Monday, February 26, 2018

Screechers Wild! Will Make for a Great Easter Basket Filler (Review) #world-of-screechers

Disclosure:  I was sent sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

 Screechers Wild! Level 1 Vehicle - Nightweaver
Available now at most major toy retailers including Toys 'R Us, Target, Walmart and Amazon

Ready, set, launch! Introducing the latest transforming toy vehicle phenomenon from Alpha: Screechers Wild!. Based off of the new online animated show (which you can watch through YouTube here), these are the only toy vehicles that transforms into insect creatures with explosive, 360-degree flip morphing action through a "fuel-injected feeding time" -- well, actually you shoot a plastic disc ("food") that activates the flip transformation -- but, this is so cool, and will have kids, both boys and girls, asking for more Screechers Wild! vehicles to race and transform.

Unlock your inner Screecher and see how they transform into the coolest creatures on the block. Check out this short YouTube video showing the Screechers Wild! in action, and how with a simple flick of a food disc, your toy vehicle will morph into a super awesome beast model right before your eyes.

Don't these look so cool?  I was recently sent two of the Screechers Wild! vehicles -- Smokey and V-Bone to review.  

Even though I have girls, they still love racing and playing with cars, thanks to their Daddy and his love for kids toys, especially ones you can race and morph.  I don't know who was more excited when they saw me take the two Screechers Wild! vehicles out of the box -- my husband or my girls.  All I can say is that they were all smiling and asking what these were and when they could play with them.  When my youngest daughter got a closer look she knew what they were as she has been watching Screechers Wild! episodes on YouTube, after stumbling across them a few weeks ago.  As she starting talking up the racing/morphing cars, I remembered sitting to watch an episode on the iPad with her and telling her to show her Daddy as I knew he would think these transforming cars and the episodes would be so cool -- and, that he did.  He has been watching the Screechers Wild! YouTube episodes with her, and was secretly hoping they would come out with a toy line so they could have have their own Screechers Wild! racers, and morph their favorite vehicles into cool beast racers.

My family left the spec and PR sheets to me, while they grabbed the two Screechers Wild! vehicle to play with.  They loved how you get 3 discs to shoot and activate the transforming feature of this toy.  And, as soon as the transformation takes places, your Screechers Wild! does an amazing 360 degree flip to reveal its beast racer.  "OMG, this is so cool!" is what I heard my girls say as they saw my husband morph the Smokey vehicle for the first time.  Then, all I heard was "My turn, my turn" as they raced to pick up the feeding discs to call dibs on the next morph.  :-)

They got so caught up with this new transforming race car toy line that an hour went by before they realized it was dark outside and ready for bed.  They were having so much fun racing the two Screechers Wild! vehicles and morphing them at just the right time to get them to do their awesome 360 degree flip to cross the finish line they set up.  

My husband said that this toy reminded him of transforming vehicles he grew up playing with -- the only difference and what he said makes these even better and cooler is how you morph them by feeding them a disc.  He thought this was a neat feature, and one kids (of all ages) will love.  The morphing and flip is what really drew in my husband and girls and kept them playing with the Screechers Wild! toys we were sent for review.  We have only had the two Screechers Wild! vehicles for a couple weeks, but they continue to be a hit and favorite toy for my girls and husband to play with. My girls had to hide the toys as my husband wanted to bring them to work and keep at his desk.  But, my girls said they looked forward to racing them every night with my husband and didn't want him to forget them at work, or have someone steal them as they, too, would think they were super cool when they saw them. :-)

With Easter fast approaching, I know a toy my girls will be hoping the Easter Bunny will be bringing and leaving in their baskets -- more Screechers Wild! vehicles.  After checking out the different vehicles available in the Level 1 line available now in stores, they want them all.  And, before I could tell them that a Level 2 (available as of this post) and Level 3 launch was expected later this spring, they were quick to let me know, and told me to keep an eye out for them. :-)  Maybe one of these days they will let me try out these cool new morphing vehicles from Alpha Toys.  Maybe...but, in the meantime, I am enjoying watching my husband and girls enjoy quality time together, as they laugh and play, racing their Screechers Wild! vehicles across the dining room floor. :-)

To learn more about the new Screechers Wild! toy line from the Alpha Group head on over to  And, be sure to check out the episodes of Screechers Wild! available now on YouTube --

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The new Screechers Wild! Series 1 line from Alpha Toys is now available at Toys 'R Us, Target, Walmart and Amazon.  Prices range between $6.99 - $12.99.  You can also pick up fun launchers including the Speedlauncher and Rapidfire Disc Launcher for only $14.99, to bring more action to the awesome morhping, racing Scheechers Wild! vehicle toy line.

Right now you can choose from a variety of styles from Series One including: RevAdactyl, Stingshift, Nightweaver, Nightbite, V-Wrex, Monkeywrench or Gatecreeper. More Waves are set to release this spring, so be on the lookout for them.

Disclosure:  I was sent sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.