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Face Painting is Easy as 1, 2, 3, with Snazaroo! Enter to #Win 2 Brush Pens Sets Now! @officialsnazaroo #snazaroo

Disclosure:  Snazaroo™ has provided me with these products to host my own 10 Under 10 Challenge. I was not paid for this post.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Do your kids love having their face painted?  My girls love it, and could do face painting every day if I let them.  See, I learned by having kids that you don't need to wait until Halloween rolls around to pull our face painting supplies, as kids love having it done, and doing it to others year round.  From birthday parties to country fairs, and every day in between, face painting is not only fun to do, but also puts a smile on your face and those who stop to admire the artwork on your skin. 

Bella's two favorite MLP are Applejack and Pinkie Pie so she asked for face paint to be like her favorite MLP characters. :-)

And, here was Bella as Pinkie Pie from MLP 

And, Savannah was dressing up in her Paw Patrol Marshall costume and needed the appropriate face paint. :-)

When it comes to face painting supplies, my go to brand is Snazaroo, which I have been using for the past few years.  What I like best about Snazaroo products are specially formulated so that they are safe and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. And, if you follow my blog you have probably read about my two girls who have sensitive skin like me, and we have to watch which products we use, especially with Bella as she also has ezcema and the smallest irritation will cause a flare.  Never fun.  

It wasn't until we went to a Day out with Thomas event a few years back that I was introduced to Snazaroo and told by Dotty the Clown that this brand is best for kids with sensitive skin.  I was hesitant at first to let the girls try it out, as I didn't want to irritate their sensitive skin, but they wanted to get a fun design on their face like their friends and the other kids at the event, so I let her put a small design on their cheeks.  I watched the area to see for irritation and was happy when I didn't see any.  So, from that point on whenever the girls needed face paint for Halloween or just to make a fun statement on National Pizza or Cupcake Day, I would reach for my basket of Snazaroo face paint supplies. 

So, when I was contacted a couple weeks ago and asked if I wanted to participate in Snazaroo’s 10 Under 10 Creative Challenge, I jumped at the opportunity. Yes, getting Snazaroo samples was great, but I knew my girls would love helping to take on this fun face painting challenge.  And, that they were!  When we received a sampling of the new Snazaroo Brush Pens in the mail last week, I told them all about the 10 designs in 10 minutes Snazaroo challenge, and they couldn't wait to start.  

"Snazaroo Brush Pen’s precision brush nib is designed to make it easy to master the biggest or smallest details while having full control over the amount of paint used.

I don't claim to be an artist, so when it comes to face painting, I usually reach for a stencil to make the artwork on my girls' faces.  But, they like to go big and are always asking for things like princesses, dragons, superheroes, and the ever popular dog and cat faces.  So, I have to step up my game if I want to impress my girls. :-)  Thankfully the folks at Snazaroo are here to help with easy to follow YouTube videos and tutorials on their website.  I just have to follow along and have images to guide me.  And, while they don't usually come as pictured on the website tutorial or the YouTube video, they are pretty good for a novice face painter like myself...and my girls are always happy with the finished that is all that counts.  

My girls and spent time the other day checking out the different face paint tutorials to get an idea of the 10 designs we wanted to attempt.  Take a look at what we created in 10 minutes using the sampling of Snazaroo Brush Pen we were recently sent to help with the challenge....

Even though her birthday isn't until July, she wanted to practice making presents on her face. :-)

Can't do face painting without dog/cat prints

Flower power for Bella

April showers bring May flowers

And, the sun helps the flowers grow. :-)

Princess Bella

Jungle Princess

Hearts and more hearts

"Make it a heart balloon," she said. :-)


I couldn't resist putting mustaches on them :-)

"Come on, Mom...I look silly," Savannah said. :-)

What do you think?  Did we do good?  The girls wanted to try their hand at "professional" face painting and rolled their sleeves up and watched the Snazaroo YouTube video tutorials and referenced the step-by-step tutorials on the Snazaroo website to come up with these face paint designs they did to one another. 

Savannah made Bella into a clown. :-)

And, Bella made fireworks on Savannah's face :-)

I have to say for a 6.5 and 7.5 year old, they did great...even better than me. :-)

"Available in 12 colors, the liquid paint is fragrance and paraben free making it safe for any application and suitable for sensitive skin"

Wonder how difficult getting the face paint off this face was?  It wasn't hard at all thanks to the water-based formula that lets you simply wash off the liquid paint.  I found baby wipes were great and easy for the girls to reach for when they were trying out their own face painting designs.   

If you are looking for something fun to do with your family, why not take the "10 Designs in 10 Minutes" challenge from Snazaroo.  All you need is a sampling of Snazaroo face painting supplies...I would recommend the new Snazaroo Brush Pen as they are easy to use and give you more control over the biggest and smallest of details.  Like I said you need a birthday or Halloween to pull out your face painting just need to want to have fun, and a lot of laughs.  I can't wait to see what you and your family come up with when you accept the "10 Under 10 Creative Challenge" Snazaroo Challenge, so be sure to tag  @officialsnazaroo  #snazaroo  in your social media posts for me and the folks at Snazaroo to see.


More About Snazaroo

"Welcome to Snazaroo, a world of colour, inspiration, and above all, fun. Everything you need to Paint a Smile is at your fingertips, from the best in face painting products to inspirational, simple and easy to follow step-by-step guides. It's no wonder Snazaroo is considered the "World's Favourite Face Paint" by many!

"The Snazaroo Brush Pens are available in five different themed packs, each containing three 2mL colors used in the most popular face painting designs"

Here at Snazaroo, we celebrate childhood and provide you with essentials for tapping into the joys of transformation and play. Spark your child's imagination with a whimsical face painting look, from swash-buckling pirate to fairy princess to anything you or your little one can dream up. 

Your children will love turning into the character of their choice with the help of our vibrant face paints. You hold the creativity in the hand of Snazaroo Brush Pen!"  What will you design? :-)


Thanks to the kind folks at Snazaroo, one lucky reader will win two sets of the Snazaroo Brush Pens (sets will be chosen at random and mailed to you) to try out with their family.  Once you try out these face paint brush pens, you will fall in love and not want to use another brand of face painting.  

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Disclosure:  Snazaroo™ has provided me with these products to host my own 10 Under 10 Challenge. I was not paid for this post.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.