Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Easter Gift Ideas: Snacks & Stinky Book Box Will Delight Dog Lovers of All Ages with Its Books and Goodies! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Introducing a silly, fun, doggie-inspired book and accessory box shipped to you every month for only $29 (plush s/h)...

Do you have a dog lover in your life? Both of my girls love dogs, just like I do, especially my 7 year old daughter, Savannah, who can't leave the house without wearing something with a dog on it, or toting around one of her many puppy plush toys.  So, when I heard about a fun new book box called Snacks & Stinky, I just had to reach out to the author and see about reviewing and featuring this book box on my blog.  And, with Easter fast approaching, this book box would be a great basket filler to surprise your child with. :-)

Snacks & Stinky may be a weird name for a book box, but once you sign up and read the first book, "A Wish for Snacks," you will learn that these are the name of the two pups that Katharine Calder writes about in this wonderfully written children's book.  

"Hi, I'm Snacks"...

"And, I am Stinky."  :-)

The author also has another book, "Snacks & the Stinky Things" also available, with another book in the cute children's series on the way.

My girls were so excited when they saw the Snacks & Stinky book box the other day.  At first, my youngest daughter, Bella, thought it was a pizza, as it comes in a what looks like a pizza box.  

But, Savannah was quick to see the two dogs on the cover and read what what inside.  She let out a giddy laugh and couldn't wait for me to open the lid to look inside.  

And, as soon as I did, the girls tore threw the tissue paper and started pulling out the books and goodies that make up this fun book box for kids.  

Here is what was included in our Snacks & Stinky book box, which I am told was sent out in February to subscribers...

A Wish for Snacks book-- This book introduces readers to Miss Happy, Snack's owner and how Stinky came to be part of the family.  My girls really enjoyed this book, and love that they can read it on their own whenever they want.

Cats and Dogs stickers -- Savannah claimed this quick and ended up using the 29 stickers to create her own storybook, where she made up her own Snacks & Stinky adventure, featuring new friends (thanks to the playful stickers)

Purple "You are Pawsome" rubber bracelet -- Bella's loves purple, so she called this bracelet.  She was excited to see it had a big paw print in the center.  Ever since receiving the bracelet the other day, she hasn't taken it off.  And, whenever we are out and about, she is showing it off and telling people all about Snacks & Stinky and the book box we got in the mail. :-)

Dog pencil, puppy stamp, bone eraser and heart-shaped pencil sharpener -- You can't have enough pencils, stamps, erasers and sharpeners, especially when you homeschool.  My girls thought the pink dog bone eraser was cool.  And, they just had to try out the pencil sharpener to see how it worked. :-)  And, the stamp is now our official letterboxing stamp.

Vocabulary Cards -- I really enjoyed this addition to the box as I love introducing the girls to fun new words like fiddlesticks and la-di-da and foofaraw.  Each word has its own card and one side is the word and the other is a definition, its parts of speech, how it can be used in a sentence, as well as how to properly pronounce the word.  My girls really enjoyed the playful illustrations that depict the sentence given where the new word is used.  What a fun way to introduce kids to fun words -- my girls are now trying to add these three words to their conversations, and it is cute to hear them trying to say and use correctly. :-)

Pink coin purse with a cute paw print on it -- Savannah was first to see this purse and grabbed it.  She thought it was so cool, and was perfect to hold her coins she brings to the stores for the candy/toy machines.  As soon as Bella say it, she was asking for one for yourself.  Guess I will be buying one for her...and, maybe one for me, too, as they are really cute. :-)

4 small pins with cute illustrations -- My girls love collecting pins, so they were excited to see the pins included in the box. And, they were small enough to put in the pink coin purse to keep safe.  Savannah ended up choosing two pins for her and shared two with Bella. :-)

Celia children's book -- This was an additional book that was not dog-related, but was chosen by Stinky and Snacks for the girls to enjoy.  My girls were looking for the dog in the book as they thought this box was all about dogs. I told them that Snacks and Stinky must have loved this book and wanted to share with them.  So, they had me read it to them to see what it was all about.  It ended up being a fun read and one book I found myself really enjoying.  It has a magical spin on it that will not only make you and your kids smile as you read through the pages of this beautifully illustrated book, but the story will also warm your heart.

As you can see, you really get a lot in the Snacks & Stinky book box.  I have signed up for many subscription boxes for the girls, including book ones, and have to say that this is the first one I have stumbled upon that is made with dog-lovers in mind.   My girls ended up using and enjoying everything in this box, and the two books have become must read ones for bedtime, and ones they can pull off the shelf and read on their own whenever they want to get their dog fix. :-)

My girls are already asking when the next Snacks & Stinky Book Box will be arriving in the mail, as they can wait to read more more adventures these two silly dogs go on, as well as be surprised with the fun dog-inspired toys, accessories and activities.

What's included?:

Our doggie-inspired book box contains (contents vary each month):
- A new Snacks and Stinky storybook
- A second storybook, hand-picked by Snacks or Stinky 
- Fun, doggie-inspired activities, toys, and accessories to celebrate your child's love of dogs and the silly shenanigans they get into.
- Bonus materials from Miss Happy or the pups

If you are loving what you see above and want to try out a Snacks & Stinky book box for yourself, then you will want to head on over to snacksandstinky.com and sign up for this fun monthly book subscription box for kids today.  

As you can see from the photos above, both of my girls loved the Snacks & Stinky book box we were recently sent, and can't wait for me to order more.  They instantly fell in love with these two pups, and I know your and your kids will, too!

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to http://www.snacksandstinky.com to learn more about this book box set (which you can order one or sign up for a monthly subscription) and the author.  There is even an opportunity to have custom book boxes made up to offer a mix of already published favorites or create new stories based on the interests of your little ones.  A custom box or one of the other already made up Snacks & Stinky boxes would surely make for a great Easter basket filler for that special dog lover in your life. Who doesn't love receiving a box of fun children's books and surprise goodies?  I know my girls would love to wake and find another Snacks & Stinky box in their Easter basket or in the mailbox...and, I know your child will, too!

Stay up-to-date on all things related to Snacks & Stinky by following their Facebook page -- https://www.facebook.com/pg/snacksandstinky/.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. This is so cute and the kids would so enjoy this one this Easter thank you for sharing.
    heather [email protected]

  2. This box comes with a lot of goodies my nieces will like.