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A New Children's Book, BENJI AND THE GIANT KITE by Best-Selling Author, Alan C. Fox, Now Available! -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Have You Ever Wanted One Thing More Than Anything Else In The World?

In His Illustrated Children’s Book, BENJI AND THE GIANT KITE, Bestselling Author Alan C. Fox Focuses On Perseverence, Dreams, and Letting Go

If you follow my blog, then you have probably read a number of times in my children's book reviews how I love books and authors who share important life lessons in the stories, that can be discussed after reading with your child.  I have found that these types of books help reinforce positive behaviors, personal traits and life lessons with my girls.  It is one thing to talk about these things with my girls, but when I can find a book that includes these messages in the story, it is easier for them to hear and understand the messages and relate them to the story and then to their own life.

A recent book I was able to share with my girls that shared important life lessons about perseverance, dreams and being able to let go, was "Benji & the Giant Kite.  This children's book was written by best selling author, Alan C. Fox, and illustrated by Eefie Kuijl.  

This was the second Benji book I have shared with my girls from this author, as I picked up Benji and the 24 Pound Banana Squash at the local library a few months back, to share with them as we started planning and planting our vegetable garden.  The girls really enjoyed this book, which taught about perseverance and patience, so I knew they would be excited when I showed them this new release by the same author.  And, that they were!  They couldn't wait to snuggle up the couch and have me read this story to them.  What caught their eye next to Benji they remembered from the squash book, was the big orange kit and cute puppy dog that graced the cover of this delightful new children's book.

But, the best part of this book was the cute story, which was beautifully written and illustrated.  My girls and I really enjoyed the beach scenes, which looked so life-like.  They made the girls wish they could grab their kites and go fly them like Benji did.  

The story had some great messages for children including working towards a goal - in this case Benji had spent all his allowance money and needed to do chores or help his mom in the garden to earn enough money to buy the big orange kite he saw in the toy shop.  I try to instill a positive work ethic with my girls, and teach them that they aren't just going to get something because they want it.  Instead, like Benji in the story, they have to earn it through helping out, and earning money which they have to save up so that they can buy things they really want.

In addition to the lessons of perseverance, this book also touches on dreams and letting go.  Once Benji is able to buy the orange kite, he takes it down to the beach and lets the string out, and watches the kite fly high up into the air.  He even lets his little brother and father fly the magical kite which flies high up almost into the clouds, tugging on the kite twine as it inches higher and higher up into the sky.  At the end of the day, which Benji will forever remember as the day his bright orange kite flew to new heights, way up into the sky where it belonged, Benji decided that it was to let his kite go.  The kite gave one last tug, and at that moment, Benji let the string go.  He, along with his father watched the kite take its spot high up in the sky where it was meant to be.  

Benji learned that possessing something is not as important and meaningful as being able to let it go.  He was so thrilled to earn the money to buy the kite, and then take it to the beach to fly it.  As he sees it fly higher and higher into the sky he can't help but realize that is where the kite was meant to be, and so he set it free, so that it could fulfill its destiny to flying among the clouds.  

After reading the story to my girls they could pick up on having dreams and being able to let go.  I shared how I wish they would stay little for a while longer, as I cherish these moments of sitting with them all snuggled up on the couch together.  But, that I also know that they want and need to spread their wings and grow as a person and explore new heights.  And, so I will eventually have to let them go so that they can achieve goals and dreams they set for themselves, while I take a step back like Benji did, to watch his kite fly high and fulfill its destiny, like my girls will fulfill their destinies and dreams one day.

If you are looking for an inspirational book that you will enjoy sharing with your children time and again, and love books that share positive life lessons, then you will want to check out "Benji and the Giant Kite," now available from best selling author, Alan C. Fox.  And, be sure to keep this author on your radar as the two books we have read so far from him have become instant favorites in our house, and we now have a new favorite children's author to keep an eye out for new releases in the future.

Want to win a copy of this new children's book?  Then, read on to learn how to enter my giveaway for a chance to win and share this wonderful book with your children. :-)

More about this recent children's book release:

"Have you ever wanted one thing – just one thing – more than anything else in the world? A toy? A new bike? A computer game? Did you imagine that this one possession would make you incredibly happy – forever? For Benji that one thing is an enormous orange kite. In BENJI AND THE GIANT KITE (Clavis Publishing; August 2018), bestselling author Alan C. Fox tells the enchanting story of a young boy who learns that possessing something is not quite as meaningful as letting it go.

Benji adores kites. All kinds of kites – big or small, plain or fancy, square or diamond- shaped. He loves flying them at the beach, watching them float high in the sky. One day Benji sees a giant orange kite at the toy store. He wants it more than anything else – ever. But his mom explains that he’ll need to earn the money to buy the kite. So Benji buckles down and weeds the garden for the next two weeks – the vegetables in the morning and the flowers in the afternoon. It seems like he’ll never be done.

Finally the special day arrives, and Benji’s mom hands him the giant orange kite of his dreams. At the beach, Benji lets his kite soar higher and higher with every gust of wind. He watches it rise above the people, the hotdog stand, and even the houses beyond. Soon the kite becomes a distant speck in the sky. Benji is thrilled. But when it’s time to pull the kite down and head back home, Benji can’t bear to do it. He wants to set the kite free to fulfill its destiny among the clouds. Benji lets the twine go and the kite disappears into the sunset sky. The kite may still be up there yet.

Alan Fox explains that like all of his books, “BENJI AND THE GIANT KITE is based on a real-life incident. This one happened when I was a child. I decided to tell the story, because I wanted to share the sense of achievement I felt by working hard to obtain something I really loved. But once I saw the kite flying at the beach, I wanted to let it go. My dream had been accomplished. It was time move on to another, new experience. You must always keep going to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.”

BENJI AND THE GIANT KITE, with illustrations by Eefje Jujil, is the second in Alan Fox’s series of picture books. The first, BENJI AND THE 24 POUND BANANA SQUASH, was named a notable children’s book of 2017 by Booklist magazine and has become a much-loved story for youngsters and parents alike."


Thanks to the author and publisher, one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader will have a chance to win a copy of "Benji and the Giant Kite" to enjoy with their child(ren). To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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About the author:

Alan C. Fox is the bestselling author of three books for adults, PEOPLE TOOLS, PEOPLE TOOLS FOR BUSINESS, and PEOPLE TOOLS FOR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS. His two children’s books are BENJI AND THE 24 POUND BANANA SQUASH (Clavis 2017) and BENJI AND THE GIANT KITE (Clavis 2018). An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and relationships expert, Alan is also the publisher of the poetry magazine, Rattle. He founded a charity that works to maximize the potentional of youth as well as an organization that encourages young people to become active in helping others. Alan lives in Los Angeles, California. To learn more, visit Alan’s website:

About the Illustrator:

Eefje Juijl, a graduate of the School of the Arts Utrech, creates colorful illustrations for children's books, magazines, postcards and more. She lives in The Netherlands with her partner Philip, her son Guus, daughter Fien, and their dog Jip. 

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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