make when they’re playing in a small room.

Freedom of the House

While their playing will be largely contained to one area, that doesn’t mean that they should
be a stranger to the other parts of the home. It’s not right to limit where a child can explore
in the home! So make sure they're encouraged to get exploring and making their presence known.

Of course, to keep them safe you’ll need to know how to kid-proof your home; you never know
what dangers lurk around the house. If you know that they’re all taken care of, your child will be
able to wander around freely.

Rainy Day Activities

All parents have been there. The kids are full of energy, but alas, it’s raining, and no-one seems
too motivated to go outdoors. In this scenario, how does your home cope? If it crumbles under
the pressure of having to entertain your children when it’s a rainy day, then it’s not a home that’s
set up for children! You can ensure that there’s always something to do by adding crafts and games
to your living room. When you can't go outside to get your fill of fun, you can stay right where you
are and have fun instead!

Limit the Tech

Technology has its place in a child’s life, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s possible to go to
the extra edge all too easily. Children who spend too much time with technology end up having
concentration problems and other issues. As such, it’s best to limit the tech that’s found in your
home; or, at least, have other options available, so it’s not always the easy “go to” option. If you find
that your child is staring at the television too often, it’s time to find better activities to do in the home.

Cozy Nights In

In the spring and summer, you can spend time in the outdoors. During fall and winter, you’ll mostly
be indoors. Indeed, those cozy nights in are some of the best moments we spend as a family!
So take the time to get your living room ready to handle those magical movie nights in. A big couch
for all the family to squeeze in to, pillows, throws, and popcorn in the microwave should do the trick.

Inspiring Rooms

There’s inspiration all around, but it’s difficult to find when you’re bombarded with flashing lights,
adverts, and so on. Make sure your child has a healthy dose of creativity in their life by pushing
the boat out when it comes to decorating their room. Bright colors, funky characters, and stories
on the wall should do the trick.

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