Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How To Help Your Daughter Be 'Just Like Mummy'

Every little girl at some stage in their lives has presented themselves to their parents wearing Mummy’s heels with lipstick smeared across their face.

It’s a part of growing up and while it’s super cute and funny at the time, your daughter is going to grow into a woman one day. While you might not want to think about that at the moment, it’s important to be prepared to help your daughter go through all of the changes that puberty and womanhood brings. Take a look at these tips on how you can help your daughter be ‘just like Mummy’.

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Give her a special role

Nothing makes a child feel grown up more than a special role that only grown ups usually do. Find a task that you’re comfortable with letting her do and give her the responsibility of doing that every time it needs doing. Letting her put the shopping away or load the washing machine will make her feel super grown up but also allow her to learn valuable skills that will help her in life. Giving your daughter the responsibility will also teach her how to act like an adult when it’s really needed. Plus, one less job for you to do hey?!

Let her learn through play

At a young age, children learn best through playing - so let her play! Buy her toys like dolls and a play kitchen so that she’s able to pretend being you.

Tell her stories about when you were growing up, and show her how to pretend clean her kitchen so that she’s able to learn that you should be keeping your home clean and tidy. Show her how to hold her baby so that she can learn small snippets about the responsibilities of being a parent. It will help her later in life when she gets to an age where sex and relationships are beginning to be a part of her life.

Tell her the facts

Let’s face it, periods are horrible. The pressure to have sex is horrible. Feeling unhappy with yourself is horrible, so tell her the facts and assure her that the way she’s feeling is totally normal. Giving her the facts will help her better understand why she is feeling the way that she is and help her take it on in her stride much more easily. Having an open door policy to talk about worries is also something that you should give her so that you can help her through any difficulties that she may be facing.

Give her space

Finally, you remember what it was like being a teenager - you wanted space and freedom. With all of the emotions and hormones that will be racing around your daughter’s body, it’s understandable that some days she will want to just sit in her bedroom and relax. While it’s important to keep up communication, there’s nothing wrong with having some time to yourself every once in a while, so let her have it!

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  1. My 5 year old daughter is totally a mini me. She wants to be a runner just like me, and enjoys cooking like me too. :-)