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Last Minute Gift Ideas and Holiday Party Treats from and (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Only 7 Days Left Until Christmas...But, There is Still Time to Order From


Receive in Time for Christmas!!!!

Only a week left until Christmas.  Are you all done with your holiday shopping?  If you are hosting a holiday dinner, do you have everything you need or at least your shopping list ready for next week?  Well, if you still need a few last minute gifts or want to pick up some tasty treats everyone will love you have one less thing to prep for your holiday dinner or party, then you want to check out and, as they have a wonderful assortment of gifts for everyone on your shopping list, including foodies, as well as holiday treats that will make your dessert table stand out.

The other day I received the following items, all of which are new for 2016, from the folks at and to sample with my family...

 Snowman Cake Pops, SKU 9286, $39.99. (HOW CUTE ARE THESE?) 

 Snowman Cake Pops

For fans of FROSTY THE has created these adorable Snowman Cake Pops! Vanilla and chocolate cake rounds are dipped by hand into white Belgian chocolate then decorated to look just like snowmen. Individually wrapped and sent in an elegant gift box, the snowmen make a great gift.

I wish you could have saw the looks on the girls' faces when they opened the box of Snowman Cake pops.  They thought they were the cutest things, and at first didn't want to eat them.  After I told them I had to get their thoughts on it, and wondered what type of cake was inside, they were up for helping me to review...but, they wanted me to leave a couple for them to admire.  I overheard them talking about how they thought Santa might like one with his chocolate chip cookies.  Then, Bella came over and asked how long they would last...hoping they would last until Christmas Eve.  I said, they would last that long...unless Daddy found them...then, I couldn't promise anything. :-)  Bella was quick to grab up the box the snowman cake pops came in and has them hiding in her room.  

Before Bella hid the box in her room, I had the girls pose with the two Snowman Cake Pops they were saving -- one for Santa and one for him to bring back to the North Pole for Mrs. Claus.  

The girls said that she is always cooking and probably never gets cookies brought home for her.  So, they wanted to surprise her with a delicious treat to enjoy after Santa's long night away. :-)  

When you order the Snowman Cake Pops from, you will receive a box filled with 6 of the most adorable Frosty the Snowman cake pops.  While they are too cute to eat, you will not be able to resist taking a bite of these cake pops which are hand-dipped in white Belgian chocolate.  Two cake balls make up the snowman, and when you take a bite you will see one is vanilla cake and the other is chocolate cake. Mmm, they were so good.  

The girls and I each had a cake pop, and left one for Daddy, before they hid their remaining two for Santa and Mrs. Claus.  

The girls give these Snowman Cake Pops and said they would also make great stocking stuffer gift ideas or added to a package you wrap. :-)  I, for one, think they would look great on a holiday dessert table or as part of a cute seating card holder at your holiday dinner table.  However you choose to enjoy the Snowman Cake Pops from, just know you will be in for a treat...and a happy belly. :-)

NEW FOR HOLIDAY 2016 -- JUST RELEASED THIS WEEK! "Believe" Holiday Oreo Cookies, SKU 9287, $34.99. 

This is a gift for true BELIEVERS in the magic of the holiday season. This unique offering spells out the world B-E-L-I-E-V-E with 14 Oreo® cookies that are dipped by hand into dark, milk and white Belgian chocolate and then decorated with red sprinkles, snowflakes and the appropriate letters. Can you think of a more memorable, heartfelt gift for a foodie?

Who doesn't love Oreo cookies?  I for one love to twist the cookies apart and lick the frosting off first.  Bella loves to dunk her Oreo cookies in milk, while Savannah take little nibbles savoring the chocolate cookie and then getting that sweet surprise of the smooth vanilla filling. :-)  But, however you choose to eat an Oreo, when you order the "Believe" Holiday Oreo Cookies, be ready to throw all that out the window.  Why?  Just look at how beautiful these holiday dipped Oreo cookies look.  Just like the snowman cake pops, these cookies are too nice to eat...that is until you realize there is an Oreo under all that chocolate dipped goodness...then you can't help but grab one and take a bite. :-)

With 14 dipped Oreo cookies in this gift box, it is perfect to give as hostess gift for an upcoming holiday party you are attending, as a gift to that special foodie or chocoholic in your life, or simply to add to your holiday dessert.  I think Santa would be happy to see a couple of these cookies on his cookie plate, too. :-)  These cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth while warming your heart as you enjoy them with family and friends. 

I will definitely be buying the "Believe" Holiday Oreo Cookies again next year, as everyone in our house loved them, and kept reaching for another. :-)

UPDATED FOR 2016 -- Holiday Popcorn Sampler , SKU 7450K -- $39.99

Certain foods have become synonymous with the winter season -- like candy canes, rum balls and eggnog. That's why has taken all the greatest holiday flavors and recreated them with its delicious, special edition popcorn.  Comprised of 10 decadent, seasonal tastes, this sublime sampler is perfect for infusing some old-fashioned merriment into the winter months in a new, unique way.  Flavors include: 

  • Gingerbread Spice
  • Eggnog
  • White Chocolate Peppermint
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Anise Cookie
  • Dark Chocolate Orange
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel
  • Dark Chocolate Peppermint
  • Milk Chocolate Drizzle
It isn't movie night in our house without popcorn.  And, now that the girls are getting older they are more open to experimenting with new and unique flavors.  So, I was excited to get this holiday popcorn sampler to share with them and have a fun taste testing before our holiday movie night last night.

The girls couldn't get over the different flavors as I read off each bag.  Some got eye raises, while others had them saying "Yuck" or wondering what they would taste like. But, they were up for the sampling and had a blast with my husband and I.  I set it up as a blind test where the girls didn't know what they were eating.  They could look and smell and try to guess what the flavor was, but had to actually try it before they could give a guess.  This made the sampler of the Holiday Popcorn Sampler from more fun.  And, by the end of sampling the 10 seasonal flavors, everyone in the house had a flavor (or two).  Savannah couldn't stop reaching for the Anise cookies, while Bella's was a Cinnamon Bun and Gingerbread Spice fan.  As for husband, he loved the Eggnog flavor. I, being a chocoholic couldn't get enough of the Milk Chocolate Drizzle and Dark Chocolate Orange popcorn.  Mmm, so good!  My stomach is growling and my mouth is watering just thinking about just how good these popcorn flavors tasted.  Oh, how I wish I had more.  Heck, after I am done with this post, I am heading over to to order another Holiday Popcorn Sampler -- as there is still time to order and get in time for Christmas.  I will tell the kids that Santa brought it for me, and that they popcorn is all mine. :-)  We'll see if they buy it.

These are just a few of the many tasty treats and holiday gift ideas you will find over at and  

Christmas Gift Basket Deluxe

Even though there are only 7 days left until Christmas, you still have time to order from both sites and have them arrive in time to wrap and give as a gift, or put out on your dessert table.  So, what are you waiting for?  

Happy Holidays Cookie CakeChristmas Care PackageSanta Cookie Cake
Baked GoodsGourmet Winter BerriesHoliday Harvest Gift Tower

Head on over to the and websites today and browse their holiday offerings.  Act fast, as I am seeing many of these tasty treats selling out fast.   

Whimsical Snowmen Gourmet Popcorn TinCookies For Santa Popcorn Tin 7266KDeluxe Junk Food Bucket

The hard part will be deciding what to get, as everything on these two sites look amazing and will have your mouth watering.  Happy holidays!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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