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Give a Gift That Every Guy on Your Shopping List Will Love...While Also Helping to Support Men's Health Through Your Purchase at BOS (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I am always on the lookout for products that are not only great gift ideas, but also give back when you make a purchase.  This is how I stumbled across BOS.  Take a guess at what that stands for? Anything?  OK.  It stands for "Balls of Steel."  Now don't starting thinking dirty things here -- this is a family-friendly blog. :-)  Balls of Steels is the name for one of the many great products BOS offers -- and, with each purchase made through their website --, they give back in support of men's health and trying to find a cure for testicular cancer -- hence the name "Balls of Steel." :-)

about OriginalBOS

Recently, I was sent a couple of their products to try out.  And, they sure came in handy during Thanksgiving, as it gave me the perfect opportunity to serve up drinks to the guys in the fun BOS Mug Shot glasses and their Perfect Whiskey Glasses, I was sent, while also reminding guys the need for a testicular exam. 

You would have thought I was a walking public service announcement.  "Here, have a drink....oh, by the way have you had your prostate exam done this year?"  It sure did get a chuckle out of the guys, but they knew how important prostate exams are, especially in a room where many different forms of cancer have hit family members, many who are no longer here.  I am the only survivor of cancer in my family who battled cancer, so I take educating and reminding everyone about screenings very seriously.  And, thanks to the wonderful products I was sent from BOS, I was able to do it in a fun way, while also trying my hand at bartending again, which I hadn't done since college.  Everyone loved my mixed drinks, but especially the glasses I served them in...and I have the folks at BOS to thank for that. :-)

Here is more about BOS and their product offering that would make for a wonderful gift idea for that special man in your life who enjoys a drink after work or to relax...

Have you ever tried to chill whiskey?  Any luck?  Chilling drinks including whisky is extremely hard and messy.  The drinks are slow to freeze and when you add ice to a drink to chill it quickly, you end up ruining the flavor of the drink by the water melting down quickly and mixing with your drinks.  The folks at BOS saw this as a problem, like so many of us, and decided to do something about it. 

This is when their Balls of Steel whiskey chillers were developed, along with their cause to support men's health.  


"After cooling thousands of drinks from whiskey to white wine in classic stainless form, our customers have been delighted. We've reconsidered the experience of using Balls of Steel™ as a whiskey chiller and have re engineered Balls of Steel™ to promote a more personalized drinking experience. For months the B.O.S. team has been hard at work researching and developing what we're proud to announce. Say Hello to AfterDark™ Edition. The Onyx color Balls of Steel™ or "AfterDark™ Edition" are whiskey drink chillers which still perform fantastic to chill many types of drinks ranging from Whiskey to Wine.

Each Set Includes: B.O.S. / Tongs / Instruction Booklet / Travel Sack


We've engineered a process which allows us to apply a 100% toxic-free stainless steel color anodization. To experience boosted flavors and chill your drink simply place your AfterDarks™ in the freezer. Once The Arctic Core is active (90mins), gently place them into your perfect whiskey glass with your favorite drink. Finally, release the power of The Arctic Core inside Balls of Steel™ by rolling the Balls back and forth in your drink. Enjoy your drink noting the perfect temperature and unique preserved flavor. 


Balls of Steel are charming and slightly comical yet, they support an essential Cause. Your purchase makes it possible to launch, grow, and maintain core testicular cancer initiatives with our partners. We'll donate 15% of proceeds from your purchase directly for testicular cancer cure research. You're also contributing by using Balls of Steel, it's natural to speak about our cause while using or gifting these whiskey chillers. Every conversation counts so let's speak UP."

Not only was this product helping to finally provide you with a perfectly chilled drink each and every time, but they had customers feeling great knowing their purchase was helping to support testicular cancer research in TX at the same time.  So, it was a win-win for all.  

As time went on more and more amazing products were introduced, including the BOS Mug Shots and Perfect Whiskey Glass, which I was sent to review.  These glassware products, just like the Balls of Steel whiskey chillers grew in popular and continue to attract lovers of perfectly chilled drinks, as well as those who also like to support worthwhile causes at the same time.


"We might be known for our steel whiskey chiller but our glassware is nothing to shake a bottle of whiskey at. This lead-free Tritan® Crystal Tumbler is crafted by world renowned German glassmaker, Schott Zwiesel. High quality break-resistant and ultra clear Tritan® crystal come together to create your hand's new best friend.


Engineered with a solid base and tapered rim give This Perfect Whiskey Glass curves in all the right places. Capable of holding up to 12oz of your favorite beverage the Perfect Whiskey Glass is great for more than just whiskeys. While we don't recommend playing basket Balls of Steel, drop your Balls of Steel whiskey chillers into the Perfect Whiskey Glass as many times as you'd like. We guarantee this ultra strong break resistant glass won't crack.


The Perfect Whiskey Glass might be the pinnacle of barware engineering but these titan tumblers do so much more. Your purchase makes it possible to launch, grow, and maintain core testicular cancer initiatives with our partners. We'll donate 15% of proceeds from your purchase directly for testicular cancer cure research. Every conversation counts so let's speak UP.



It's happened to everyone, your at a restaurant and someone walks by with a Moscow Mule glass "Where can I buy that?". Well... Meet the new BOS Mugshots™, by BOS Drinkware, you can now serve all the cold and frosty shots you want. Let's the party planning begin.

Look, Cold & Frosty.

"What's better than a 2oz Mini Moscow Mule glass? What the party planner inside you will pour into it. Stunning in appearance, the BOS Mugshots™ are highly polished.

Shots. Desserts. Delights.

BOS Mugshots™ make the perfect serving glass for more than just Mini Moscow Mules.

Moscow Mule Shot Recipe

- 1 1/2 ounces of Vodka

- 1/2 ounce of Strongly Flavored Ginger Beer

- 1 table spoon (splash) of fresh lime juice

Serve in Mugshots™ and enjoy! Drink Moscow Mule Shots responsible please, they're strong. More Moscow Mule Shot Recipes.

Colder Longer.

Store your BOS Mugshots™ in the freezer until your next event. They'll help you keep your drinks cool and desserts enjoyable. Say good bye to melted whip cream treats that nobody touches, thank you science.

Live to Give.

Every time you purchase from BOS Drinkware, we donate to MD Anderson to fuel men's health research. Together, we increase awareness about men's health and donate to a special lab in Houston TX focused on cure research."


Not only was everyone at Thanksgiving dinner complimenting me on the exquisite quality of the two drink glasses I was sent from BOS, but they also loved hearing how their purchases (as everyone wanted to buy the "Balls of Steel" drink coolers - partly because of the name, but also because they were tired down of watering down their whiskey and other drinks trying to get them chilled, would help support men's health.

So, with only a few weeks left until Christmas...if you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for that special man in your life, why not consider ordering from BOS?

Whether it’s the NAPA Wine Chiller, the Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers, or the Bottle Opener Coaster (with a mustache cutout, shown above) you can’t go wrong with these for gifts or stocking stuffers depending on your budget. For those going above and beyond this holiday season, you could also go for The Executive Set- 18K Gold Edition of the Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers. You can find these and all other BOS products by visiting:

And, remember, your purchase will make that guy in your life happy to finally have a perfectly chilled glass or a perfect drinking glass, while also helping him and all the other guys out there in hopes to find a cure for testicular cancer.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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