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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: TINKERTOY® Introduces MY LITTLE PONY ® Building Sets (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Do you have a My Little Pony fan in your life? If so, have you gone to see the amazing new My Little Pony: The Movie, which is out right now in theaters?  I have two girls who go crazy for anything My Little Pony or Equestria Girls, so they were so excited when they saw the trailer for this movie last month on television.  And, since then, we have seen the movie three times in theaters.  The movie is already on their wish list for Santa, even though I don't think it will be on DVD/Blu-Ray by the holidays.  I can see why they loved this new movie, as it was really well made and had a great story line.  If you missed the trailer, here it is, along with the synopsis of the movie:

"Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity embark on an epic journey to save Ponyville from a dark force. Along the way, the Mane 6 meet new friends and face exciting challenges as they travel beyond Equestria to defeat the evil Storm King and his minion unicorn -- Tempest Shadow."

Now that you know all about the movie, you can start making plans to see if with that special MLP fan in your life, as it will not be in theaters much longer.  And, once you are done seeing it, be prepared for your MLP to start asking for anything and everything MLP for the holidays. Like I said, my girls want this new movie on DVD so that they can watch it whenever they want, as well as any new MLP toys from the movie.  One cool new MLP product the girls are asking for is more TINKERTOY My Little Pony building sets.  

Tinkertoy® My Little Pony- Rainbow Dash Spin & Soar Cloudsdale Building Set Tinkertoy My Little Pony Applejack Apple Pickin' Time Building Set
Tinkertoy My Little Pony Rarity Create & Style Vanity  Building Set Tinkertoy My Little Pony Fluttershy Swing Time Fun Building Set

We were recently sent the building sets shown above and the girls really enjoyed them putting them together and playing with them.

Like their other building sets, the girls like to put the sets together and then will leave them together and display on their play table or on their dresser or a shelf in their room.  And, this was no exception with this new line of building sets from TINKERTOY. 

I grew up loving TINKERTOY and love how it is still around and going strong with amazing new building sets like the My Little Pony sets.  And, with the movie still in theaters and a success, I can see why young MLP fans would want these cute sets, which are perfect for kids ages 3+, as they are easy to put together and fun to play with.  We were sent the following sets to review, and within a half hour the girls had the sets made and were playing with them.  They did have a little trouble with putting together the actual pony in the set, but with a little help from me -- you just have to push the head and mane into the pony a little harder than the other building set pieces, the girls were good to go.

My girls really enjoyed the new TINKERTOY My Little Pony building sets line, and are hoping that TINKERTOY comes out with building sets for Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie so they can have a complete set all of the My Little Pony characters (right now only the 4 kits shown above are available).  Since putting the sets together they have remained up to be admired, as well as played with.  Whenever MLP comes on the television, the girls are quick to grab these building sets and bring them to the living room to play with during the commercial breaks.

TINKERTOY is a trusted brand and one toy you probably played with as a, you know just how much fun these building sets can be.  Why not pick up a couple (or all) of the My Little Pony building sets from TINKERTOY to surprise your child with this holiday season.  Their eyes will light up with excitement when they see them, just like my girls' did when I took the building sets out of the box.  And, because they need minimal adult help -- there are stickers to place, and like the said they may struggle a little with the pony pieces -- these kits are great for kids as young as 3 who love MLP, and will keep them busy as you prepare the holiday meal or clean up after the craziness of opening gifts. :-)

To learn more about the new My Little Pony building sets line from TINKERTOY head on over to  

Tinkertoy Wild Wheels Building SetPink Building Set

Here you will also find all the other fun building sets that would make any boy or girl smile for this holiday season.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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