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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Happy Wax Warmers with All Natural Soy Wax Melts Will Have Everyone Saying "Wow, What Smells So Good!"

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Happy Wax

I have been sent a lot of products to review for my holiday gift guide, but my Happy Wax Warmer set stands out as a personal favorite of mine.  I have always loved burning candles and going to the candle store to pick up seasonal scents to burn and make the house smell good. But, since have children I am more cautious of what I have on my counters, as I don't want things like a candle to get knocked over and start a fire, or burn the girls.  Just this evening, the girls were playing at the dining room table and accidentally knocked over a vase of flower and the water went everywhere.  After cleaning up the spill, I couldn't help but think about my Happy Wax burner, and how great a product this is.  

If you are not familiar with Happy Wax and wax melting over candle burning, here is more information about the company and the process....

Happy Wax is the first brand dedicated to making wax melting healthy, easy and fun. Our all natural soy wax and essential oil-infused, phthalate-free scents create unforgettable fragrances that we take pride in delivering to you. We couldn't be more excited about the latest addition to our line-up! Our innovative wax warmers are designed to make melting easy with a "No-Scrape" silicone melting dish and variable timing 

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It doesn't hurt that they're easy on the eyes, too - we are passionate about designing warmers to suit the modern melter. 
What is wax melting?:

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Wax melting is the fastest growing segment in the home fragrance market, but many people aren’t familiar with it.  In fact, when we first started developing our business for bringing fragrance into the home, we weren’t familiar with melting either.  However, we were familiar with the wax melt predecessor: the scented candle.   Everyone knows how a scented candle works:  The flame of the candle melts the wax and as the wax melts it releases the fragrance that was infused into the wax.   Wax melting is simply a way of doing the same thing without the flame.  

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By using a melting device, and placing the wax into the melting tray.  The same process occurs.  The wax slowly melts releasing the infused fragrance oils without the flame. 
And that is the point, no flame has become quite important.   According to the National Candle Association an average of 25 home candle fires are reported every day!  A majority of these situations are caused by people simply forgetting to blow their candles out before going to bed or leaving the house.  In fact, this has caused many apartment buildings and dorm rooms to now prohibit scented candles in order to avoid the fire risk.

Wax melting helps avoid these dangers.   With a wax melter, one can simply turn it on or off when they leave the house.   Even if a warmer is left on, most melters are tested and either ETL or UL Certified which means they are safe to leave on.  In the case of Happy Wax’s Signature Warmer, it actually has an automatic off switch that can be set for 3, 6 or 9 hours.
There are other benefits to melting as well besides just safety.    Because a person only adds a little wax per usage one can control the type of scent more often and can also limit the amount of wax used per day.   This can give people the opportunity to switch fragrances more often and in some cases even mix scents together to make their own creation.   Additionally, because only a certain amount of wax is needed for each melt, they can be a more cost effective way to scent the home because one uses less wax per time used.  

Holiday Mix Wax Melts

How to replace wax from your Happy Wax melting dish?:

Happy Wax simplifies this process even further with its patent pending “No Scrape” silicone dish. Its environmentally friendly reducing waste with its reusable, washable, pop-able top. The silicone dish comes with Happy Wax Wax Warmers' and when you are ready to change out your wax melt simply turn your wax warmer off and allow the wax to cool. You can tell if the wax is ready to pop out if it’s no longer as transparent or as viscous as it was when your wax warmer was on ."


I have had my Happy Wax burner for a few weeks now, and haven't gone a day without using it. 

What I love best, next to the way this little wax burner makes my house smell with the amazing scented wax melts, I also love how this wax warmer has a timer.  In the past I have forgotten to blow out candles when we went out, in a rush.  Now, I don't have to worry about this because I can set the timer on the warmer and it goes off on its on.  usually I run the burner for a 3-hr. time frame.  That is all you need to have your home smelling great.  

In addition to the Happy Wax warmer, I was also sent two scents I saw on their website and thought were perfect for this time of year -- the Savory and Holiday Melts.  

"A fall and winter favorite, our Savory Collection features bakery-fresh Pumpkin Souffle, sweet and spicy Cinnamon Chai, and wholesome Apple Harvest.  This collection is another fantastic line-up for mixing--you can't go wrong with any combination!  
APPLE HARVEST - The perfect autumn scent, these wax melts smell like a hot apple pie fresh out of the oven, or a cozy mug of hot apple cider.  Our Apple Harvest is a true, full-bodied apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. It has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time. These melts are infused with natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood essential oils.
CINNAMON CHAI - Slightly sweet, a little spicy, and 100% cozy, Cinnamon Chai Happy Wax will transport you to your favorite coffee shop in fall!  Perfect for cinnamon lovers looking for a little something "extra".  This unique blend has notes of black tea, cinnamon and sweet vanilla, and infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon leaf, clove bud, and orange oil.
PUMPKIN SOUFFLE - Baking is a science, and our Pumpkin SoufflĂ© melts are no exception - you'll detect hints of ginger, saffron, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, nutmeg, clove, and all spice in these delicious-smelling treats.  Simply mouth-watering. These melts are infused with natural essential oils, including nutmeg and cinnamon leaf."
"Looking for the perfect holiday hostess gift?  Look no further! 
Our Holiday Mix tin contains a mix of Evergreen Trees, Cider Stars, and Snowman S'mores wax melts. Unique, holiday-inspired shapes make mixing and melting a breeze, and make for great table decorations!
EVERGREEN TREES - A wintertime favorite, our Evergreen Trees wax melts strike that perfect balance of being a strong scent that isn't overpowering.  Capture the magic of Christmas morning all season long with this delightful pine aroma. Subtle wood tones support classic spruce notes for a fragrance that is smooth, strong, and refreshing! These melts are infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli, cedarwood, fir needle, and spearmint.
CIDER STARS - On a "coziness" scale of 1 to 10, this one's got to get a 10!  An irresistible scent of apples and oranges blended together with the warm aromatic spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. The base is a rich, long-lasting vanilla. These wax melts are infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and clove.
SNOWMAN S'MORES - Where to begin with this one?  If you love buttery, sugary, bakery-fresh scents, you've come to the right place. Snowman S'mores are a mouthwatering, holiday cookie-inspired blend of vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisins. These scented soy wax melts are infused with natural essential oils, including clove."

What is so great about the wax melts is that you can add them to the melting dish in any combination.  You can't go with one scent at a time, or add the three that come in the mix -- whichever way you choose, your house will smell amazing.  

I remember the first time I set up the Happy Wax warmer in my house and my husband came home from work.  He walked into the kitchen and asked what smelled so good.  I showed him the wax burner and let him smell the wax melts.  He couldn't believe that this small burner had made our whole house smell amazing.  He said this warmer worked better than any candle we ever burned before.  And, you know what...I have to agree.

I have fallen in love with the Happy Wax warmer and the different wax melts, that I have gone ahead and did some holiday shopping. :-)  I ended up picking the Happy Wax warmer I was sent, as well as outlet warmers to give to family and friends.  You can purchase a Happy Wax Warmer starter set which includes the Signature Wax Warmer and your choice of 8 oz Half Pounder Pouch of wax melts.  And, you can choose the wrap, to cover your warmer, which can be interchanged with others.  As you can see in the below photo the wraps just Velcro around the warmer, making it a breeze to switch them out.

In addition to buying Happy Wax starter kits for people on my holiday shopping list, I also ended up purchasing more wax melts. I can't wait for my lavender chamomile and cucumber melon wax melts to arrive to try out.  And, seeing how easy it is to switch out the wax in the wax dish, I don't have to worry about chiseling away at wax to get the melting dish clean to try out a new wax melt scent.

So, if you are looking for a product that will leave you saying "Wow" and "I have to have this or give as a gift," then you will want to check out Happy Wax and their line line of wax wamers and wax melts.  Once you try out one of their starter sets you will see why I was so excited about this product and why I had to pick up more to give as gifts.  And, I know that when family and friends come to visit this holiday season and I have my Happy Wax warmer going, they will ask what smells so great.  I will have a smile on my face as I know they will be excited when they open their own Happy Wax Warmer, and enjoy wax melting like I have been doing for the past few weeks.

To learn more about Happy Wax and to check out all their different wax melt collections and warmers available, visit

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. Thats pretty nifty, I have never seen anything like it before. I enjoyed your description and especially all the pictures showing it

    ellen beck

  2. This looks so nice! I try to keep our home smelling good so I love this. Snowman S'Mores sounds like a great scent!