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Whip Up a Tasty Caprese Egg Sandich in Under 10 Minutes in Celebration of National Egg Month + Enter to #Win a @NelliesFreeRange Prize Pack Now!

Disclosure: I was sent promotional product from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Nellie's Free Range Eggs

May is National Egg Month, and it’s perfect timing for an “egg-ucation” refresh. When choosing your eggs, it’s important to pick an option that’s good for you, your family, and the hens. Sister brands Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs and Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. Both offer Certified Humane, Free Range eggs, as their hens are free to roam outside, peck at the ground, dustbathe and act like real hens.  I have found that Nellie's Free Range Eggs have a great taste, and I like knowing that they let the hens be hens and don't add antibiotics and other unnecessary things to the hens food.

In honor of National Egg Month, I was sent a fun Egg Month Kit from Nellie’s Free Range Eggs to help me create an “eggs-tra” delicious recipe for you and your family. Read on to learn how you can win the same Egg Month Kit I was sent, which includes 2 FREE product coupons, a branded t-shirt and egg spatula. :-)


It is hard to cook one mail for my whole family as my oldest daughter, Savannah, is a picky eater. She pretty much is a vegetarian.  She can live off of pasta, cereals, soups without meat, bagels with cream cheese, vegetables like tomatoes and beans, and eggs. This makes creating a meal at dinner that the whole family including Savannah can eat together.  Usually I end up making a meal for myself, my husband and youngest daughter, and another one just for Savannah, depending on what she feels like eating that night.  But, with our busy schedules and always being on the go, I have had to scale back my open kitchen and look for recipes and foods I can make that incorporate what Savannah will eat, and that I can make a meal out of to serve to everyone.  So, we have added a weekly spaghetti night, along with breakfast for dinner, which consists of eggs one or two ways, and pancakes for dinner over the weekend.  This has helped make prepping for dinner and clean easier, and I like being able to sit down as a family and have everyone eating the same thing.

With many of the recipes I make I rely on eggs either for our "eggs for dinner" night, when making pancakes, and our twice a week desserts, which are usually brownies, cupcakes and/or muffins.  So, I am always reaching for Nellie's Free Range Eggs from the fridge.  

Half Dozen of Nellie's Free Range Eggs

As part of the National Egg Month campaign from Nellie's Free Range Eggs, I was asked to come up with an easy to prepare recipe using their eggs.  

I ended up coming up with a caprese-style egg dish, which you can serve up as an appetizer, or meal, depending on how hungry you are, or how many slices of bread you want to eat.

Doesn't this look tasty?  It was so easy to make, and I was happy to have everyone, including Savannah, enjoy.  

The girls liked being able to add their own toppings to the their egg sandwich, while my husband and went for more of a caprese-style by drizzling balsamic vinegar over the top of our sandwiches.

And, the best part about this recipe is that you can customize it based on your likes -- add more tomato or omit the avocado slice...and, it also only takes about 10-15 minutes to make and get to the dinner table.  How great is that!  I, for one, like quick and easy dinners, and this was a one pan dish that make clean up a breeze.

As you can tell in the photos shared about I ended up using ciabatta bread, which I sliced up into small pieces.  I then put the slices into the toaster oven to warm and toast, while I cut up the grape tomatoes -- you could also use plum or beefsteak tomatoes, but I only had grape tomatoes at the time, so this is what we went with.  I also used avocado, which I sliced up.  My daughters, after I took the photos ended up adding fresh mozzarella slices to their egg sandwich and put the two bread slices together to eat like an true egg sandwich.  They said the mozzarella gave it the extra flavor it needed.  I will have to try this the next time we make it.  But, my husband and I were satisfied with the homemade pesto I had from our pasta night a few days early, and the balsamic vinegar, which as you can see were sparingly drizzled over the top of the egg sandwich.

You can choose to make the egg whatever style you like - over easy, sunny side up or even scrambled.  This sandwich will taste good however you choose you make your eggs, especially if you are reaching for Nellie's Free Range Eggs. :-)

So, as you can see, we had a great "Eggs for Dinner" night the other night. Eggs have always been a comfort food for me, and I love when I can make them and enjoy them at dinner, as it reminds me about "Breakfast for Dinner" nights I used to have as a kid with my family.  

What is your go-to egg recipe?  Do you kids love it?  I would love to hear what you love making, and that your family loves, so that I can try for one of our upcoming breakfast nights -- so share away in the comments section below.  Oh, and remember the Nellie's Free Range Prize Pack giveaway I mentioned above?  Read on to learn how you can enter for a chance to win 2 FREE product coupons and more, as we celebrate National Egg Month this May. :-)


Nellie's Free Range Egg Products

Thanks to the folks at Nellie's Free Range Eggs, one lucky reader will win a fun prize that includes the following, to help you and your family celebrate National Egg Month:

  • 2 coupons for free cartons of eggs (please choose which brand you prefer!)
  • 1 branded t-shirt
  • An egg spatula

To enter this giveaway, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent promotional product from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.