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Turn Your Child's New Year's Eve Afternoon Party in a Fun Indoor Luau Party with Luau Party Favors from SmitCo LLC (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

SmitCo LLC

Let me first start by saying that I lack any sort of dance coordination or moves.  You could say I was born with two left feet.  So, when my girls both showed interest in ballet and break dancing this past fall, I thought this was from this Daddy's Latin side.  They get their beautiful tan skin and long eyelashes from him, so maybe they got lucky and got those smooth Latin moves you expect from those with a Spanish heritage. :-)  Then, I saw my girls take to the floor during their classes and saw how Savannah was just like me with limited moves.  She danced much better than me, but learning the dance steps was a struggle at first. But, she never gave and is still dancing to this day, enjoying every minute of it and adding in her own freestyle moves whenever possible. :-)  

Bella, on the other, surprised me.  While she wasn't moving and grooving like J.Lo or Shakira, she did have her own unique style of dance.  She definitely wasn't born with two left feet...but, she does dance to her own drum.  Not one for learning dance step, Bella will challenge anyone to dance battle...all she needs is room enough to dance and a good song turned up on the radio. :-)  She is my fearless girl, who dances to her own song, and when she turns your way and flashes her big smile at you, you can't help but want to join in and dance along with her...even if you can't dance like myself. :-)  We have had some tough dance offs lately, and while I feel I am improving and learning some of her cool dance moves, Bella is in her own league, and I am enjoying watching her blossom into a beautiful and fun loving young lady.

In addition to receiving diaries and the new hooded bamboo towel set from the folks at SmitCo LLC. recently, we were also sent their popular Luau Party Favor set, which is available through Amazon for only $12.99.  

This set includes 10 sets of 1 tropical flower necklace, 2 bracelets and 1 head lei as well as 1 hula skirt - all in bright colors—5 pieces per set and 50 pieces of cool play items in total.

When my girls saw me taking this Luau Party Favor sets out the box, they asked when we were having a Hawaiian party.  We had just had Bella's birthday, so Bella said it was a little late for her party.  Then, they thought about New Year's Eve coming up and how for the past couple of years we have either hosted or attended an afternoon countdown party with friends.  They thought that having a indoor Hawaiian luau party would be a fun way to ring in 2018.  And, Bella, being Bella, was quick to put on her hula skirt, lei necklace and bracelets and strike a pose for the camera.  

She even got creative and turned a lei into a headpiece, as she said this is how the Hawaiin dancers look like. And, it didn't stop there....nope...she told me to grab the iPad and film her.  I had no idea what she planned to do, but then I got this...

I couldn't help but smile as I watched her showing of her hula dancing moves.  I wondered where she learned this, but she was quick to tell me she saw it in a movie.  Then, she said if I wanted she would teach Savannah and I.  We would have to be ready to get loose, though, as you need loose hips to sway back and forth, as she demonstrated again.  :-) 

I ended up taking lessons from my 6 year old on how to properly do a Hawaiian dance -- even though she has no professional dance experience. But, she knows her stuff, and is a great dance teacher (her words), and when she gives you that smile with the little dimple in her left cheek, you can't help believe her and want to take to the dance floor -- a.k.a the living room floor.

We had so much fun dressing up in the Luau party favor attire, and are planning a fun indoor Luau for New Year's Eve.  This Luau Party Favors set from SmitCo LLC will definitely help dress partygoers in style, so that they can join Bella on the dance floor and be schooled in the proper way to hula dance. :-)

If you want to throw a fun Luau Party for your kids, or your daughter is asking for a Hawaiian Luau inspired birthday party, then you will want to pick up the Luau Party Favors set from SmitCo LLC. 

Features of this party favors set:

  • UNLIKE OTHER PARTY FAVORS FOR GIRLS THAT IS IN THE SAME PRICE RANGE WHERE YOU ONLY GET SOME SMALL TOYS, this is a whole party set in a box! For birthday, luau, hibiscus, pool, slumber, pajama, tea, beach, garden, carnival, fiesta, New Year's or any other kind of theme parties as well as sleepovers for girls of any age - toddlers, little girls and tweens

  • GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. The party supplies pack includes 10 sets of 1 tropical flower necklace, 2 bracelets and 1 head lei as well as 1 hula skirt - all in bright colors—5 pieces per set and 50 pieces of cool play items in total!
  • BECAUSE GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! CREATE MEMORIES of a special event like a party with friends that will last a long time. The colors of the leis and skirts are all mix and match and will all go together
  • ACCESSORIES FOR GIRLS AGE 2 to 12 years old. The flower bracelets, necklace and head lei have elastic to make it adjustable for many different ages.


I couldn't believe all that you got (50 pieces in total) for only $12.99.  And, even with the movements and playing in our skirts and leis, these party favors held up well.

You can find this amazing Luau Party Favors set from SmitCo LLC at Amazon.  And, I hope whatever Luau party you host is full of fun and laughter. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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