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The New Middle School Moguls Dolls Will Inspire Young Girls to be Future Leaders and Innovators (Review) #KidBoss

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Middle School Moguls

My girls are getting older and their choices in toys are changing.  Now whenever we go shopping or a holiday rolls around and they ask for particular gifts, you can see their idea of the perfect toy has changed.  They are asking for dolls and STEM-based toys.  Yes, they ask for other toys, but for the most part they are getting excited about the different educational toys and dolls out there.  And, if the toys tie in STEM-based learning or the idea of STEM into the toy, they want it even more.  So, when I talked to the girls and showed them the Middle School Moguls website back in September, they couldn't wait to help me review these dolls.  

Both of my girls realized they were much more than just a doll to play with. Instead, these dolls had a back story that they loved learning about, and could take away from to inspire them to dream big and aspire to do great things.  My girls, as they get older, are also realizing that they have a different skin color than me, thanks to their Daddy who is from El Salvador.  I was born in the USA, and have lighter skin than them.  They are seeing this and asking questions.  Some questions they have asked surprised me especially with them being so young.  Because I homeschool them, we always talk about community workers and careers they could aspire to do when they get older.  My daughter, Savannah, asked why we never read books about Latina's or women of color. Usually her books have a person of my color in the story, or books about occupations are similar or have her skin color doing blue-collar jobs.  This really upsets me as it is hard to tell my girls they can dream big and whatever they put their hearts and minds to, only to be contradicted with literature that doesn't support people of color and their desire to be whatever they want to be.

So, when I originally heard about Middle School Moguls, I was over the moon excited about these dolls.  I knew they would be perfect for the girls and great for us to use with our homeschooling as the dolls each come with their own storybook so young girls can learn all about them and their back story.  In addition to the storybooks,g girls can go online to and explore the Mogul Academy.  While visiting the website, girls can learn more about their favorite Middle School Moguls dolls, watch videos, and even play games featuring the 4 Moguls.  I don't know about you, but I love when you can purchase a toy for your child and they can have fun playing with it, and then add to the fun by visiting a website to play games or explore more about a toy.  

In today's day and age, most kids are introduced at a young age to technology and this is sparking their interest when it comes to toys and gadgets they want to play with.  Every time my girls get a new toy or see a new toy brand in a commercial that tech or STEM-based, I can't help but wish they had these toys around when I was growing up over 30 years ago.  They are so cool, and have so many features, while also adding a unique educational spin on it.

Here is more about Middle School Moguls Dolls and how they are different than other dolls on the market, and why you should consider purchasing these dolls for that special girl in your life this holiday season...

"Middle School Moguls (#KidBoss) is an aspirational collection of dolls, books and online “edutainment” for girls aged 6-11 years old. 

The story line follows five middle school friends, turned successful entrepreneurs who attend Mogul Academy-an unconventional school run by eccentric billionaire business woman Sherry Rocketsmeller.  Each with their own unique talents, the girls find themselves in a high-tech, faced-paced, world of adventure as they work to build businesses, friendships and unforgettable fun! "


When my girls received the Jada and Izzy Moguls dolls, they were excited.  They especially loved that Jada had a similar skin tone like theirs.  But, when we started reading the books that came with the dolls and learned more about these two dolls, the girls thought the whole entrepreneur doll idea was cool.  It helped reaffirm what I continually tell them...that they can do whatever they put their mind and hearts to.  And, when it comes to pursuing their passions that including computer coding for Savannah and product development and marketing for Bella, the girls were happy to have a doll they could play with and show off proudly that had similar values of entrepreneurship and leadership.  I even found my girls wishing there was a school like Moguls Academy that they could attend, as it sounded really cool and somewhere where their unique talents and passions would be accepted and strengthened through support from mentors and fellow aspiring young visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Don't these dolls sound amazing?  Middle School Moguls is truly a unique concept and one that I am excited to see available to young girls, especially this holiday season.  The dolls themselves are relatively new, as they were introduced to stores online and in-store in September, so your child may not have them on their wish lists. But, if you have a young daughter you would love to instill values of entrepreneurship and leadership with a toy they will continue to play with and grow with, then why not consider picking them up a Middle School Moguls.  

Middle School Moguls are as diverse as the girls who love them. Each one is distinct in culture, personality and talents. They include: McKinley, the Business Boss; Sunny, the Coding Queen; Izzy, the Digital Diva; Ryleigh, the Gadget Girl; and Jada, the Graphics Guru.

McKinley | Business Boss Izzy | Digital Diva
Jada | Graphics GuruSunny | Coding Queen

You can choose the girl that has similar talents or dreams as that special girl in your life, or simply surprise them with one and inspire them to dream big and remind them they can be whatever they want to be...they just have to follow their hearts and believe in themselves, as you do! :-)

Jada | Graphics Guru

The Middle School Mogul dolls are dressed modestly (but trendy) and have realistic body frames with natural features. Each Middle School Moguls doll comes with a book and her own individual “business” accessory.

This unique and empowering doll line was developed by sisters Gina and Jenae Heitkamp to inspire girls to pursue business, entrepreneurship and technology. They also set out to create dolls that are less about fashion and beauty and more about brains and leadership ability. The Middle School Moguls dolls will not only get girls thinking about future career goals, but will inspire them to pursue those interests now.  My girls LOVE their Mogul dolls and love sharing their doll's inspirational story and talents with friends.  I love seeing their eyes light up as they talk about how girls can be smart and have great jobs. These dolls are the perfect start to getting girls to believe in themselves and their own talents, as they pursue their dreams.  Girls can be successful leader and entrepreneurs, and these dolls help reaffirm this in such a positive and fun way.  Hats of to these two sisters for creating this doll line, which my family dolls, and I know other family's with young girls, will to!

For more information or to purchase these dolls online visit  

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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