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Two Cute Easter-Themed Books from Simon & Schuster The Kids Will Love! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Simon & Schuster

Get your children about the Easter Bunny's upcoming arrival with these two cute books from Simon & Schuster...

Everybunny Count!

Here Comes the Easter Beagle!

We were recently sent copies of these two books to review, and the girls were all smiles when they saw them, as they knew this meant that Easter is fast approaching.  Next to Christmas, Easter is my girls' next favorite holiday, as they love egg hunts, decorating Easter eggs, and doing all sorts of arts and crafts to decorate the house with festive decorations that will welcome the Easter Bunny when he comes to fill their baskets on Easter.

"Here Comes the Easter Beagle!" is a cute book that fans of Peanuts will love. 

About this book:

"Celebrate Easter with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts gang in this all-new 8x8 storybook that comes with a sheet of festive stickers!

It’s Easter morning!

Linus, Charlie Brown, and the whole Peanuts gang eagerly await the Easter Beagle. Every year he bounces down the lane delivering brightly painted eggs and spreading the joy of spring. But this year, the Easter Beagle is sick, and doesn’t want to do his job. Even when Linus pushes him on his way, he’s not the surprise the kids expect. Will the happy day be bogged in gloom, or can someone spark the spirit of the season?"


Easter is near, but something is terribly wrong...the Easter Beagle is sick.  Will this mean no Easter for Charlie Brown and his friends?  Or, will someone step in and delivery decorated eggs for the kids to find.  This story is a quick read, and is full of fun colorful illustrations of the whole Peanut gang.  Kids of all ages will enjoy this story as a way of getting excited about the Easter Bunny's arrival. As you read through the story you will find an unlikely bird will step in to save the day.  Everyone's favorite yellow bird, Woodstock doesn't want to let down Charlie Brown and his friends, and also wants to help out his best friend Snoopy.  Read along as Woodstock saves the day and also raises the spirits of his sick friend.  This is one Easter-themed book you will find yourself reading time and again with your children.  My girls can't get enough of the story, and have been asking me to read it to them daily since we received.  And, as a bonus, kids will find fun Easter stickers featuring their favorite Peanuts characters.  My girls are saving the stickers as they want to add them to dyed eggs we make closer to Easter.

Another cute book perfect to read before Easter, or even add to your child's basket is "Everybunny Count!" by Ellie Sandall.  

About this book:

"Bunnies and foxes learn to count as they play hide-and-seek in this delightful picture book from the author of Everybunny Dance! and Follow Me!, which School Library Journal called “a winsome selection suitable for storytime.”

Everybunny count 9781534400146.in02

Take your places, everyone. 
Ready or not, here we come!
The search for fox has just begun. 

Everybunny count to ONE!

Everybunny count 9781534400146.in06

Bunnies play hide-and-seek and count together in this bright, colorful picture book that explores the natural world and celebrates friendship and one of the most beloved early childhood games. But that’s not all. There’s a special surprise awaiting the bunnies when they take a peek inside fox’s den!"

Illustrated by: Ellie Sandall
For Ages: 4 - 8


This is a fun read that will have children shouting out the numbers that go along with the rhyming text that you read. This story is all about a hide-and-go-seek game that the animals in the woods are playing.  It takes a group of bunnies to find their friend fox, who is a great hider.  Will they find him, and what is hiding in the fox's den?  You will just have to pick up this new children's book to find out.  

Everybunny count 9781534400146.in03

Your kids will have so much fun counting to ten with all the bunnies, in this playfully illustrated book.

Everybunny count 9781534400146.in01

In addition to these Easter-themed books, Simon & Schuster has some other great books that would make great Easter basket fillers, or to pick up and share with your children as you count down the days until Easter...

To learn more about these and other wonderful books for kids of all ages, head on over to the Simon & Schuster website today  --

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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