Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Last Minute Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Peppa Pig Fans (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I'm a Peppa Pig Parent!

Still looking for a few last minute gift ideas for that Peppa Pig fan in your life?  If so, have I got some cute gifts that would put a smile on any Peppa Pig fan's face, just like they did with my two girls, who are still huge fans of this hit animated series, featuring everyone's favorite talking pink pig, Peppa.

As a thank you for being a Peppa Pig Parent and sharing all about Peppa Pig products, live shows and news over the course of this year, my girls received a holiday package in the mail the other day with some fun Peppa Pig items that would make great last minute gift ideas, especially to fill their stockings with.

Fans of Peppa Pig can never have too many books, right?  I have lost count of how many books and DVDs of the show my girls own, but I know they continue to watch the DVD's and pull the books from the shelves.  Just yesterday the girls were playing princesses and were using the Peppa Pig Pop Up Castle book I shared a review on last month.  

They think this is the coolest thing, and when they are not using their plastic or paper Peppa Pig characters, they are making their own to go with this cute pop-up castle book. So, when I saw the Christmas with Peppa Pig book in the box with the other goodies, I knew the girls would love it...and, that they did.  Savannah quickly grabbed it and told Bella to come sit on the couch with her, and they read it together. 

The girls really liked this book, and said it was nice to see that Peppa Pig and her family have similar traditions, like going to get a tree, then decorating it, and then on Christmas Eve making treats for Santa.  And, just like in the book, Santa comes through the door to deliver the gifts.  He did attempt their chimney, but got stuck.  Our chimney is too small so we told the girls when they were little that Santa said it was easier for him to come in the through the door, so we leave a magic key near the door so he can let himself in.

In addition to this cute board book, the girls also got a Pegga Pig Colgate toothbrush, along with Peppa Pig toothpaste, also from Colgate.  Luckily we didn't have any fighting, as I had picked up one Peppa Pig toothbrush like the one we were sent a week before and was waiting to find another so that I could add to the girls' stockings.  But, seeing that we got one in the mail and they wanted to try out the new toothpaste, I got the other one and added it to the box so they would each have one.  The girls really like these toothbrushes as they tickle their teeth and gums and give them a good cleaning :-)  As far as the toothpaste they said it smelled great and wasn't spicy like other toothpastes they have used.  Having a cute toothpaste and great smelling toothpaste with their favorite characters like Peppa Pig makes brushing teeth, which is always a challenge at night, easier.  Now, my girls are excited to brush in the AM and PM and can't wait for me to hand them their new Peppa Pig toothbrush with Peppa Pig toothpaste on it.

What goes with a great bedtime book and hygiene products, which make for great stocking stuffers?  Bedding, of course!  And, the holidays is a perfect time to change up your child's bedding with something new, as you gear up to welcome in the new year.  Unfortunately, the bedding we were sent is for a toddler bed, and both of my girls have full size beds, so I can't show you how it looks all made up. That didn't stop the girls, though, from enjoying the Peppa Pig bedding, as Savannah called dibs on the pillow case, Bella said she would use the top sheet in bed with her, and both girls agreed to leave the comfy comforter on the couch for cuddling and snuggling with.  On cold winter nights and in the AM when the girls wake, they always reach for a warm blanket to cover up with, to keep warm.  Now, they get to reach for a cute Peppa Pig comforter, which they both agree is super soft, and does a great job at keeping them warm.

My girls really enjoyed the Peppa Pig goodies we were sent, and as a parent, I love these gifts as they make for great last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffer ideas for fans of Peppa Pig.  So, with less than 2 weeks until Christmas, why not make a point to pick up a new toothbrush with matching toothpaste from Colgate featuring Peppa Pig, and think about updating your child's bedding.  Oh, and don't forget this cute Christmas board book, which my girls can't get enough of, and that will become a favorite come the holidays each year. 

You can find these products at your favorite local retailer including Walmart and Target.  And, to learn more about this popular show for young children, visit the official Peppa Pig website -- -- today.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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