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Wonderhood Toys' Creative Building Sets Make the Perfect Gift for Young Girls + It Was Invented By 2 Moms! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Wonderhood Corner Shops Packaging Front
Girls can create whatever they dream up, using their own imagination, spatial and fine-motor skills, and problem-solving.

My girls love playing with building blocks and putting together Lego kits they buy with their saved allowance and birthday money.  So, I knew that they would love the new creative building sets from Wonderhood Toys.  What is so unique about this building set is how it made.  Created by two moms, they knew just what young girls would love in a building set, as they received feedback from their own children, relatives and friends.  And, the result was an amazing line of building sets that offer endless design options.  

Wonderhood Toys recently launched, so they only have to building sets available, the Corner Stores one we were sent to review, along with a Grand Hotel one.  You can also purchase four additional Wondhood dolls to use with each set.  The set we received only contained one doll, and my girls were asking for more dolls, so they could play together and come up with more imaginative stories based on how they set up the corner shops.  So, I will definitely be buying the Wonderhood Kids figurine 4-pack for only $19.99, so that they and their friends can play more and have different Wonderhood Kids working the different store fronts or going for ice cream. :-)

The Corner Stores set includes 16 beautifully illustrated plastic panels that slide into plastic connectors to make them stand up.  

You can build different levels to your storefronts, which my girls thought was really cool. Or, you could go simple and just have a long strip of shops, including the Wonderhood Candy Shop, General Store and even an ice cream parlor.  The 16 water-resistant panels are double sided, so kids will have a variety ways to design and set up their shops.  You can use the patterned panels for walls or floors - so it is hard to make the same layout the same, as you will want to try all different ways to set up shops each and every time you pull out the fun Wonderhood Corner Shops creative building set.

We have had this building set for about a month now, and my girls continue to play it with on a daily basis.  It is also popular when their friends come to visit, as they keep it on the building table we have set up in the living room.  You can't help but notice the corner shops and want to walk over and take a look. And, once you see the Emmie doll next to the ice cream shop, you can't help but walk her up the staircase to explore the general store, too. :-)  

I will not lie, at night time when everyone is bed and I am walking through each room cleaning up, I can't help but stop and admire this building set.  I especially love the detail put into each of the panels.  

And, knowing that it was created by two moms, makes it even more fun, as I love to support mom entrepreneurs whenever I can -- stayed tune in 2017, when I will be sharing a Spotlight on Mom post featuring one of the co-founders of Wonderhood Toys, and her story and background on this story, as well as have her share what is to come with this soon to be popular toys amongst young girls, ages 5+.  My girls can't wait until further shops and buildings become available, as well as more Wonderhood kids to add to their current Corner Shops play set.  They envision a whole Main Street of shops, buildings like the post office and fire station, and more from Wonderhood Toys and even mentioned that it would be cool to offer more panels that you could but and switch up floors and walls to the current Corner Shops kit, making for more unique design layouts each and every time they play with their Wonderhood Corner Shops building set. :-)

If you have a young girl who loves building or is a fan of doll houses, then you will definitely want to check out the new line of creative building sets from Wonderhood Toys.  They are really one-of-kind, and will be a hit with your kids.  My girls absolutely love their building set, as do all their friends, and I love playing and coming up with fun stories with the girls as we set up shops and have fun.  

Here is more about the new line of Wonderhood Toys creative building sets, including the Corner Shops set I was sent and shared my thoughts on above.

"Design and build anything you can imagine, using 16 beautifully illustrated panels including an ice cream parlor, Wonderhood Candy Shop, and a General Store! You can read stories and solve design challenges with your very own activity journal. The set also comes with Emmie so you can play out all your Wonderhood adventures on a busy day at the shops.

Wonderhood Corner Shops Packaging Back
Recommended for age 5 and up

Wonderhood’s creative building toys are sure to be at the top of every little girl’s wish list this holiday season.  In addition, parents will feel good about giving Wonderhood toys to the girls in their life as it encourages interest in math and science! 


  • Teaches real STEM concepts of architectural design and structural engineering
  • Develops creativity, hands-on problem solving, spatial and fine motor skills, and self-confidence
  • Compatible with all other Wonderhood toys

Play Set includes:

Wonderhood Corner Shops
  • 38 Rebuildable Pieces:
Wonderhood Corner Shops Building Set
    • 16 plastic panels – 5” square, waterproof, scratch-resistant, illustrated on both sides
    • 20 easy-to-use, durable plastic connectors
    • 1 durable plastic staircase
    • 1 3D figurine of Emmie
    • 1 Activity Journal
  • Buy now for only $29.99

Wonderhood Corner Shops Detail

Wonderhood’s debut building sets come in two themes - Wonderhood Corner Shops and Wonderhood Grand Hotel.To build, girls connect beautifully illustrated, durable plastic Design Panels that spark the imagination and inspire girls to invent stories. Sturdy construction and the included figurines allow girls to really play with their creations and act out adventures.
An Activity Journal is also included with every set, introducing fun female lead characters as role models - like Chelsea, a budding architect, and Emmie, a super star food scientist. Girls can solve the Journal's Design Challenges, and record their own design ideas too.
The third product in Wonderhood’s debut line, the Wonderhood Kids figurine pack, enhances girls’ imaginative play experience with four additional characters.
All of Wonderhood’s building pieces are modular and interchangeable across sets, so girls can combine sets to build larger more sophisticated structures, or create their own Main Street!               
Wonderhood was founded by two Moms on a mission: Andrea Hollander and Solange Schipani are longtime friends who met in business school, and were inspired by their own daughters to create a new kind of toy for girls. They believe girls should have toys that go beyond stereotypes - toys that are fun, creative, encourage them to dream big, and also teach them important skills for the future, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Their vision is to empower young girls, through play, to be the architects of their own futures."


The Wonderhood Grand Hotel

Wonderhood’s debut line  -- Wonderhood Corner Shops creative building set ($29.99), Wonderhood Grand Hotel creative building set ($59.99), and Wonderhood Kids figurine 4-pack ($19.99) are available for purchase on Wonderhood’s website and at independent retail outlets.

Stay up-to-date on all things Wonderhood Toys by following their official website and social media channels below:

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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