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Have Your Gift be the One That Everyone Says..."Wow, This is the Best Gift Ever" -- When They Receive a Shadow Shifter Shirt This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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I have a fond memory of going to Orlando as a child and having my parents buy my brothers and I these "magic" shirts we called them. They had a image on them on them, and when we walked out in the sun, the image would disappear.  It was the coolest things.  And, then years later, I stumbled across a similar shirt that if you blew on it or put your hand on it, it would change color.  Problem was, I meant to go back to the store and buy one, but forgot, and missed out on owning a t-shirt I knew everyone who hasn't seen it before would think was cool. Over the years I have continued to look for these "magic" color or image changing shirts, but with not success.  Yes, I have sen some that claimed they were color changing, but the quality was poor, or it would change, and then never really change back to the original color, leaving behind a faint color blotch.  If you looked at the shirts you would have thought it was a bleach or laundry mishap.

So, when I stumbled upon Shadow Shifters looking for one of these color changing shirts to add to my holiday gift guide, I was so excited.  Finally, I would be able to try out one of these "magic" color changing shirts.  And, the best part of would my husband and two girls. :-)  

Thanks to the kind folks at Shadow Shifter, I was sent two adult and four youth Shadow Shifter shifts, so that we could see the 4 different color shifts, and be able to show off our shirts to family and friends and when out and about.  

You wouldn't think that these shirts would bring such attention, but they have. My husband has worn his to the gym and worked out, and had people come up and ask him how it changed color.  They saw him walk in with a green shirt, only to have it turn yellow during his workout.  He couldn't help but laugh at comments like this. This also prompted him to rave about this shirt.  Not only was the color shifting cool and the "wow" factor of the shirt, but the t-shirt itself is really comfy and fits well.  It is one of those t-shirts you put on and you don't want to take off, as it feels so good on. :-)

As far as my girls go, they, too, couldn't stop saying "wow."  I think I took over 10 videos on the iPad of them, as they kept wanting to demonstrate the shirt and how the color changes.  And, when they were making videos, they were posing for photos to show off hand prints on their shirts, splots they made on their arm cuffs, or Bella's favorite...Belly bursts as she called them. She would lift her shirt up exposing her belly just so she could blow all over her shirt and leave bursts of new color everywhere on her Shadow Shifter shirts.  

They wouldn't let me get away with a blog post without showing their videos, so here are a few of their Shadow Shifter demo videos they made...Enjoy! :-)


My girls, just like my husband, are perfect spokespeople for this shirt, as they will chat up anyone who asks about their shirt when we are out and about.  

Usually when they have it on, they are blowing on it and giggling and smiling as they change the colors of their shirt.  And, people take notice and come over and ask about the shirt.  Some remember, like I did, about shirts similar to these back in the early 90's.  They thought they were cool then, but are cooler now. :-)  

My girls do a great job in talking about the four color changing options and letting people know they don't need to be in the sun to have the shirt change.  They can simply blow on it like the girls like to do, or spritz it with cold water and it will change.  And, within seconds, as the shirt gets cold again, the color shifting color fades and the shirt returns to its original state, ready to be changed again.  

Shadow Shifter Color Changing Shirts
"Will change color when you put your hand on them to leave a hand print and once you cool down the hand print will disappear like magic."

Kids and adults will have a blast with their Shadow Shifter shirts.  I know, as we absolutely love ours!  Instead of matching holiday pajamas or sweaters this holiday season, why not get the whole family their own Shadow Shifter shirt (or two or three).  

Available in Youth and Adult Sizes -- Choose Between 4 Color Changing Options

These would also make great birthday gifts and favors, family reunions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or a fun shirt for the family to wear when you head on vacation.  

You and everyone else will be saying "Wow" as you watch your shirt change color right before your eyes, and then back again.  

What is not to love about a "magic" shirt! :-)  And, because you don't need the sun to change the shirt's color, makes this the perfect year-round shirt, to be enjoyed indoors and out.


As mentioned above Shadow Shifter shirts are available in both youth and adult sizes, and in four color changing options. Youth shirts (sixes Youth XS through Youth X-Large) retail for only $22.95 , while adult shirts (sizes S through 2XL) are $24.95 each.  You can't wrong at this price, for the quality and uniqueness of this shirt, that will definitely last for a long time.  It is like you are getting two shirts in one -- when you step out in the sun, and when you cool down. :-)

Visit Shadow Shifter now to place your order for these cool color changing shirts that will leave both kids and adults saying, "Wow" and "Thank You" for such a cool gift this holiday season! :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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