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Two New PBS KIDS DVDs Arrive on DVD Tomorrow from PBS Distribution - Wild Kratts and WordWorld - Order Your Copies Today! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

WordWorld: Let's Eat! DVDWild Kratts: Madagascar Madness DVD

I grew up watching PBS shows, and now that I have a family of my own, I love to sit with the girls and share all the wonderful educational programming PBS and PBS Kids has to offer. In addition to tuning in daily, I also love to pick up DVD's released from PBS Distribution to leave in the car for the girls to watch, as well as have on hand to incorporate into our daily homeschooling.  The other day I got to share two fun new DVDs from PBS Kids which are hitting store shelves tomorrow -- Wild Kratts: Madagascar Madness! and WordWorld Building Readers: Let's Eat!.  My girls love both of these shows and have a nice collection of DVDs from these two popular PBS Kids series.  So, I knew they would be excited to add these to their growing collections...and, that they were.  Before I could get the plastic wrap off the DVDs, they were setting up the DVD player and sitting on the couch to watch them. :-)

We first watched Wild Kratts as the girls saw the cover art to the DVD and saw that this DVD features a "Creature Quiz" which asked a question about lemurs.  We had just studied lemurs with an online educational programs, so the girls were able to quickly answer the question correctly, and wanted to see what the lemur episode was about. 

The four wild adventures that make up this DVD have already aired on television.  But, with so many Wild Kratts episodes that have been aired, they are always fun to watch again.  My girls didn't think they saw the "Lemur Legs" episode, but once it started playing they quickly remembered seeing it before.  The only difference is now they have learned more about lemurs and can truly understand and appreciate this fun wild adventure the Kratt brothers take them on.  

In addition to the Lemurs Legs episode, this DVD also contains the following full-length episodes:

  • Mini Madagascar
  • Lemur Stink Fight
  • Fossa Palooza
The DVD has a run time of 105 minute, and true Wild Kratt fans will want to sit and watch the whole DVD from start to finish like my girls. :-)  We have only had this DVD for a couple days, and have already watched it twice.  The girls can't get enough of the lemur episodes and are talking non-stop to anyone who will listen about lemurs, especially their amazing clinging and leaping abilities. 

If you have  Wild Kratts fan in your house, this is definitely one DVD you will not want to miss picking up.  Both of my girls give it two thumbs up! :-)


In addition to the Wild Kratts: Madagascar Madness! DVD, we were also sent WordWorld: Let's Eat to enjoy.  My oldest daughter first started watching this show when she was learning to read.  Next to Super Why!, this animated series really helped her with her beginning reading skills.  And, now that Bella is starting to read on her own and building her spelling and reading vocabulary, she is hooked on WordWorld, too.  While this series is perfect for preschoolers, I have found it a great learning tool for beginner readers, as the episodes feature short 3-4 letter words that are introduced in fun ways, that make learning to spell and read them enjoyable and not like a chore.  

My oldest daughter, Savannah, has always loved to learn and reading came naturally to her.  She was able to memorize sight words and skipped right over sounding out words. On the other hand, my other daughter, would rather play than sit and learn to sound out words.  Reading has been a struggle for her, and at times she just wants to give up as she feels it is a chore and not something enjoyable.  Thankfully, we have found a few series books that she enjoys, along with WordWorld, to help reinforce learning words and how to sound them out. Little by little she has built her reading and spelling vocabulary, and doesn't dread reading and spelling lessons I do with them each day.  And, when it comes time to picking an educational show to end the day with, Bella is usually quick to grab a WordWorld DVD.  The WordWorld: Let's Eat! DVD has been on repeat in our house the past couple days, since receiving in the mail.  Bella really enjoys the 8 fun stories that make up this DVD...
  • J-J-Jelly
  • Get Well Soon Soup
  • Catch That C!
  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Pie
  • Pies, Pies, Pies!
  • Pig's Big Moonlight Feast
  • Mmm-mmm-milk!
  • A String's the Thing
Beginner readers will be introduced to letter and words sounds, as well as blending word parts into words.  They will build confidence with the help of Pig, Ant and the other animals on the farm. And, before they know it, they will fall in love with reading and find it fun, just like my girls have.  I am so happy that there is a Emmy-Award winning show like this on television for my girls to sit and enjoy.  Shows like this are not just educational, but are fun, and make learning fun and less stressful, which as a parent I love. 

If you have a struggling or reluctant beginning reader/preschooler, then you will want to pick up a copy of WordWorld: Let's Eat! to share with your child.  And, if your kids love this show, then they will want to have this new DVD release as part of their growing WordWorld DVD collection. :-)

Stay tuned for more upcoming PBS Kids releases I will be sharing soon, to help you grow your family's educational DVD library.


More about these two new PBS Kids DVD releases:

Wild Kratts: Madagascar Madness DVD

"Kids will love following the Kratt Brothers all the way to Madagascar to explore the native world of lemurs and other action-packed adventures on this unique island in the Indian Ocean.

MADAGASCAR MADNESS” ($14.99 SRP) will be available on April 10th, and has a run time of approximately 105 minutes. Episodes of Wild Kratts are also available for digital download.

Episodes on this DVD include:

“Lemur Legs”
The Wild Kratts arrive in Madagascar for the first time – touching down in the southern region known as the spiny desert – where they discover a group of sifaka lemurs. Soon, they are learning about these lemurs amazing vertical clinging and leaping abilities.

“Mini Madagascar”
With no big land predators, Chris realizes that Madagascar is one of the safest places in the world for adventuring. It’s the perfect place to miniaturize and explore. But the ‘mini’ Kratts soon discover, they made a big a mistake!

“Lemur Stink Fight”
While in Madagascar, the Wild Kratts hear signs of a dispute between two troops of Ringtailed lemurs. So they set out to figure out just what these two lemur groups are arguing about…

“Fossa Palooza”
Chris, bummed that the gang must leave Madagascar without ever having seen amazing fossa, accidentally falls out the hatch of the Tortuga in mid-flight and lands deep in an island forest – amongst a group of the very creatures he longed to find!

WILD KRATTS transforms the Kratt Brothers, creators of the award-winning “Kratts’ Creatures” and Emmy-winning “Zoboomafoo,” into animated versions of themselves, allowing the real-life zoologists to visit wild animals in their little-seen habitats and showcase key science concepts along the way. From elephants using physics to suck gallons of water with their trunks to a fleet of peregrine falcons that harness the force of gravity to speed through the air, each episode of WILD KRATTS presents age-appropriate science inspired by the natural abilities of the animals that the Kratt Brothers – and young viewers – meet. WILD KRATTS airs daily on PBS KIDS (check local listings).


WordWorld: Let's Eat! DVD

WORDWORLD: LET’S EAT!”($9.99 SRP) will be available on DVD beginning April 10th and has a run time of approximately 100 minutes. Episodes ofWORDWORLD are also available for digital download.

The eight stories on this new DVD include:

Pig asks Bear and Sheep to help him make jars for the jelly pumping from his jelly machine. However, when they aren’t able to make jars fast enough, the kitchen quickly begins filling up with the purple, oozy treat! Only by working together are the friends able to find a way to contain all of the jiggling jelly.

“Get Well Soon Soup”
When Ant gets sick, Pig tries to take care of him by making his special Get-Well-Soon Soup. It has all the letters in the alphabet in it, so Pig can build any word that Ant needs to feel better. Pig just has to figure out what that word is!

“Catch That C!”
While Pig and Ant are making cookies, their bag of letter C’s gets away from them, sending the WordFriends on a wild goose chase all over WordWorld to catch that C! The bad news is that the letter C is in big demand that day. But the good news is that Pig and Ant have a lot of WordFriends who want to help them out!

“The Mystery of the Disappearing Pie”
When Pig’s pie for Bear goes missing, it’s up to Detective Sheep to follow the letter clues and solve the mystery of the disappearing pie!

“Pies, Pies, Pies!”
When Pig promises to make a pie for everyone in WordWorld, he learns a hard lesson about keeping promises. Fortunately, he also learns about the letter S and how it can make words plural.

“Pig’s Big Moonlight Feast”
When Pig is too sick to cook the Moonlight Feast, his friends step in, but they find that if you don’t follow the recipe you may end up in the soup.

When Ant comes over to Pig’s house to eat cookies, Pig tries to get him to drink some milk. But Ant doesn’t like milk! Or so he thinks…

“A String’s the Thing”
After Duck accidentally turns on Frog’s new cake frosting machine, the WordFriends must find the right ing word to stop it from covering WordWorld in delicious frosting."


About WordWorld
WordWorld” was developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Education as part of the Ready To Learn initiative. Incorporating the latest research into the most effective ways for kids to build reading skills, “WordWorld” produces delightful educational experiences for preschool children, on screen, in print, and online. “WordWorld” is owned by General Word LP

About Kratt Brothers Company
Kratt Brothers Company, founded in 1993, has created and produced more than 220 episodes of television, including award-winning series: KRATTS’ CREATURES, ZOBOOMAFOO, “Kratt Brothers: Be The Creature” and WILD KRATTS. Through its full service animation studio, Kratt Brothers Company is currently in production on its sixth season of the Emmy-nominated hit WILD KRATTS.

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About PBS Distribution
PBS Distribution is the leading media distributor for the public television community, both domestically and internationally, extending the reach of these programs beyond broadcast while generating revenue for the public television system, stations, and producers.

PBS Distribution offers a broad range of high quality content in multiple formats including DVD, Blu-ray, digital download, and digital streaming.  PBS International offers factual content for broadcast, cable, and satellite services internationally.  The PBS Distribution catalog includes films from Ken Burns, documentaries from award-winning series such as NOVA, FRONTLINE, AMERICAN MASTERS, NATURE, and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, dramas from MASTERPIECE, as well as films from independent producers and popular children’s programming.

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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