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Check Out These Great Last Minute Gift Ideas for Beat Bugs Fans - Including Toys, Books, DVD's and More... (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Do you have a song that is always stuck in your head or you find yourself singing in the shower?  For me it is "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles.  But, when I am singing the song I am not thinking about the Beatles singing it, but instead the cute bugs that make up the hit animated series from Netflix called Beat Bugs.  

Are you familiar with this Netflix series.  If you follow my blog, then you have probably seen a handful of posts this past year about this show, as both of my girls are huge fans of the show, and have been watching it since it began airing.  And, thanks to this show, the girls were introduced to the legendary Beatles and now sing along to their hits in the car and at home when they are watching this popular series. 

Watch Help / Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Episode 1 of Season 1.

Last month, Bella decided she wanted a Beat Bugs birthday party.  In addition to have a cake with all the characters -- her personal favorite is Crick, with Kumi a close second, she had a birthday banner, table setting and other fun birthday decorations to celebrate her special day.  And, you know what she wanted for her birthday in regards to gifts?  Yep, Beat Bugs toys, books, DVDs and CD's, all of which you can find at Target ( and online at Amazon.  We already owned a handful of books and a CD, but I was holding off on getting her toys until her birthday.  Bella's friend up the hill also knew how much she loved this show and surprised her with a bag full of Beat Bugs toys, along with all the goodies we got her.  So, her 6th birthday was a huge hit and one that centered around Beat Bugs.  Even though she didn't have a party with friends, family that came to celebrate her day had so much fun with the Beat Bugs theme and day.  In addition to fun Beat Bugs games we played, Bella played and had everyone watch her favorite Beat Bugs episodes.  Fans of the Beatles young and old will have a hard time not signing along to the songs, as they are all favorites and catchy, especially when you see them being sung and played out with the cute Beat Bug stories.

Even though Bella received a lot of Beat Bugs gifts for her birthday, there was still a lot she still wanted, and made a point to add this to his wish list for Santa.  And, before Santa could fill some of her wishes, we were surprised last week with a big box arrive at the door.  When we opened it, Bella couldn't stop smiling and squealing with excitement.  Why?  Because it was a huge box filled with all things Beat Bugs, including an assortment of wonderful books for all reading levels, a couple games (matching and spin go round), fun activity books including Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring, Look and Find Book, and a Come Together activity book, and a cute Wally the Walrus interactive toy that detects Wally through a Beat Bugs iPad app and the streaming Netflix series and sings-alongs -- lights up and mouth moves when he sings.  

The girls couldn't get over all the Beat Bugs stuff.  They wondered if Santa was sending it early so he wouldn't have to lug on the sleigh with him.  I told them that a PR company I work with sent it and that I would need them to help with a review.  They yelled, "Yes," and couldn't wait to start reading the books, playing the games, doing the fun activities, and most especially trying out the interactive singing Wally.

Here are the items we were sent with direct links for you to buy them at Target and Amazon (for the books, CD's and DVD's) to help you save time in putting together your Beat Bugs last minute gifts shopping list and ordering these wonderful products a breeze...

Season 1 Vol 1 - Magical Mystery Tour



Bella put all the singing Beat Bugs characters on her wish list for Santa and was quick to fill me in on just how these characters work.  She was so excited and couldn't wait to get the toy out of the package and have me download the app, to start using it.  

I got Wally the Walrus ready and before I could get the app on the iPad, she had Wally singing along to the different songs that make up season 1 of the series -- currently there are 2 full seasons available of this hit animated series from Netflix that you can stream and enjoy.

While the singing and light-up Wally the Walrus was their favorite out of everything sent to them, the girls also loved the books, and we have been having a blast read them at bedtime and throughout the day.  Bella did get the Beat Bugs Come Together activity book for her birthday, so she told Savannah she could have the one we got with this package.  

Now, the girls spend their mornings completing the different activities which include dot to dots, complete the pictures, tic tac toe, mazes, word searches and so much more. And, you also get over 100 stickers to add to the fun of this jam-packed 100+ activity book filled.  This is definitely a must have for Beat Bugs fans as it will provide hours of enjoyable and keep kids entertained at home and on the go.

I could go on and on about how great the Beat Bugs series from Netflix is, or how we are loving all the different toys, books and games from this show, which are exclusively available at Target, but with only 12 shopping days left until Christmas I will not hold you up, as I know you will want to run out to the store, or head on over to Amazon to order some of these great gift ideas for that special Beat Bugs fan in your life.  

My girls really enjoy the interactive musical books which you can push buttons and hear popular snippets of the Beatles songs sung by the Beat Bugs characters -- that is why I can't get "All You Need is Love" out of my head, as it is their favorite song, next to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," and are always pushing a button to have this song play.  

So, be warned, if you gift these fun musical books to your child, be ready to get some of the songs stuck in your head.  But, is that really a bad thing...not really when you think about how great the Beatles and their music was and still is...look how Beat Bugs is a huge success and has young children, like my girls singing along.

To learn more about Beat Bugs, head on over to their official website: And, the other day when I was at Target they were having a sale on Beat Bugs toys, so now is the time to stock up and get all the Beat Bugs toys your kids are asking for, to wrap and leave under the tree. 

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