Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Get Young Dinosaur Fans Excited About Summer Reading by Sharing "A Day at the Dinosaur Museum" and "In the Past" from Candlewick Press with Them! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We recently studied dinosaurs for our homeschool, and had so much fun looking for books to read about the topic.  Thanks to two recent releases from the folks at Candlewick Press, the girls found two dinosaurs books that they fell in love and continue to grab from the bookshelf to read time and again.

The first book that I shared with the girls was, "A Day at the Dinosaur Museum," which is packed with lift the flaps, pop-ups and even pull-tabs.  My girls first opened the book to the middle page and saw a pop-up of a long neck dinosaur, and their eyes lit up, and they had a huge smile on the their faces. They thought this was the coolest thing, but I told just wait and see other fun stuff this book all about dinosaurs had for them to enjoy.

We had so much fun reading through each and every page, and exploring all the interactive features.  The girls couldn't get over how much information about dinosaurs this book contained.  My oldest said, "Mom, we could have skipped the dinosaur lessons and other books and just read this one, as it is chock full of information."  I told her that she developed a basic understanding of the dinosaurs through our studies, and then when it came to reading this book, the girls were quick to name the different dinosaurs they saw and knew from previous learning, and also knew some of the facts shared.  

If you have a dinosaur loving in your house, or homeschool and plan to cover this topic in an upcoming lesson, then you will definitely want to get your hands on this book, as it is chock full of fun facts that makes learning about dinosaurs fun.  The added feature of lift-the-flaps and pops up making reading facts much more fun and engaging for young children.

Here is more about this book, which is available now in stores and through online retailers:

"Step through the doors of this mysterious museum... and discover everything you wanted to know about dinosaurs! Open drawers, peek inside cabinets and explore behind the scenes with this fantastically interactive museum-inside-a-book. Each page has a door that leads to the next room... but what will you find there?"


In addition to the "A Day at the Dinosaur Museum," I was also sent another wonderful book about dinosaurs called, "In the Past," by David Elliott.  Even thought this book didn't have an interactive feature like the book I mentioned previously, it was an oversized book (bigger in size than most children's books - 10.5 x 0.4 x 12.1 inches), so it caught my girls' attention when I showed it to them the first time.  They also fell in love with cover art and couldn't wait to see what type of book this was.  This is not a story about dinosaurs, but instead a compilation of poems about the different types of dinosaurs, which I thought was really neat, you wouldn't expect a poetry book about these creatures.  

Because I was using this as part of our learning, I liked how at the bottom of each poem/page was a geologic time line and notes about each creatures.  This came in handy when we were creating a timeline to document the rise and fall of the dinosaurs.  The girls ended up using this book as reference along with the "A Day at the Dinosaur Museum," to fill in the lines on their dino timeline with important facts about their favorite dinos and the proper dates of their existence.

Here is more about this great book, along with some of the stunning illustrations done by Matthew Trueman, that really bring the poems to life...

"Return to the prehistoric era and discover a host of creatures both novel and familiar, from the mysterious trilobite to the famed T. rex.

Care to meet a dunkleosteus? An apatosaurus? How about the dragonflyesque meganaura? In a collection that’s organized chronologically by epoch and is sure to intrigue everyone from armchair dino enthusiasts to budding paleontologists, David Elliott and Matthew Trueman illuminate some of the most fascinating creatures ever to evolve on the earth. Combining poems both enlightening and artful with illustrations perfect for poring over, this volume ensures fascinating trips back to a time as enthralling and variable as any in our planet’s evolutionary history."

To learn more about these and great books for kids of all ages, head on over to the Candlewick Press website today.
Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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