Thursday, March 23, 2017

Attention Peppa Pig Fans...Around the World with Peppa Premieres This Sunday on Nick Jr. at 7PM ET/PT!

It’s time for a trip around the world with Peppa Pig!

A brand-new Peppa Pig episode, “Around the World with Peppa,” is premiering on Nick Jr. channel THIS Sunday, March 26, at 7pm ET/PT!!

Do you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house?  If you tune into Nick Jr. daily like we do, then you have probably seen a commercial for a brand new Peppa Pig episode premiering this Sunday night at 7PM ET/PT.  My girls saw the commercial last week and were quick to run to the calendar to write Peppa Pig on the March 26th square so that they would remember to tune in.  But as a Peppa Pig Parent, I was excited to be able to surprise them with a screening of the new episode in advance.  

About this new Peppa Pig episode:

"In “Around the World with Peppa,” Peppa and her family set off to the park to celebrate the start of the summer holiday. But when their car breaks down, Miss Rabbit lends them her plane for the day and they get swept off on a high-flying adventure all around the world!

Young fans can also tune-in to Nick Jr. channel for a special marathon of back-to-back Peppa Pig episodes, beginning Sunday, March 26, at 5pm ET/PT, leading up to the debut of the “Around the World with Peppa” special episode."

I was only able to play it on my computer, so they snuggled up next to me on the couch and we watched this cute episode, which takes Peppa Pig and her family all around the world.  I loved hearing the girls talk after watching the adventure-filled episode about how cool it would be if they were able to fly all around the globe and explore new places like Peppa Pig and her family did.  

The girls loved seeing Pedro Pony, Peppa's friend, who is on vacation in the jungle.  The girls loved seeing the different animals of the jungle and singing along to the catchy jungle tune Peppa sang about the Jungle.  

After the jungle, Peppa and her family hopped into their plane and visited Danny Dog in the mountains.  From there they continued to visit Peppa's other friends on holiday all around the world.  At each stop on their trip to the park, Peppa Pig and friends broke out into song about that particular stop.  My girls really liked the songs, and continue to sing the songs.

Where does Peppa and her family go besides the jungle and mountain?  You will just have to tune in this Sunday to see. :-)

Prior to the premier of “Around the World with Peppa,” airing on Nick Jr. this Sunday, March 26th at 7PM ET/PT, make sure you visit the “Around the World” section on the Peppa Pig website: that’s bursting with oinktastic printable activity sheets! I printed out the activity sheets to share with my girls.  They had so much fun completing them. Just look at some of the workbooks your Peppa Pig fan can complete as they await "Around the World with Peppa"....

So, be sure to tune in this Sunday at 7PM ET/PT to catch this new Peppa Pig episode.  My girls, even though they have already seen it with me, can't wait to watch it again.  

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